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10 Kacheek Day Celebration Tips

by therainbowsheep


29th Day of Sleeping, Y16: that special date you've had marked on your shiny new calendar since New Year's Day itself. I see that Kacheek Day hasn't escaped your notice! And how could it? It's the sole time of year dedicated to celebrating an adorable and amazing pet species! Personally, I love my Kacheek so much that I've planned a day of super fun Kacheek themed activities and events for Cearalian. I've decided to share this list with you, so that you and your beloved Kacheek can have an equally incredible time. :)

1) See The Blue Kacheek Group:

Take your Kacheek to the Tyrannian Concert Hall to see the Blue Kacheek Group! This talented bunch of oh so blue Kacheeks perform the 7th, 21st, and 28th of every month. I recommend taking your Kacheek to the January 28th evening performance the night before Kacheek Day to get an early kickoff to the celebrations! Make sure you pick up a souvenir on the way out. The concert hall sells awesome looking shirts, jackets, caps, CDs, and posters that make for great collectibles.

2) Visit the beach:

It may be January, but all Kacheeks love the beach. (We have a nifty avatar in existence that proves that!) Sure, the temperature might be a tad lower than usual, but since we're in Mystery Island, the force of the winds won't be too unbearable. It will be pleasant enough to play a couple rounds of volleyball. Make sure you pack your snorkeling gear, because after that, you're going to take your Kacheek swimming! Brr. Bear the cold for the love of your darling Kacheek. The things we do for them, right? Other fun activities include walking along the boardwalk and climbing the giant tiki statues. The view from up there is spectacular and the beach trip will be a great way to start the morning!

3) Buy your Kacheek a present:

What's Kacheek Day without gifts? I recommend picking up a pair of Kacheek earmuffs. While the holidays are long gone, it's still cold out there! Plus after prancing around chilly sea waves all morning, you can safely assume that your Kacheek is probably still a little cold. It's easy to forget about the weather when you're having fun. These earmuffs are stylish, practical, and consistent with the theme of the day, making it a perfect and thoughtful little something for your Kacheek. If you don't think the earmuffs are something your Kacheek appreciate though, there are a number of Kacheek themed items that would also make for a good present.

4) Play Kacheek Seek:

Play this popular, interactive game! If your Kacheek is anything like mine, he or she probably has a wildly mischievous side that is lurking right beneath the surface. Caution: your Kacheek WILL want to play in only the locations that are rated as "quite hard." I know, I know, it's tedious for us pet owners, but it will bring your Kacheek so much joy. It's only a fun activity if there are plenty of places to hide so let them be ambitious with their hiding places! Budget plenty of time for this game, because I guarantee you'll have trouble finding your adventurous little neopet.

5) Visit Albert the Mutant Kacheek:

Take a trip out to the Mutant Graveyard of Doom to the home of Albert the mutant Kacheek. Not many people know this, but as the Neopedia describes, Albert used to be an aspiring gardener with dreams of owning a huge gardening business that spanned across the length of Neopia. Ever since he was attacked by the Esophagor, he's been a lonely mutant that spends the majority of his time wandering around the graveyard. He looks for certain items that will help remove the curse placed on him. It's a sad story, and it doesn't seem like Albert is going to achieve his goal any time soon, so I bet he would appreciate a visit or two from some friendly faces. If all of us go, we could cheer him up and do a good deed while meeting an iconic Kacheek at the same time! All in a day's work.

6) Play Extreme Herder:

Hang out with Samrin the Kacheek and play Extreme Herder! He keeps his adorable petpets in a beautiful field and exercises them in a garden so that they're in shape when the hungry Balthazar comes after them. Samrin is a friendly Kacheek so he's bound to let you play with the petpets. Maybe you can even help groom them and keep them safe! He can always use the extra hands and it's a fun and exciting way to spend the afternoon.

7) Play Kacheekers:

My research has shown me that there are plenty of Kacheek theme games. Kacheekers is one of them. After the afternoon's excitement, I'm sure your Kacheek will be glad to sit back and put his or her mind to the test in this prehistoric game of strategy. Careful though, if your Kacheek has a competitive side, it's bound to come out in this game.

8) Put on a puppet show:

For this activity, you're going to need a wooden Kacheek puppet. The toys are extremely affordable selling for 5-10 neopoints on average. Once you get a hold of one of these, let your creative side loose and put on a show for your Kacheek! I suggest basing the plot off current events. According to the 6th Annual Neopies, the Obelisk War, Altador Cup, Daily Dare, and Spooky Food Eating Contest were all memorable events that your homemade play could revolve around.

9) Have a celebration dinner:

Hooray for celebrations! That's what this day has been about. Since you've been on the go all day, dinner is a good time to properly sit down and spend some quality time with your Kacheek. Steer away from the Kacheek themed foods though! While it is Kacheek Day, no Kacheek feels comfortable eating something that resembles their own face. Elephante Day just passed though, so I'd recommend something along the lines of a blackberry Elephante sundae. That would be acceptable. ;)

10) Read to your Kacheek:

At this point, it's been a long and eventful day. Both you and your Kacheek are bound to be exhausted. Tuck your Kacheek into bed and pick up a copy of Kacheek History! I know some people may find nonfiction a little dull, but this particle work of literature discusses theories about where Kacheeks came from. Since the book explores the origin of Kacheeks, your pet will definitely find reading about his or her history interesting.

Well, I hope you and Kacheek have had an action packed, wonderful day! Kacheek Day is ultimately all about your Kacheek so it's important they feel both loved and appreciated. With this themed list of activities, you won't go wrong; both you and your Kacheek will have a fantastic time. :)

Thank you for reading and again, Happy Kacheek Day! Give all the Kacheeks you come across some special love today, they deserve it!

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