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The Faerie Tribute

by dimitraaa


Faeries. Who doesn't like Faeries? There is no doubt and nor will it ever be that these beautiful immortals give us the best, prettiest, most kind-hearted and united family that Neopia could ever ask for.

But who are these so-called Faeries? What are their traits, who do they admire, what items do they ask for? We gathered some simple questions and met up with five of our reader's favorite Faeries to get our answers. So here it is, the highly anticipated and massively requested, Faerie Tribute!

Illusen, the cordial Earth Faerie

Basic Info: As a part of the Earth Faerie family, this humane Faerie is loved and massively admired by a fair amount of Neopians. She often loses her stuff as she lives in the woods (what do you expect!), although the last few years she found a solution to her problem. When people visit her house in the woods, she asks them to fetch her different types of items. If Neopians successfully find her the items she wishes for, she decides to give them stuff ranging from food to books and different weapons. These rewards are items manufactured by Illusen and only Illusen, in a hut deep in the Neopian woods, using materials she has gathered over her years of scouting around. Rumor has it that she has been experimenting with materials in her personal laboratory in order to make new weapons for users to equip in the Battledome, but it has not been confirmed yet and she doesn't talk about it.

Colors: All different shadings of green, as they represent Nature and she loves Mother Nature.

You can find her: Where trees exist, often changes location (she calls herself a nomad).

Favorite quote: "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want".

Traits: Kind-hearted, loves to work, wordy, very, VERY chatty if she finds a good listener.

Biggest Flaw: She's a workaholic and she often has fatigue issues.

Favorite Faerie Food: Faerie Fondue – she loves to dip strawberries in it.

Favorite Faerie Petpet: Green Faellie – a great companion, matched with her favorite color; green.

Best book dedicated to her so far: Illusen's Book of Charm – a masterpiece written by the top of Earth Faeries herself, describing (well, since she constantly makes simple little items) her methods of making charms out of everyday items.

Jhudora, the reckless Dark Faerie

Basic Info: Located in the darkest side of Faerieland, this obscure Faerie likes to live the life off the Faerie spotlight, in her gloomy, isolated castle. A lot of people think that most of the constant discords between the Faerie Family are partly her fault; we do know that she doesn't really have a good relationship with her Faerie Friends, as she thinks of them as unintelligent and overly benevolent beings. To quote, "I see you have been helping my sisters out... and for what? A pathetic handful of Neopoints, or maybe a level or two. It's not worth your time..." is her welcoming message to the negligent citizens who chose to fetch items for one of her sisters instead of her. It is known that whoever visits her dim castle will have to come back with an item she wants. If the process is completed successfully, she might give them a gift; all of them have something dark, something poisonous about them though. If they fail at her quest, they'd better feel bad about it, for she will be really – really disappointed.

Colors: Dark shades of purple mixed with green. After all, purple is a dark color, therefore it matches the Queen of Darkness.

You can find her: In her castle, built out of the Faerieland spotlight.

Favorite quote: "Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness."

Traits: Creative, fiendish, not talkative at all, likes isolation.

Biggest Flaw: She likes to be isolated from her family.

Favorite Faerie Food: Jhudora's Cupcake. What?! She bakes them herself!

Favorite Faerie Petpet: None. She thinks Faerie Petpets are too cute for her.

Best book dedicated to her so far: Jhudora's Secret. This book is written by Jhudora herself, and those who dare to read it will certainly get to know what everybody wants to know – the secret of the Dark Faerie.

Aethia, the intrepid Battle Faerie

Basic Info: As a gallant and plucky young Faerie, Aethia is bound to protect the world of Neopia from evil threats. There is no doubt that no one is, and no one will ever be, more dedicated, caring, and brave as her (don't tell anyone, but she's my personal favorite). Aethia often visits Neopians when she feels like it and asks them to bring her all different kinds of items that she needs. In return, she – well, it's obvious- increases their pet's stats (what else could a Battle Faerie have as a reward for kindness?).

