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The Other Way to Creatively Write on Neopets

by jarjarhead989


Greetings, Neopia!! Do you enjoy writing? Who doesn't! Do you want to be a published Neopian Times writer? Why not! Have you tried and failed over and over? I'm sorry to hear that, but I do have a solution for you... Two words: Story Telling! That's right, the story telling competition on Neopets is great for writers. Want to learn more? Of course you do, keep on reading!!

The Story Telling Competition is meant for story writers. I am a veteran Neopets user; however, I just recently learnt of this amazing contest (and I've entered a winning segment each time, so I'll be glad to share my wisdom!) I wish that when I first started playing Neopets someone would have told me about this amazing contest... (Though, considering where this is being published, Lawyerbot has told me I must state that the Story-Telling Contest is nothing compared to the writing of The Neopian Times!!) Regardless of that, the Story Telling Contest is an enjoyable contest which takes place throughout the weekdays. On most Mondays (except for holidays) the staff member in charge of the competition will put up someone's beginning of a story with a few characters, a setting, and a LOT of room for more. That's where all of you come in! Below the latest entry there's a box meant for you (yes you!) to write what you think should happen in the next part of the story. Depending on the day of the week, there are a few things for you to keep in mind, though. There are also a few general rules and regulations you should follow. I'll be happy to assist all of you readers, though!!

Monday: will consist of the official beginning of the story, and then another user's segment is chosen to continue the story.) This segment should involve the continued introduction of the characters (and perhaps some new ones, depending on how many are introduced in the official beginning.) A setting will also be given, and on the first day it is usually best to stay there. You could hint at the characters moving to a new place depending on the plot given.

Tuesday: this day will involve advancing the plot forward, perhaps through some obstacles or coming across a villain of some sort. After today, no new (main) characters should be added as "there wouldn't be enough time to develop them." These story sections should consist of some rising action and conflict (which does not have to be solved in your section.)

Wednesday: today will consist of the main character(s) progressing towards a goal, though it shouldn't be met for a while. This could involve locating a key item and setting out to find it, or capturing a bad guy and him telling you where the head villain is. There could also be some comedy relief found here, to relieve some of the tension, such as some jokes about current plots or other events... try not to mention the existence of Jelly World... though that would be silly, as it doesn't exist!!

Thursday: this day's sections could also contain some comedy relief, though the majority of story segments should focus on starting to wrap up the story (as it must be finished by Friday!) The main character(s) should be getting close to doing what they need to do to finish the story. If a goal hasn't been established, it should be by now. If it has been established already, be sure to stick with it!

Friday: today will be the ending of the story. The main character(s) accomplish what needs to be done and every one lives happily ever after (it doesn't actually have to be like that!) In fact, the staff member in charge has advised against "weak endings that don't address the plot..." such as it all being a dream, or the Faerie Queen simply fixing everything.

Other General Tips:

Be sure to read all the other sections of the stories... if your section contradicts another section, it will likely not be chosen!

Make sure the characters stay true to their personalities.

Try to make every section progress the story in some (maybe minor) way.

Grammar and spelling are important so the staff member can properly understand your story (see below).

It is very helpful (though not mandatory) to properly indent/punctuate/etc. your story section. For help with this, read through past stories!

Be sure to keep your stories related to the Neopets site. Do not add any human interaction or romance into your story, as those sections will not be chosen.

Topics which go against the rules of Neopets (religion, gore, etc.) will not be chosen.

Write more than one entry!! I cannot emphasize this enough. There is no limit to how many entries you can submit. If you write one entry, don't quit... write another with a different outcome. It could be slightly similar, or it could be completely different. One could be comic relief, while another could be a deep and emotional plot progression!

Don't steal other people's (Neopets users or otherwise) work... come up with your own ideas!

In conclusion, if you are at all interested in writing stories (for Neopets or otherwise) than you should take a trip to the Story-Telling Contest!! Here you are able to view other user's story sections, while thinking about the best way to write your own. You can learn about proper grammar, punctuation, and other great tips for your own stories. You get to read some amazing user created stories, while writing the next part of the story... it's incredibly fun. Oh, and I suppose I should mention that you could win amazing prizes (including neopoints, a trophy, and a rare item!!) while typing up the next masterpiece!

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