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The Best and Worst Bath Tubs in Neopia!

by _maraqueen_


There are many types of bath tubs out there in Neopia, from fluffy and dreamy bath tubs to pointy and uncomfortable bath tubs. I am here to tell you all about which bath tubs are the most soothing and relaxing, and which ones, well... aren't so soothing and relaxing. Now you may be wondering why you should trust my advice. You should trust my advice because I have taken a trip around Neopia, stopping at every single land testing everyone's bath tub. Now it may sound odd and weird that I stopped at everyone's neohome to test their bath tub, but trust me, it was worth it to find out which bath tubs are the best and the worst. Prepare to be shocked, dazzled, and grossed out.

I will start with the worst bath tubs and go on with the best.

1. Bubble Bath Tub

This bath tub is TERRIBLE, especially if you have sharpened claws. I found this tub in Maraqua, right above the Bubbling Pit, owned by a grumpy sea slug. As soon as you step into it, it will pop, and the soap will get into your eyes and you will have to run to the Neopian Hospital and receive one expensive hospital bill! So don't waste your money no matter how much you love bubbles, because someone will just get hurt. Not to mention the neopoints you will have wasted on it after it pops.

2. Dung Bath Tub

Now what a silly idea. Who would turn dung into a bath tub? I found this bath tub in Meridell owned by the owner of Pick Your Own. Apparently he is obsessed with dung. Bathe in this tub and you will never have the stench out. It will make you smell worse than you did before. Not to mention how dung colored brown it will turn your fur. The only reason people buy this bath tub is because it can help you obtain an avatar, a very smelly avatar in my opinion. Please, no matter how nice your body wash smells, do not use this tub.

3. Slorg Bath Tub

Well, this bath tub is cute, but absolutely do not bathe in it! I also found this tub in Meridell owned by a family of slorgs. It will leave you with a disgusting green slime which is sticky and hard to wash off. It also smells weird and might stain your fur a green color. This bath tub might be good to bathe your slorg in, but be careful not to fall in it. Also, when you walk out of the bath tub, you might slip and fall from the slime stuck to your feet, and off to the Neopian Hospital you will have to go.

4. Snow Bath Tub

I found this tub in... you guessed it... Terror Mountain, owned by the one and only Taelia. The description on this item claims that when you fill this bath tub with hot water it doesn't melt, but when I tried it, it did melt! It flooded my neohome. When I tried bathing in it with cold water, it was freezing and almost gave me hypothermia. Do not buy this bath tub, especially if you live in the Lost Desert.

5. Chilli Bath Tub

I found this tub near the top of the Mystery Island Volcano owned by a Kougra. Even with cold water, this bath tub made the water boil. It burned my skin everywhere and it has a very strong scent of peppers. One of my petpets took a bite out of it and the poor little creature couldn't stop weeping for a week. Also, this bathtub is very expensive. Unless you want to have to go visit the Soup Kitchen every day, do not buy this tub.

Now I will list off the most luxurious bath tubs in Neopia.

1. Coconut Bath Tub

I also found this tub in Mystery Island owned by Jhuidah the Island Faerie. When I took a bath in this tub, I felt as if I were in Mystery Island. It smells so good, and it makes your skin feel very soft. If your naughty petpet drinks out of the tub while you are bathing, do not fear, as most petpets love the taste of coconuts. Enjoy bathing in this tub with some Coconut Cream Pie, Turihar Berry Coconut Milk, and Coconut Lip Balm.

2. Cloud Bath Tub

I found this tub in Faerieland owned by Poogle Five in the Poogle Races. When bathing in this bath tub, you may fall asleep as this bath tub is so heavenly. Whenever you pour water into it, it naturally gives you bubbles. Also, because it is a cloud, it will rain and supply itself with free water. Do not worry as you will not fall through this cloud. This tub is definitively worth its high price.

3. Furry Bath Tub

I found this tub in Tyrannia owned by the owner of the Wheel of Monotony. As stated in its description, this bath tub not only cleans you with water, but dries you once the water is drained! You will save neopoints by not needing towels. This bath tub is also very soft as it is made out of fake Tyrannian fur made by friendly Grarrls.

4. Fyora Bath Tub

I found this tub in Faerie City owned by the librarian in the Faerieland Bookshop. This bath tub smells as of Fyora herself. Also, it looks absolutely beautiful, from the perfect shade of purple to the cloud below it. When taking a bath in it, it feels like you are floating in Faerieland. Thank goodness it is not sold at the Hidden Tower.

5. Rainbow Bath Tub

Can't decide what color bath tub to get? Just get this one. I also found this tub in Faerieland owned by the Water Faerie. It has every color of the rainbow on it. When taking a bath in it, it's like you are swimming in the Rainbow Fountain, but without the scary faerie. Also, this bath tub matches any room of any color.

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