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Dear TNT,
This has been a suspicion of mine for a little while, but now I think it's been confirmed: every day, at 12:00 am NST, I seem to receive around 750 Neopoints for no reason at all. o_o I discovered this when I played a game three times, earned 3,000 NP in total, and left the site open. Once 12:00 am NST rolled around I went to the bank and found that I had 3,750 NP instead of 3,000. It's nice in theory, but I'm a little spooked. Should I be worried? Please remove my username if this gets in! ~username removed

It sounds like you're in a first place position on a High Score Table. If you look above the High Score Tables, you'll see, "Remember, every night we award 750 Neopoints for the top score of every game, 500 for second, and 250 for third place. These high-scores are reset on the first of each month, but the scores in your User Lookup are never deleted."

Hey, TNT! I have a bit of a dilemma... I have a Mysterious Skeleton Key left over and no more chests. Now that the search for the pieces of Krawk Island is done, will we still have the opportunity to find chests, or should I just try to trade my skeleton key with another user? Thanks for the clarification (and for the great job you guys are doing of this event)! ~suzibow_842
Never fear! If you've finished part one and didn't get all 8 chests, the rest of them should be heading your way soon. (So you'll have a use for that key.) If you just bought an extra key on accident, then yes, you can definitely try and find someone to trade with you!

Hey, TNT! I've always wondered whether the blue critter that raids Habitariums has a name or not. If so, will you tell me what in Neopia they are officially known as? More importantly, are they even actual Petpetpets at all?!? ~sl0wp0w3r
They are Petpetpets, but they are an invasive species that we don't know much about. We do know, however, that they are considered pests.

Heehee. This isn't a question. *trollface* ~ skippypets
People will likely complain that this is taking up precious Editorial space, but you know what?

Why is it that, when I try to enter a comic, it says: "Your comic could not be uploaded. Please try again later." :'( How in the world am I supposed to be able to get the Neopian Times avatar if I can't even enter my comics? D: What am I doing wrong?!? *pets mr.coconut* ~desisaur
First, check the file size. It needs to be under 200k. If that's not the issue, make sure your file type is in lowercase. For example, if your filename is awesomepicture.GIF, please rename it to awesomepicture.gif and see if that works.

A while ago a user asked the Editorial for some Kadoatie smilies to use on the Neoboards and you made them. Now, I assume you're taking requests, so I must ask: will you please make smilies for us Key Questers? If it's any use bribing, I have tons of cookies and dirty socks, so think about it. ;) ~potential_ruler
We've forwarded your request on to our maker of smilies. :) Good luck!

Who's the Kougra sorceress pictured near the bottom of last week's Editorial? I can't seem to find her in any plots, the Neopedia - anywhere, and I'm curious. She looks kind of like Brynn's long lost relative or something... (although that's probably just because they're both orange Kougras o.o;). ~sporty2443
Oh, that was Quizara, the protagonist from a Leapfrog Didj game we once did that was called Quizara's Curse. :) She's not related to Brynn, as far as we know. :)

Just wondering, TNT, but since there are Baby (insert Neopet name here) Morphing Potions and Darigan (insert Neopet name here) Morphing Potions, why don't we have royal morphing potions? ~weirdo12344555
Well, it seems we fell right into your devious trap of logic. Curses. Guess we don't have any excuse not to start scheduling royal and maractite morphing potions.

Enough of this silliness, TNT. How do you get the Wishing Well avatar? ~ted_543
You're right. This has gone on too long. The answer is f-- *dragged away by Meepits*

This Editorial is over.

*Warm Fuzzy of the Week*

Hi, TNT!
First off, I just want to thank all of you lufflies for making this site so amazingly awesome that, no matter how much my parents want me to get off the computer, go outside, and just leave the internet forever, I can't seem to drag myself away. This site has helped me grow as a writer, designer, and person. Even though I'm almost an adult now, I know I'll never be too old for Neopets. Thanks so much for everything you do for us! ~madkgoser

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