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March - the Month of Makeovers

by brittboo_x


For many Neopians, winter is still forcing us indoors with its crazy snow, frigid temperatures, and unforgiving colds. With all the time spent inside, getting bored is easier than ever. Of course we can always turn to adventures around Neopia, playing tons of games, and reading The Neopian Times (or, if you're like me, reading the entire TNT archives). But for those Neopets out there that are feeling a little under the weather, perhaps a little makeover is all you need!

Think about it: having a new look will give your pet a confidence boost, which everyone deserves. Makeovers are also really easy to do, but for some Neopians out there, knowing how to take care of your hair and skin isn't as easy as it seems. So look no further! Here I've listed how to take care of every pore of your pet's body!

1. Fresh Faced!

Nothing compares to that feeling of having a truly clean face. Unfortunately, washing with regular soap will dry out your pet's skin. To avoid this, you should use a product designed specifically for the face. The perfect product of the moment is Kau Milk Face Wash, which contains real Kau milk to make your pet's skin soft and clean, and prevents the dry skin commonly acquired during the wintertime. Use this once a day, each time you bathe your pet.

If dry skin persists, use a face mask or face cream once or twice week. Currently, my pets love the Peanut Butter Face Mask, although they have been tempted to taste it! However, another less edible option is the Poinsettia Face Cream, which has a lovely smell and would make a great gift to that stressed out friend in your life.

2. Kick Your Cold to the Curb

The winter weather is rough on your pet's immune system. Colds bring about runny noses, coughs, and red eyes. First, beat the runny noses with the very appropriate Ice Tissue Box, or, if your pet wishes for something even colder, Icy Tissues. Each option provides the necessary comfort of a soft tissue with the added relief of a cool feel, which tends to ease the raw noses.

Coughs can be prevented by washing paws thoroughly, as to prevent the spread of sickness. Choose a good antibacterial soap and lather well for 15 seconds, then rinse completely. I recommend the fun Rainbow Foamy Soap, since the suds produce the coolest display of color I've ever seen, which encourages even the most stubborn pet to partake! A glitzier choice would be Glittery Soap, which comes in a color choice of gold, green, pink, or purple. Be sure to dry paws completely with the esteemed Fuzzy White Towel. For congested pets, use the Menthol-scented Towel after pets wash their face or paws because the scent will clear their sinuses.

The puffy eyes associated with lack of sleep and sickness can be eased (or prevented if you notice symptoms arising) with the use of eye creams. One product that reduces redness quite well is the Cucumber Eye Cream, which has a pleasing scent and works quickly. It is even more effective when used with Cucumber Eye Patches. Another option would be to use a cream and wear an eye mask while sleeping. The ideal mask is the Relaxing Eye Mask, which has soothing coolness to gently alleviate any swollen eyes.

3. Makeup Your Mind

Perhaps you've decided to go out to the Marketplace for the day, or decided to treat your pets to a dinner at Kelp. Whatever the occasion, your girliest pets are going to want to be dolled up! The best solution is to use just a few makeup items to enhance their beauty!

For a more natural look, which is really popular right now, face powder isn't necessary. However, if your pet is insisting, use the Chokato Face Powder, which has an interesting smell and a very cute container! In addition, if your pet is lacking that rosy fresh-from-the-chilly-outdoors glow, then use a little blush. The best choice for this is Pink Blush (save the Tan Blush for the summertime!)

After the face is looking good, it's time to make those eyes look wide awake, which is important for beating the wintry blues. Use the Sky Blue Eye Shadow or the trendier Frosty Eye Shadow Compact for that sparkly light blue color that resembles ice. Also, the addition of Black Eye Liner helps pets' eyes look really alert!

Last but not least, a little color on the lips never hurt any pet! Because the eye colors are shades of blue, bright lipstick isn't really necessary. Pink Lipstick works just fine, but if you want a little sparkle in your life, Sparkling Usuki Lipstick would be perfect. Also, the Striped Elephante Lipstick provides an interesting pink and light blue pattern that would be great for a dramatic look. I recommend that all pets wear Banana Lip Balm to prevent chapped lips from the chill.

4. Give the Skin Some TLC

Now that your pet has gotten rid of any cold symptoms and has a freshly made-up face, be sure to treat the rest of your pet's skin! Elbows, knees, and feet tend to become extremely dry, which can lead to itching and general discomfort. Get rid of any dryness with a moisturizing lotion, applying once in the morning and just before bed.

Before choosing a lotion, however, you must realize some of your pet's individual needs. For example, a pet could have very sensitive skin, or have a particular allergy. For pets needing a more sensitive option, Seabreeze Lotion is a perfect selection! The scent reminds you of a summer holiday to Mystery Island, but the addition of sea salts makes it a powerful moisturizer. For pets with allergies to certain foods or plants, the Honey Lotion is the ideal blend of natural ingredients, without any weird additions.

However, many pets out there aren't restricted to a sensitive or allergy-free option. In that case, the Lavender-Scented Lotion has the best blend of moisture and scent that you could find. A glitzier option would be the White Lotus Glitter Lotion, for those pets who want to add a little more sparkle to their complexion.

If the nip in the air has caused your pet's feet to callous or crack, apply some Hoof Lotion. The formula is well known because it repairs broken hooves quite well.

5. Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again!

You've gotten every inch of skin looking and feeling its best – but what about their hair? The cold weather can also sap moisture from your pet's fur, and nothing is more obvious than a bad hair day. The tools for healthy hair are a trusty shampoo, conditioner, and brush.

Shampoos that provide extra moisture, of course, are the best option. But sometimes, it isn't so obvious to find a shampoo that does that job. Luckily for you, my pets have sampled many varieties, and have found our favorites. The fresh scent of Rain Water Shampoo is a great option, because it has some conditioning qualities added. Super Shiny Shampoo gives fur that extra soft feel, as well as an almost reflective shine that other Neopians will be jealous of!

The conditioner, however, is the best part of the routine because it adds more vitamins and life back into your pet's fur! The number one conditioner in Neopia hands-down is the Corn Silk Conditioner, which uses real corn silk to add that amazing silky texture to your pet's hair.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not necessary to match up your shampoo and conditioner. Choosing your own preference of shampoo and conditioner separately helps to get a wider variation of vitamins into your pet's fur, and also can provide some cool scent combinations! However, Neopia is correct with the idea that two-in-one hair products don't work as well as shampoo and conditioner separately. They tend to lack the moisture-retaining qualities of separate products.

The last step of the hair improvement process is to brush it, of course! Finding a good brush isn't difficult, but you must choose one that works with your pet's fur type. Short-haired pets would love the Enchanted Hair Brush, whose magical bristles detangle hair quickly. Long-haired pets would prefer the Gypsy Brush, whose soft bristles works well with untangling longer hair. However, universally good brushes are of the Glittery Brush variety, which comes in a color choice of blue, green, red, or yellow. Each has bristles that detangle and smooth hair down, and are quite pleasing to look at!

6. Polish it Off

So you're nearly done with the makeover – all you need is to polish off your look! The best way to do that is with a fun nail polish. Most Neopian nail polishes work quite well, so feel free to experiment with many different colors. However, this season, the Gold Usul Nail Polish provides a great metallic shine and the Pink Usul Nail Polish gives your pet perfectly pink piggies! However, before polishing, be sure to trim your pet's nails with the super-effective and durable Silver Nail Clippers. Also, keep in mind that if you don't like the result of your nail color, use Nail Polish Remover and start again!

Well, there you have it. Your pet has been made over from head to toe – literally – and they're looking fantastic. Now go out and enjoy Neopia, you beautiful creatures!

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