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The Collector

by msdelirium


Desire, everyone has theirs; what is yours? Can it be that ultra-rare item that everyone would be jealous of if you had? What about the latest clothing, that new dress that would just make you look like the princess you always knew you were? One of the most common obsessions, those beautiful things that catch your eye and just seemed to gleam the window of the shop as you passed by stopping you dead in your tracks. You can't resist; you just have to buy it.

      What happens when desire takes a dark turn, twists in your heart and turns into obsession? When that desire rules your life? Would you turn into a monster? What would you be willing to do in your darkest moment to fulfill that obsession? Would you be willing to commit unspeakable acts? Would you betray your friends, your family? Would you turn on those whom you loved the most just to fulfill it?

      Roslyni started off as any other collector would; her first doll was one that caught her eye, and it seemed a call for her from that lonely shelf on the wall. No one else seemed interested; the poor things had been sitting there for ages, but to her it was special. The next one wasn't too different, but soon she found herself obsessed. She wanted more dolls. She needed more dolls. She would get more dolls. Soon she found herself broke; she spent all of her money on dolls. She spent all of her time working, working, harder and harder just to earn enough to buy the next doll. Soon her room was filled. They were beautiful. They were friends... but it was never enough.

      She began to see the world through different light. Slowly ever so slowly she began to lose her mind. She had lost herself to the beautiful world of delicate lace. Lost to every stitch of button eyes and permanent smiles. It was then that she met her, a dark whisper through the night, a shadowy figure, hand urging her to the side. She never said her name nor was it ever asked. She knew her desires; she knew dark places her mind would go to, the desperation, the struggle, the yearning for the next one.

      "Young Draik, what would you be willing to do to be able to have any that you want? To be the envy of the world? To have all eyes on you and for you to know that you could have whatever doll you wanted? Even dolls that no one else possesses, one-of-a-kind dolls that would never again exist?"

      In her obsession these words spoke as though from the voice of an angel. Though she knew who she was speaking to; this was a dark faerie. They spread their work throughout the world through evil, malice, and mischief. But how could one of such darkness offer something of such bliss? The obsession in her mind grew; desperation grew. She had given into the madness.

      "I accept."

      Neopets began to go missing. No one knew what was going on; they just seemed to simply vanish. No trace of them was ever found. One gallery began a memorial, of a unique kind. The gallery's owner was a young Draik, beautiful, and kind. She was very welcoming. As pets began to disappear, in the window dolls would appear. These dolls were made in the exact likeness of those who went missing, beautifully made, not a detail amiss. Their clothes would always match what they were wearing at the time of the disappearance. The dolls seemed to emit a strange familiar feeling which gave comfort and hope that pets were still alive. The young Draik's family was relieved, she found a good outlet for her obsession. No longer was she out late working hard to earn the next doll, here she was at home in her room safe. Working away to do good for the world, bringing comfort to those who had family missing.

      What they didn't realize, though, was what she had done. The dark faerie had granted her the power, the knowledge of the proper spells; a friendly smile was all a lure. She would find those who were traveling home at night passing by her gallery. A lost soul trapped out in the rain. Her fellow collectors who came to admire her work and asked her to make them a doll. Oh, she would oblige... she indeed would make them a doll.

      She would invite them to sit down at the table, serve them a nice warm cup of tea, her own special brew uniquely made for each customer. She would dim the lights and set out a few candles, to set her creative mind flowing... or so she said. As they would sip at the tea, she would discuss with them what they were looking for. Or perhaps how dreary the world outside was. Or maybe even discuss their loving family that was at home waiting for them to return. She would take notes or at least pretend to. Soon they would become sleepy, a strange feeling overcoming them. As their speech slowed and their movement ceased, a smile would come across her face. Horrified, her guests would wish to scream but soon found they had no voice, panic, they wanted to run but they could not. Oh, how it amused her; the darkness inside of her was growing every time she used the power, she could feel it. She knew this would be the end of her, but how could she resist? A new doll, a new friend, a new missing pet. Once it was over, she knew they would be happy locked inside their own little dream world where everything was perfect, for all their dreams would come true. She would pick up her new doll after the transformation was complete, the guest now missing. Gently she would place it on the shelf to display it once a few days had passed. It didn't take long for the news of another disappearance to circulate. Fear spread. But the people found comfort in the beautiful dolls on display in the window; their loved ones were not forgotten. How it amused her, for if only they knew that the comfort they began to feel for these dolls should really be fear, should be horror. Who would be the next victim?

      Watching in the distance, the dark faerie knew it would not be long until she was caught. She was using the power far too often and soon someone would see a guest walk into her shop at night, and disappear never to be seen again until the display case one day would host the mirror image of them, displayed in the form of a doll. What happened when she was caught? Little things like this amused her, for what else does a dark faerie have to do with her time other than to cause chaos and trouble?

      Well, she did hope that they would leave her in one piece. That when all was said and done, she would be able to claim her next edition to her collection. She'd seen the story played out many times before. Obsession, it was her favorite thing to prey upon and many others through the many years had fallen victim.

The End

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