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The Top 10 Neocash Items of Y15!

by greenj12356


After writing about the Top 10 Neocash Items of Y14! I'm back to tell you about the newest and most popular items of Y15. Up from last year, there were about 1267 new Neocash items released this year. When will we be getting more closet space to hold all of that?!

After lurking the boards for the past year, and being a part of the NC in general, I am here to tell you what I think have been the biggest hits of the NC. Like last year, Gift Box Capsules, and Rereleased items are not included, just new items that were released for the first time. So no, Shooting Novas is not listed because of the glitch with the NC Archives Fortune Cookie.

Starting us off is #10 for Y15.

10) Fashionable Bone Wig

During the Obelisk War we received many Tyrannian themed NC items. This was, and still is, a sought after wig. It looks great for a more Tyrannian style, but also can be a wonderful wig in other customizations. The design and colour of this wig really help it to stand out and look great no matter what theme you are going for. Even though there are bones it in, they are not too prominent and look very natural in the wig. If you have not tried out this wig in some your customizations I recommend seeing what you can come up with.

9) Mysterious Velveteen Dress

This is another item that appeared during the Obelisk War. This is the same style dress that The Duchess, leader of The Sway, wears. Who would not want to look like such an elegant and secretive leader? This is one of the best dresses released in Y15 since it is nice and simple, but still very intricate. It does well in matching with many themes, which is always a plus. This was one of the most sought after items during its release. The popularity has died down, but it is still a bit hard to find, since it is a must have for many people.

8) Amira Wedding Wig and Veil

This NC item is from the time when Amira was wed to Jazan. Wait... that didn't happen did it? This was from the Twisted History Capsules, when Zylphia had to fix the Neopian timelines. This item was very popular when it came out, and it still continues to be. It is one of the best Desert themed wigs, and works great for other royal themed customizations too. There are also quite a few other Amira items that can go with this Wig, the Elegant Princess Amira Cape, and Princess Amira Collectors Arm Cuffs. So with the right pet and colour you can get a nice Amira theme all set.

7) Branch of Singing Weewoos Garland

This was another of the popular items from the Altador Cup. Who doesn't love Weewoos? This is a great items since the Weewoos can work for many customizations and the branches themselves work for many themes. Maybe you are going for a forest theme, or a relaxing by a garden theme. Either way it works great for any sort of outside theme. Those petpets are just so cute and lovable and this factor has made them a very popular item. Still months after the item's release people are trying to find it up for trade.

6) Mint and Aqua Flower Wig

This is the only buyable NC item to make the list. The reason for this is because the Mint and Aqua Flower Wig was so highly sought after when it was on sale. Everyone on the NC was looking for a copy of this wig. It is a fantastic wig, and could only be improved by minimizing the effect the Flowers have on the wig. If you don't know what I mean, take a look at the wig on JubJubs, all you can see are flowers! But other than that, this wig is perfect on most pets and looks great for many customizations, and can act as a replacement for the highly sought after Isca Wig. For these reasons, and how popular it was, it ranked #6 in this list.

5) MiniMME14-B: Cherry Blossom String Lights

Out of all the items in the NC Mall, some of the most popular ones end up being cherry blossom themed. This item is no exception. These beautiful string lights give off a nice glow and can really help to add a bit more flair to a customization. Maybe you want to dress up your pet for a night walk and want that hint of glowing light? Or your pet could be dressed up in a nice spring time theme and use the lights more for the flowering aspect. Whichever way you chose, these lights are a great item to get for your closet. And of course they were so highly sought after since this was the bonus for the MiniMME14, so you only got them if you were really lucky.

4) Accessories Shop Dress

This is one item that is very popular and hard to find, which makes it number 4 on this list. The dress was only available for a short time since you could only get it from the NC Mall Styles Treasure Map. This map was only on sale for 19 days so you had to be quick to get this dress. Since you got a random item from the Treasure Map you had to be lucky to got this dress, or you could be trying for a long time. So because of all this is became extremely hard to find. Besides how rare it is, the dress is a great piece. It is nice and simple without too much going on, so it can be used in many different customizations.

3) Journey Through Terror Mountain Panoramic Backgrounds

Rather than pick which one of these is the best, these all are #3 on the list since they work together as a set. This year in the New Year's Capsules TNT decided to change things up a bit from the regular New Year's in a Neopian Land Backgrounds. This year we got what could be the first of the Panorama Backgrounds. Each of these backgrounds works great by itself, but can also tell a much bigger story when they are all combined together. The key aspect of these backgrounds is that you cannot just get one. The whole set looks amazing and makes you just want to collect all five. A big downside to this is that if you are not a Premium member then you cannot use all 5 backgrounds at once since you only have space for 4 pets. But regardless, these backgrounds were a great idea and it should be interesting to see if there are any more Panorama Backgrounds in the future.

2) Stunning Moon View Background

Even months after its release the Stunning Moon View Background still has so many people seeking it. It is the best background released this year and for good reason! The pets are standing on a balcony overlooking the coming twilight in Altador. Kreludor is right there looking majestic in the sky and everything has a nice purple glow to it. This is a beautiful background and works so well with every pet. A plus to this is that the background works great with UC pets too. They also fit on the balcony and can admire the view. This is great because it is very hard to find new backgrounds that can work so well with UC pets and their poses. This was the best Altador Cup NC item released, and came very close to being the most popular NC item of Y15 too!

1) MME14-S2a: Golden Neopoint Wig

The top NC item for Y15 is the MME14-S2a: Golden Neopoint Wig. This wig was the most sought after item this year. Besides cherry blossom themes, gold themes are another great choice for customization. This wig fits that theme perfectly, and does not go over the top with it. The golden hair looks stunning and yet simple enough that it is not too overpowering. The Neopoints on the top of the wig also look fantastic and do not take away from the overall style of the wig. This wig does not have the same problem as the Mint and Aqua Flower Wig where the flowers sometimes take up the whole wig. This wig can fit amazing for so many customizations. It also became a much cheaper alternative to the Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon. Because of how versatile and popular this wig became, it was the top item for Y15.

Honorable Mention:

Fanatics Museum Collectors Corner Flashback Pass

This item, while not something you can use in customization, deserves an Honorable Mention for the items it rereleased. If you activated one of these tickets during the Altador Cup you were able to get some items awarded during previous Altador Cups. The two items everyone bought this pass for were Skeletal Face Paint and Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon. Because of this one ticket many people were able to get both of those items, who might not have had a chance otherwise. But many Neopians were mad about this since they had already traded a lot to get these items. So for all the controversy on the NC that this single item caused, it deserves an Honorable Mention.

So those were the top 10 items of Y15. Nothing managed to make it to the same status that Jhudoras Bodyguards Collectors Bonus had attained last year, but we still had some interesting items in Y15. Here is to hoping that the items in Y16 get even better!

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