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Being Stylishly Evil: Customizing Darigan Pets

by parody_ham


Hello, Neopians, my name is Grr, and I would like to introduce you to the world of Darigan fashion! Please pay no attention to my nervousness for, you see, this is my very first presentation to such a large audience! It has been said that Darigan pets are difficult to customize. This, however, is not true. Although Darigans appear very different from their other pets, they too have a flair for style. From gothic grandeur to a more subtle spring look, Darigans can pull off many outfits quite well. I'll be discussing both Neopoint and Neocash based outfits. Not every Darigan pet can pull off the same outfit, I'm afraid, but I'll do my best to provide a good style guide that can be applied to as many pets as possible. Let's start off with some backgrounds.

Being of Darigan descent, I'm sure you can understand why we love to be reminded of our homeland. With turrets that embrace the sky and spikes that wrap around the Citadel like jewelry, yes, the Citadel is indeed an amazing place! And whoever can forget New Years Eve? Fireworks crackling all about the mystifying reddish glowing sky give way to a potpourri of colours and lights! Oh, here I go daydreaming again! Anyway, this background not only acts as a reminder of our home but also looks lovely with almost any Darigan's fur (or scales).

If you want to go with more of a gentle spring look, how about the Pink Peony Field Background? This background features a seemingly never ending field of peachy pink peonies carelessly blowing in the gentle spring air and can be a huge contrast to the normally flowerless Darigan Citadel. Even though we Darigans love spikes, who doesn't love a flower or two every once in a while?

Since not every Darigan prefers Neocash, a great Neopoint alternate is the Creepy Darigan Citadel Background, shown above. Although this background is quite lovely and shows a marvelous view of the Citadel, it can also be very expensive! Seen as high as a couple of million points, it isn't very easy to obtain, I'm afraid. A cheaper alternative is something called the Altador Cup Background – Darigan! Another option is the Saskia's Cart Background. Of course, no outfit is complete with just a background! Let's move onto some foregrounds that will delight any Darigan with a sense of style!

Imagine walking down the cobblestone roads of the Citadel. Now, imagine walking down these same roads with an ominous creeping darkness grasping at your feet. Which is cooler? The second, of course! This foreground not only brings out our fur tone, but it also serves a different purpose. Kougras especially just love the ominous feel that comes with the moving clouds of dark energy. The foreground I'm talking about is called Darkness Attacks and I highly recommend it!

A great Neopoint alternative for any Darigan look is the Cover of Darkness which enshrouds us in a misty vale of pure darkness-just perfect for any Darigan feeling particularly mysterious! In fact, it looks quite nice with the Darkness Attacks, if you are able to customize with both Neocash and Neopoints.

In addition to these great Neocash foregrounds, try the Flower Ink Frame or some of the many other ink frames, all of which are Neopoint items. It looks great with the Creepy Darigan Citadel Background and adds nice atmosphere to your surroundings.

So, now that we are surrounded by a dark and fascinating environment, we need to think of some nice outfits! This is really up to your personal tastes. Do you like dresses? The Neocash Mall hosts some great choices such as the Dark Princess Gown, which I personally recommend, and the Whimsical Gothic Dress, which looks nicer on some Darigans than others. To be honest, I like the Dark Princess Gown much better simply because it has flowing sleeves and far less frills than the Whimsical dress. Also, it tends to look a lot nicer on four legged pets such as myself.

For those of you who aren't a fan of dresses, how about the Gothic Buckle Shirt paired with the Utility Trousers? For one, the shirt is made of a fine silk with buckles to show just how tough you are! As for the trousers, you may opt to have them ripped for extra fun (of course, they aren't sold this way, so you'll have to do this at your own Neohome).

Recently, specialized gothic outfits for Korbats, Rukis, Wockies, and Nimmos have been made (because there are so many items in each set, I am unable to show all of them here). I especially love the Korbat's outfit. Just look at that wig! Full locks of black hair with a little Spyder on top to add to the creepy factor. As for the Nimmo's outfit, try the Gothic Nimmo Make-Up. It really brings out that deep reddish color in their eyes.

Going along with the spring outfit, try the Blue Polka Dot Dress. It not only adds a cheery look and nice contrast to our deep purple (and sometimes yellow) fur, it also complements the peony background with a flower of its own.

Most Darigans simply aren't satisfied by their look, even when surrounded by a dark aura and looking upon the Citadel walls. The solution, you might ask? A floating model of the Citadel, which has built in anti gravity shields so it can levitate! Ah, man. Here I go babbling in science talk like my mother again. What I meant to say is the Citadel hovers overhead, which is really, really cool!

Now, of course, since you two legged Darigans have paws just waiting to hold onto great wearables, this section is for you! The Gothic Lily Bouquet look simply wonderful in the paws of most Darigans. Although they are not the most lively of flowers, they complement the fur tone of most Darigans, excluding Rukis, Grarrls and Pteris. For them, perhaps try the MiniMME6-S1: Golden Wand of Wonder.

If Neocash is not accessible for you (or you simply prefer Neopoint items over Neocash ones), try the Single Grey Flower.

Well, I truly hope all of you have enjoyed my presentation! If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask me! Ah! Here is one now!

Usul: How do we know if the outfits will look nice on us?

Me: That's a good question. For those of you in the audience, this Usul asked how we know if the outfits will look good on us. The answer to that is, unfortunately, you don't always know. Try to borrow outfits from sisters, friends, and so on to get an idea of whether or not the look suits you. Of course, be careful when borrowing between friends! Make sure you can trust them (or their crazy Darigan Angelpuss petpet) with your clothes!

Ruki: Are Darigans constrained in what outfits they can wear based on their colouration?

Me: This Ruki asked if the Darigan fur colour limits what we can wear. In truth, to some degree, being a Darigan has its disadvantages. Some clothes may look far better on a non-Darigan coloured Neopian. That being said, please don't limit your outfits to those mentioned here. The sky is the limit! Have fun and customize yourself however you want!

Any other questions? No? Well, thank you again for coming to hear me today! Wishing you a fun fashion filled day!

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