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10 Games Facts Many People Don't Know About

by nicanorduarte


Here's a list of random things that numerous people asked on the boards more than once or were really surprised to find out about + a few games tips for you.

You can get 2000+ points in The Last Blast without even finishing the first level!

In this game your score depends on time, so killing enemies will give you less points on every minute. If you go to a good spot (where a lot of enemies attack) you can get over that score pretty quickly. Every time you kill an enemy you can see a little number coming out of them. It will progressively go down to 0. When this happens you will no longer get points, obviously haha. That means you can stop right there and send your score.

If you want more, though, or if you want to finish all the 3 levels, don't stay here wasting your time. Other enemies give more points.

This could get you a gold trophy on reset, as of now at least.

In Escape to Kreludor you can shoot.

"IT SHOOTS?!" I remember that a lot of people had no idea about it when this game was featured in the Daily Dare. Anyway... yes! It's not like it makes the game easier but it's something. XD

Click on the ship to make it shoot from both sides, killing enemies in 3 squares to your right and left. You can do this diagonally too, but your targets have to be diagonally as well.

In Maths Nightmare the solutions are always integers.

Yes, you can't type a 3,4 as an answer. So if you're getting 85/25 or things like that your question isn't showing up entirely.

This happens playing Brain Tree, division. On this mode the first number has always 3 digits, so if yours has only 2: change quality or try a different browser.

Some games have a lag detector.

You: "OMGGG my game keeps ending and I had ALL my lives! It just happens! A big ROBOT/THING/GAME OVER/FLORG just shows up! I have no idea what's going on!! Should I send a ticket?"

If you're talking about Typing Terror, Feed Florg, Tunnel Tumble or Darigan Dodgeball... no, there's no need to send a ticket.

The problem most of the times it's on your end. This games are ended if your computer experiences lag. It can be affected by anything that could make the game go slower. Change quality, size, close other games, habitarium, stop installing or downloading programs, movies, etc., etc. and retry.

In 200m Peanut Dash you can find Meuka randomly. It's not just a random appearance, though. It has a purpose. XD

When you touch Meuka, you get a... hhmm, let's call it a powerup. It allows you to get more distance in the next level. When you're playing normally you can get a little over 200m but if you got Meuka (in the previous level) it's possible to go over 300m!

He doesn't shows up all the time. If you are lucky, though, you'll get a nice game like this:

First level: Shoot and get over 200m. Luckily you'll find Meuka in this level. Don't jump when you see him, just keep going. If you got him you'll hear an "achoo".

Second level: if you get a nice shot you can throw the peanut for more than 300m since you got the powerup on level 1. You could find Meuka again here. Do the same!

Third level: get over 300m again. You can jump over Meuka if you see him again because it's the last level, so no need to get him here.

You can find him twice or more times in the same level. If you already got him you can jump the next time you see him, as it will give you points just like jumping over other obstacles. Don't fool yourself thinking that getting him twice in level 1 could help you, it's not like you got 2 powerups, one for level 2 and the other for level 3, because they are not cumulative. If you touch him twice in level 1 it won't make a difference, you still need to get him in level 2 to get a nice shot in level 3.

Getting Meuka twice could give you easily 1600+ points, which is high enough for a gold trophy any time of the month.

Your score of Sewage Surfer gets posted in the table every 5 levels.

Want a trophy? Getting to level 5, 10, 15, etc will make your score appears in the high score table. If you're going for this avatar you could start around the end of the month, but when you get to level 44 stop playing until reset day. Finish level 45 after the 1st to get your score posted. You have to do this on this level because to get the avatar you have to quit level 50, and since you didn't finish it your 50th level score won't show up.

I is a gud righter.

^ You have to love those guys, really. Bad spellers are the difference between getting a gold trophy in Imperial Exam and getting nothing.

There's a set number of people you can accept in this game, so they are not really important other than just to not get a game over because it has a time limit.

Every time you reject a bad speller you get 5 points. Since you have 70 seconds in every level, if you get all good spellers you will end up filling the hall too fast, and all that time would be wasted. You don't get a bonus for finishing fast, so you could've gotten wrong words to reject and keep getting points.

A lucky game would be getting a lot of bad spellers first, then when the time is almost up hope for good spellers so you can pass to the next level.

You can rotate the pieces in Attack of the Gummy Dice.

OMG YES YOU CAN! The reaction of everyone in the Games Master Challenge board was priceless.

To rotate to the left press A, to do it to the right press S.

If you're aiming for a Food Club trophy you can hold your winnings.

You can hold for 8 rounds. You have to count from the first day you're holding, and you have to count the bad days too. So let's see 2 examples:

User A and B both won round 5521.

User A: User B:

5521: 107k 5521: 56k

5522: 55k 5522: 0

5523: 40k 5523: 0

5524: 205k 5524: 23k

5525: 56k 5525: 250k

5526: 8k 5526: 10k

5527: 22k 5527: 0

5528: 12k 5528: 480k

Both users have to collect after their 8th round, which in this case is 5528. It doesn't matter that user B lost 3 rounds, they still count for the 8 rounds limit.

After the results of your last round you have time to collect until midnight of the same day. If you don't collect, you'll lose the first day winnings.

In our examples:

If for some reason user A doesn't collect after round 5528, he will say goodbye to those 107k he won in round 5521. His next hold starts on round 5522, meaning he has to collect after round 5529.

Now, if B decides to forget the 56k he got in round 5521, his next hold would start in round 5524, and he can collect after round 5531.

You can collect every day though, this is just to have a better chance of getting a trophy.

You also can rotate pieces in Shenkuu Tangram.

I bet you already knew this. But I'm talking about the other way. For this special sky-blue piece.

You can't finish your Cybunny/rabbit-like thing? His ear is glitched or what?

Nahh just press up/down to rotate this piece.

The rotate arrows are left/right though, use up/down just to make this piece fit in some tangrams. Up/down has no effect in other pieces.

Well, I hope you found something you didn't know! If you have any question just send a neomail my way. Thanks for reading!

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