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Five Reasons Why Villains Live To Plot Evil

by cherishtwilight


Villains. A good plot can't be without them. There is always something to go against whenever something goes wrong. Believe it or not, Neopia needs these evil denizens. Without them, our military wouldn't be as strong and prepared as we have today. Without them, there would be no heroes to write about in the NT. Without them, Neopia would be a dull place.

What I ask today, though, is what creates these figures of the dark? We all know how the story goes: the villain causes havoc over the world, and then gets thwarted by the heroes. But despite having being defeated every time, the majority of villains grows endlessly. So why bother, exactly?

As this researcher follows on, villains have several reasons for their evil doings. These reasons have been grouped into many branches of darkness, some diabolical and monstrous, some simply ridiculous and... well, just plain loony. But since there are far too many of these branches to write in this article, I have decided to group them into five packs.

Yes, I know. No need to thank me, really, I'm too kind. *bows to my own greatness*

I Just Wanna Rule

*sighs* How disappointing. This pack is typically the easiest to defeat by our heroes. I mean, come on, guys, are you even TRYING? *clears throat* Basically, these villains are somehow less concerned of how their plans are actually going more what they're going to do when they DO rule over Neopia. These guys are cocky. And one time too many, it became their downfall.

A good example of these villains is Dr. Sloth (sorry for all those fangirls out there, but it's true). As I first saw the impression on Commander Valka's face after realizing that the so-called doctor returns after his defeat, I actually feared Sloth.

It was what happened next that made me smash my head on the kitchen table. Two words: playing cards. That was all he could care for during the war. He didn't even bother that the Grundos were finally fighting against him. And that resulted in his general betraying him, a Cybunny trapping him into a little token, and the embarrassment of now giving Neopets transmogs just so his evil plans could move forward. It's sad, really, especially when you know they were that close to taking over. Oh, well. *shrugs and moves on*

All That Glitters IS Gold

These villains have strong potential, but aren't considered much of a threat. Usually divided among thieves, members of this pack can kill if they want to, but are only aiming for the riches. Gems, neopoints, gold... and of course, TREASURE! These are one of the lower branches of villains, but still highly dangerous. For all those aiming a million neopoints, please take extra precaution when reading the following.

One of the many known members of this branch is that greedy Yurble we all love to hate: the Tax Beast! *hears people start screaming about their encounters with the beast* Alright, alright, no need to get snappy here! Obviously, this beast loves to steal neopoints for his taxes. But in this writer's opinion (I'm sure everyone is on the same page), the Tax Beast simply steals neopoints for his greedy needs, using that tax bit as an excuse. I mean, think about it, the only monarchy who needs taxes is Skarl, and he's already got that covered. And I doubt King Hagan has anything to do with it.

And as the saying goes, keep your neopoints in the bank. Don't say we didn't warn you...

In It For The Glory

Usually, this branch's members are former leaders or wannabe heroes who just want to get attention from the rest of their kind. No one ever notices them, or ever bothers with how they're doing. They're just lonely and discouraged by the silence they're getting. And that silence drove them to madness.

There are very few examples of this, and so I resort to Mayor Thumburt for this branch's role model. For all those Tale of Woe readers everywhere, you would remember that everyone in the foggy town of Neovia (minus Sophie) had lost their logic and were filled with anger that they attacked Sophie's family, for no reason at all (unless you count Bruno for advertising the Hissi Oil).

Everyone except him.

How do I know that he wasn't bashing on the Swamp Witch's family's door? Simple, because he was the one to come up with the idea to summon the Spirit of Slumber. It took a lot of logic to come up with such an idea, far more logic than those who did get mutated by Krawley's potion.

As I noticed, at the same time, he was the only one one hogging all the attention at the time. I don't recall seeing him, or ever hearing of him, before that. So from the bits and pieces I gathered up, Mayor Thumburt felt like he was being ignored by his people, so he hired that scoundrel Krawley to turn his citizens into nutcases. Nutcases, of course, are much easier to control than pets with logic.

It not only explains why he didn't want Sophie to cure all of Neovia, it also explains why Mr. Krawley decided to sell his potion for a few neopoints. I mean, would YOU sell a potion guaranteed to chase away all your troubles and grant all your greatest desires for only 100 neopoints? Either that or Mr. Krawley has no entrepreneurship smarts.

For a Better Future

If you value your life, do not question these villains. They are both logically insane AND powerful. Very similar to 'I Just Wanna Rule The World' they want to rule Neopia, but with a better cause. They think the authorities (faeries, kings, mayors, etc.) are only making things in their world even worse. Now, you might think of their acts as noble, but they CAN get violent. They will get violent. Don't you forget that?

This branch was born not too long ago by the mad sorceress, Xandra. No one expected her betrayal and her reasons against the faeries, and perhaps she might have changed the faeries perspective to some Neopian minds. Most pets call her act 'insane' or 'mad' or 'Xwee, you need to get your marbles back, seriously!'

I will not lie. I will not lie. I will not lie. She is not mad. *Hears crowd protesting behind her* Alright, alright, I have my reasons okay! First off, she isn't mad because, no offense Fyora, faeries are replacing all Neopets kind. They have already taken over a whole land, and they still have a lot to go. Slowly, I'm sure faeries are taking over. Illusen is already in the depths of Meridell, Ilere isn't budging from her home in the Haunted Woods, and there are already two faeries living in Altador.

Let's face it, faeries ARE taking over Neopia. And I don't think it'll be pretty when everyone realizes that.


Ever since Neopia was just a little crater circling our universe, a strange species have been plotting against the little baby world. These creatures were born with big, staring eyes and innocent pink fur coats. First order of business? Collect all the nuts in the world. Then they can move on to world domi-

Weird Ghost Acara in Background: Hello, Terra...

Who said that?! Wait, what are you doing?! No, stay away! Don't come any closer! NO!!! *Cuts voice*

Ghost Acara: That should teach you to... oh, so you're all watching, eh? Well, everyone, I'm sorry to alarm you, but the writer of this article is currently... delusional. Meepits are just fluffy little creatures with no intention whatsoever to rule, so please treat them as so. Now I must go and take care of something. Good bye now, and don't forget to stay in Neoschool! *maniacal laughter*

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