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How To Get a Water Pet

by sky_lady


Also by realidade

Water pets seem to be the new trend of the Neopian World along with the colors Wraith, Maractite and Eventide. The water color is really recent so there aren't many species that can be painted that color. If you want a water pet you must choose one of these species: Draik, Gnorbu, Jetsam, Kyrii, Uni, Usul, Wocky, Yurble and Zafara. Well, now all you need is some expert *cough* advice about this brand new color.

1- Let's start with a Paint Brush! – Fact

To get a water pet by using a Water Paint Brush all you need is to have the species you really want to change to the water color. Since this color is really recent there aren't many species that can be painted water. It means that if you have a Cybunny you won't be able to paint your pet water. Although, if your pet is a Gnorbu or a Kyrii you will be able to paint him or her with this amazing Water Paint Brush! Just take your pet to the Rainbow Pool and go ahead and use it. First, make sure you chose the correct pet before you use the paint brush.

So now you're probably wondering how to get one of these... Well, it isn't hard at all if you're rich, of course. These days the price of the Water Paint Brush is around 20,000,000 neopoints so all you have to do is to buy one at the Trading Post or in Auctions. So you'd better start saving up right now!

2- You must drink Bottles of Water! – Myth

This myth is really healthy for your pet, you can let him drink as many water as he wants since water is really good for skin and such. Obviously, this won't change your pet's color. "Why?" - You're asking... - Well, the reason is pretty clear, clear as water... You let your pet eat jelly and that doesn't change him into the jelly color, right? So there is no way that making your pet drink water will actually change his color into water. Like I said, water is healthy and good for your pet, but don't put too much hope in this option because it will never change your pet's color. If it did choose, none of the other colors could drink water, which sounds pretty sad. :(

3- Morphing this pet right now! – Fact

So, you decided to pick this option – the Morphing Potion! It is always a good choice since you can change the species and the color of your pet. Suddenly you decide that instead of your lovely Wocky you want a Water Draik. Don't worry! No need to get a Draik first and then buy a Water Paint Brush! You can buy a Water Draik Morphing Potion and just use it in your pet: it will change the species to a Draik and the color to Water. Sounds simple, huh? The worst part is to get one of these morphing potions because they're expensive (unless you're a good restocker, of course). The good thing is that the morphing potion seems to be cheaper than the Water Paint Brush, so you can always pick this option and buy a morphing potion that is the same species as your pet. To buy it, you'll have to pay a visit at the Trading Post or Auctions. After buying it you can find it at your inventory, just use it at your will, but as usual, make sure you chose the right pet and that you're aware of the consequences. Currently there are only two morphing potions of this color: Water Draik Morphing Potion and Water Kyrii Morphing Potion.

4- I have a bathtub! Let's take a bath! – Myth

Of course you can wash your Darigan Wocky as many times as the pet needs it but it will not turn your pet into the water color. You can leave the pet in the bathtub as long as you want, but probably your pet will only get sick.

5- OMG! Lucky! A Fountain Faerie Quest! – Fact

With this event of daily Faerie Quests you got really lucky and the Fountain Faerie appeared to you. That's wonderful! This is probably the cheapest way to get your water pet, unless you want to try your luck at the Laboratory...

Well, no need to panic; it is quite simple. Just complete her quest and go visit her at the Rainbow Fountain, she will be waiting for you. It is similar as the use of the paint brush. You just have to pick the color you want, in this case, obviously you must choose the water one. But in order to paint your pet water, there is the same critter as using the Water Paint Brush: first you must have one of the species that can be painted water. If you don't have any of that species the option of the water color won't show up.

6- Swim dear, swim! - Myth

It looks like you heard about that lake that is located near Neopia Central... Yes, Kiko Lake! This lake actually exists and you can go there as many times as you want. There is nothing wrong about it, but it will never turn your pet into the water color, same as the bathtub thing. Being wet is completely different than being painted water! Your pet can swim and dive all day long at the Kiko Lake, but his color will remain the same. Yes, he gets wet, but he doesn't change color. Only at the Rainbow Fountain your pet changes his color because there is a lot of magic in those waters. None of the lakes nor seas can make that happen.

7- I'm so poor that I'll try my luck at the Laboratory *sniff* - Fact

Yup! This is also true. You can get a water pet by using the Laboratory. Well, ... You probably already know how it works: you take your pet to the Laboratory and let the lab ray does its work. You can be extremely lucky and get your pet zapped into your favorite species and the water color, but please note that is really rare to happen... Ok, it happens, but it doesn't happen as much as you wished neither it happens when you want. If you have an expensive pet, like a Limited Edition and painted with an expensive color, you may not want to try this option, since you can end up with basic pet like a Blue Ogrin.

8- Isn't there a Water Pool or something?! – Myth

You know the Magma Pool located at Moltara, right? Well, that pool has the power to change your pet colors into Magma at a certain time of the day. Although it seems great about painting pets, there is no such pool to change your pets into the water color. In the Neopian World there is the Magma Pool and the Rainbow Pool. The Magma one changes your pet's color only into Magma. The Rainbow Pool changes your pet's color into any color you want, the only requirement is that you have a paint brush of that color. It means that you can stop looking for that Water Pool because it doesn't really exist, you're wasting time...

I really hope this article helps you with some doubts that you might have about the options you truly have to paint your pet water. You can only get a water pet by using a Water Paint Brush, a Morphing Potion, by visiting the Rainbow Fountain after making a Fountain Faerie Quest or using the Laboratory. Currently, only these options are available and possible to achieve that dream water pet! The water color is awesome and all the species look great painted with it. Thanks, TNT. :D

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