Colors: Light shades of green and purple (NOT! to be confused with the Dark Faerie colors).

You can find her: Where war prevails. She steps in and does the right thing for everyone, using her unique Battle skills.

Favorite Quote: "Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others".

Traits: Valiant, combative, nothing can stop her from protecting Neopia.

Biggest Flaw: She loves fighting in battles, so she is often injured.

Favorite Faerie Food: Faerie Marshmallows – she loves to dip them in a cup of Hot Chocolate!

Favorite Faerie Petpet: Red Boween – she loves their looks.

Best book dedicated to her so far: Flight of the Battle Faerie – what else? A book talking about stories she had to tell and all of her adventures.

Naia, the ravishing Fountain Faerie

Basic Info: As an owner of the Rainbow Fountain, this entrancing Faerie loves singing. Everyone who gathers around her Fountain can surely hear her enchanting songs which prove to be melodies to everyone's ears. Pleasant and lively, this young Faerie is always smiling;

Naia is surely one of Neopia's favorite Faeries. She doesn't want to leave her fountain, but when she does, she visits Neopians who – based on her own judgment – are willing to find items that she asks for; but the point is, these items are not the cheapest ones on the block! However, if you do find her rare items, you will get the ultimate Neopian wish: a visit to her Rainbow Fountain. When you take your pet there, Naia agrees to paint it a color of your wish. So watch out for her, it's totally worth a try!

Colors: Light shades of blue that match her honey blonde hair. She's a fountain faerie anyway!

You can find her: In her Rainbow Fountain, singing loudly. She does leave it sometimes when she feels like paying a visit to Neopians though.

Favorite Quote: "The world is its own magic".

Traits: Playful, joyful, loves her job.

Biggest Flaw: She gets easily distracted.

Favorite Faerie Food: Chocolate Faerie Mallows – she LOVES chocolate.

Favorite Faerie Petpet: Miamouse – she finds them really charming!

Best Book dedicated to her so far: Rainbow Fountain Secrets – again, people love our Faerie's secrets! Naia reveals some of the Rainbow Fountain's secrets in this captivating book.

Fyora, the genial Faerie Queen

Basic Info: We kept the best for last. Fyora... What can you say about Fyora? She's the Queen of all Faeries, much like the mother of the Faerie Family. Imperative and kind, she controls the relationships between the Faeries and tries to maintain constant peace and tranquility between them. As she's in charge of the Faerie Family, she would definitely do everything to protect her home at all costs. Of course, she detests fights and arguments and prefers using her massive powers for good reasons instead of bad. We can all agree that Fyora has a busy schedule, but when she does find time, she likes to sneak out and visit random Neopians. What she asks for are hard to get items, but the reward is worth it – she grants your pet higher stats.

Colors: Dark and light purple, blue.

You can find her: Wandering around Faerieland, trying to maintain the peacefulness.

Favorite quote: "There is no knowledge that is not power".

Traits: Assertive, compassionate, considerate.

Biggest flaw: At this point I want to note that even if she, the Faerie Queen, has flaws, we don't have the right to talk about it, as her kind and loving character conceals any possible imperfections.

Favorite Faerie Food: Faerie Orange – as a Faerie Queen, she likes to keep in shape with that delicious and low calorie fruit.

Favorite Faerie Petpet: Patamoose – she owns one and keeps it deep inside the Faerie Caverns.

Best book dedicated to her so far: Fyora's Rule – an autobiography about the good and bad times the Queen has had during the period of her reign.


There is no doubt that these magical creatures are loved and honored by every single one of us as well as act as our impressive role models. Sure enough, Illusen represents kindness and humanity, as opposed to her Dark enemy, Jhudora, who portrays isolation and obscurity. Aethia uses her valiant and courageous nature to fight in battles while Naia stuns everyone with her charming beauty and enchanting voice. Fyora, at last, using her pleasant and hearty ways, manages to be highly admired by everyone. So in that way, this concludes our tribute, a tribute to the ones we love and revere, the ultimate, the one and only, Faerie Tribute.

Until next time,


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