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The Season of Writing

by absol_wolf


Notebooks, journals, diaries! There are so many to choose from – an endless variety for every taste and style one might imagine. A new season is here, and with it has come new hobbies that aspiring pets are desperately wishing to become masters at! Journal writing is the new "in" thing, and everyone is doing it now for some reason or another! Some like to write down their dreams, others like to make autobiographies, and even some others want a chance at fame by writing an entire book in their journals! Whatever the reason, one thing is sure; everyone is doing it this season. From your average blue Bruce to your Royal Korbat, nobody is skipping out on this new trend!

Now, nobody's quite sure how this trend started out for sure, but there's a general idea on what actually happened to cause everyone to get interested so suddenly! The rumors go that there was a Royal Xweetok by the name of Lucas and that his adopted brother, Chimeratized, a Wraith Draik, decided to start up two journals together and write in them whenever they possibly could. You can guess that one thing lead to another and other pets started to eventually notice this!

Now, in most cases you'd think pets wouldn't care very much about this concept of journal writing – it's been around for a long time now, so surely it wouldn't be any different at this point in time, right? Ah, but not this time around! Lucas and Chimeratized were both fairly high in social standing – as you can guess by Lucas' royal status and Chimeratized's fairly expensive colour! Because of their social standing, you can guess that pets of all ages and groups flocked to their local Back to School store to try it out for themselves, too! It couldn't hurt, right? If Lucas and Chimeratized enjoyed it, then surely they would, too! You could say they were doing it to try and fit in with Lucas and his brother, but in the end, the results were quite stunning!

Yes, while it had started out that many were only trying it out for the sake of fitting in with the popular group, many have found that they really and truly do enjoy the sensation of writing in their newly bought journals! Oh, what a feeling it can bring some pets – a feeling of freedom and happiness in which they can write down all their thoughts and wishes! Letting out all of those emotions can be so relieving after a slightly more stressful day without much luck fishing or getting a faerie quest done. You could say, then, that Lucas and his brother did a very good thing by reintroducing the concept of journal writing to a mass number of other pets! Never shall emotions be completely ignored so long as one has their journal or notebook at their side!

Of course, this boost of popularity in writing has also boosted the sales of all notebook and journal items, making them a bit harder to buy for the poorer residents of Neopia. Luckily for those poorer of residents, there are notebooks even for them – though they don't sparkle and really aren't that fancy like some of the more expensive ones. Still, it's just paper in the end, so the outside of the pages don't have to be fancy for the notebook to be useful to pets! Beggars can't always be choosers, and in this case it doesn't really matter quite that much!

The cheapest notebook one might be able to find in the market – and it really is quite cheap for many Neopians who are low on cash – is a mere forty to one-hundred Neopoints. By name, this is the NeoQuest II Map Notebook; a flip notebook that's especially good for jotting down general information or thoughts as quickly as possible. The outside cover isn't exactly the most appealing, and this notebook certainly isn't one of the most favored among pets who have joined into this writing fad, but it works well enough for the most part. Just make sure that you hide it well, in a place your younger sibling would never look in a million years. That could get embarrassing if they found it, for it has no lock on it to keep prying eyes away!

Some of the most popular notebooks among pets these days are the Scratch-N-Sniff notepads – previously only used in school for taking notes on particular lessons. Before the fad, they were only used for taking notes and helping to freshen up a classroom that hadn't been recently cleaned. They come in two different scents; lemon and lime. Both journals are excellent for writing things down; so long as you can avoid eating all the pages that is! Both of these journals smell so delicious, there have been large number of reports of pets actually eating the pages right after writing down their thoughts! These two popular notebooks are both fairly expensive for the average pet, at a somewhat large price of twelve thousand to thirteen thousand Neopoints each! Pets who aren't particularly rich aren't recommended to buy these – they're just too expensive with their chance that a pet will give in to the temptation of eating the delicious smelling pages.

Similarly, for the particularly rich pets who can go through a hundred thousand Neopoints with ease and be no worse for wear, the Light Faerie Notepad is a best seller! The Light Faerie Notepad is quite literally one of the most expensive notebooks on the market, and there's no surprise there, either! Its cover is delicately crafted and shimmers in a way that can only be described as absolutely magical by the fortunate owners of it. Rumors have been told that Light Faeries themselves craft the notebooks, and that's why they're so rare and expensive! For a not-so-low price of nearly twenty-thousand Neopoints, the Light Faerie Notepad can be all yours to write in! With it, you can make all your friends jealous!

Rich or poor, don't miss your opportunity to get in on this journal-writing fad. Not only is it all the rage these days, but it's also a great way to improve your spelling, grammar, and overall just relieve any stress you might be feeling! Journals and notebooks of all types, sizes and preferences are waiting for you at your local Back to School Store, so don't wait around before they're all sold out! The high demand for journals is here and they're going in the blink of an eye! Most importantly of all, though – have fun while you're writing and follow your heart wherever it may lead you! Write your dreams or even an autobiography if that's what you want, just make sure you have lots of fun while you do it!

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