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Top 10 of the Better Looking Morphing Potions

by _white_spirit_


Also by rukiarghh

What is that?!... Is it Neocola? Orange juice? Close, but very cold! It's a morphing potion! – a magic liquid created by Miss Kauvara – legal owner of 'The Magic Shop' located in Neopia Central – with very specific proprieties and permanent effects on your pet when (and if) drunk. Like all the items in Neopia, some are cheap, some are extremely expensive, but we can also judge them by their appearance and beauty. Here are what I consider the 10 better looking morphing potions out there:

10. Brown Kougra Morphing Potion

This tailed morphing potion is one of the cheapest in the market – buyable through the help of the shop wizard with an estimated price of 90,000 NP – and will transform your pet into a brown Kougra with very soft hair and an amazing agility that will allow him to run and hunt for treasures! It's common in specialized shops (yet profitable when restocked) and its rarity is r97.

9. Yellow Cybunny Morphing Potion

Always loved snowbunnies? What about Cybunnies? With this magic item you don't have to wait for April 27th to create one! You can simply give this potion to your pet and watch it morphing into a fluffy yellow Cybunny! The only if about this potion is the price you will have to pay to own a Limited Edition pet – 630,000 NP for a r96 item.

8. Island Acara Morphing Potion

Acaras are pretty in almost every paintbrush colour, but they also have morphing potions to help you immediately change the specie of your pet. If you own an Acara, and would like to paint it Island, use this potion instead of the paint brush, because it will save you extra money! A mystery island paint brush is worth almost 4,000,000 NP and an island Acara morphing potion is worth only 450,000 NP!! Its rarity is r98 and you can find it at the trading post.

7. Christmas Shoyru Morphing Potion

What can I say about this potion? It's simply perfect! Even the liquid inside the vial is sparkly! Any pet can use it, but if you already have a Shoyru and would like to paint it Christmas, I recommend using a Christmas Paint Brush instead, as it will be much cheaper that this r98 potion. Its price is 325,000 NP and it's available at the trading post.

6. Faerie Lenny Morphing Potion

A faerie Lenny is definitely one of the most elegant painted neopets in all Neopia. Its feathers reminds us of a rainbow, and watching one of these creatures fly is fascinating! This potion fits perfectly in a gallery, creates a beautiful creature and will make the entire pound chat jealous! However, you will have to think if you really want a Faerie Lenny, because paying almost 1,200,000 NP for a custom is not for everyone! This potion is r98 and can easily be found at the trading post/auctions.

5. Maraquan Techo Morphing Potion

A Maraquan morphing potion!... Can you image the changes using this implies in your neopet's life?... Instead of walking he will swim and roam in the deep (or not so deep) waters of Maraqua every day! It may be a dream came true, or an endless nightmare. Anyway, using a Maraquan Techo Morphing Potion instead of a Maraquan paint brush will save you many neopoints, since the paint brush itself sells for 7,500,000 NP and this r99 potion is at the trading post/auctions for 1,500,000 NP! Note that r99 potions are harder to find than most potions.

4. Darigan Aisha Morphing Potion

A Darigan Aisha... A cute species with a dark colour! The result is amazing, elegant, hypnotizing and powerful! These creatures sure are special! And special too is this r99 morphing potion that can be found for sale at the cost of 2,000,000 NP, or a bit less at the auctions.

3. Desert Hissi Morphing Potion

Desert neopets are interesting in every little detail of their body and personality. They can travel hours and hours a day in the insanely hot sun of Lost Desert and Qasala, and still don't cry for a drop of water. Being desert is not for everyone, since you will have to deal with thieves and scarabs every day, trying to hurt you (or not)!... Fortunately, with this morphing potion, you are a desert Hissi – a neopet that commands respect! I mean, you wouldn't attack one of these creatures, would you?... This morphing potion has a rarity of r98 and sells for 2,500,000 NP at the trading post (sometimes cheaper at the auctions).

2. Faerie Draik Morphing Potion

A Draik morphing potion!... Definitely one of the most beautiful and good looking items out there! It has wings... It has a tail... And there's a Draik inside!!! If a restocker catches one of these at Kauvara's magic shop, he will either have a free Draik or be forever rich! This is a r98 morphing potion, maker of dreams, and its trading post price is 15,000,000 NP! Start saving your neopoints if you wish for one of these and can't afford it right now, because 15,000,000 NP requires a lot of work and dedication into your account! The only cheaper way I know to buy one of these for less is to snipe one at the auctions! If there's one right now, probably the owner is trying to do a quick sell and will sell it for a bit less than 15m. There's only one morphing potion that can beat this in beauty and respect!

1. Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion

Well, we all know the story: you can take your Krawk petpet to the magic fungus cave, and wait for him to grow up. But this?!... This is the queen (or king?) of the morphing potions Kauvara has ever made!! It is so rare, so expensive and so cool looking, that if you aim to restock one of these at 'The Magic Shop' you will have to carry at least 1,000,000 NP – don't be so happy though, it's a very rare event!... There are also rumors that some pirates hid these potions in a Forgotten Shore in Krawk Island, but unless you are very lucky, start saving 10,000,000 NP or try to snipe one at the auctions for 8m~9m, so then you can give this r98 to your pet, and watch it morphing into a pirate Krawk.

There you have, 10 morphing potions to use, collect or restock! I hope you liked reading! Happy neopetting!

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