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Game Theory - Attack of the Revenge

by rs_rbn


I don’t know about you, but when I play a game over and over and over again, trying for the elusive avatar or trophy, I begin to come up with some... theories. Theories about how the game works, how to get bonuses, and how to be a more successful winner. 90% of why I theorize is to stave off boredom whilst trying to accomplish my Neo-goals. The other 15% is to improve my abilities. So, dear Reader, we begin this journey together into the psyche of a semi-decent gamer who wants to be a demi-goldy gamer but isn’t sure her theories work.

This is my theory on Attack of the Revenge. If you need a basic understanding of the game, you should go read a game guide. However, if you, like me, get close to gaining a trophy each month but can’t quite reach it, this theory is for you.

Begin the game and choose not to read the instructions. Let's face it, you should be past that by now. Beat the first three levels at your leisure. In the first level I never use the back row. On the second and third, I use a cannon for each kill. This helps me get used to going back to the left hand corner after each kill, a skill necessary for later levels.

As you well know, there is a “cheat” in this game - If you type in “blackpawkeet” after level three, you will be given an extra life. Most people will recommend you using this cheat at the earliest possible moment, as in right after you finish the first three tedious levels. I myself prefer to wait until between levels 8 and 9. If I see that I only have 5 lives going into level 8, then I trick myself into playing more skillfully than if I had the luxury of 6 lives. This is your choice, but I find it helps to trick myself now and again.

For levels 4-6 you simply need to beat the levels without dying. As simple and straightforward as this sounds, for my theory there are a few things to remember to grow accustomed to during these levels.

Always keep all three cannons loaded. This is of the utmost importance.

As the levels get faster, notice that in these levels you will still have slight pauses between the times the enemies pop up. If a cannon doesn’t get reloaded immediately after it is shot, this is the time to make sure they are reloaded. If you have practiced always going back to the left hand corner to pick up a cannon after each kill, this should be easy for you.

Notice that where you end a level is where you begin the following level. So if you end a level holding a cannon in your hand in the far right hand side, ready to load that last cannon, you will be able to load it when you begin the next level. This will save you some time in the beginning later in the game.

Now, you will be heading into level 7, where you need to get 1500 points in order to pass the level. Hold off on using the cheat if you can, because you need to get through this level with 3 lives left before the cheat or 4 lives left if you’ve already used the cheat. More clearly stated: You may only lose 2 lives in this level. Now, here I have two options for you.

Keep only the cannon closest to the cannon balls from “dying”. If you do this, you will have easier access to the villains and they try to climb over your deck railing because once a cannon is destroyed it no longer blocks you from going left to right and back again on the upper row. If you lose your 2 lives in the beginning by allowing these two cannons to die you must not lose any more lives. This option will help you get closer to a guaranteed victory, but will take a much longer amount of time.

Play as you have played all the levels previous, being careful to kill your enemies before you light your cannons. This option gives you the possibility of ending the level more quickly and helps prepare your fingers for the agility required of the next level. When I started playing this game I used the first option. As my skills increased, I moved on to this option.

If you have managed to beat Level 7 and have only lost 2 lives, congratulations! You are now very close to getting the trophy, especially if you do this around the first of the month when most trophies are much easier to achieve. I have, so far, not managed to complete level 8 while losing only 2 lives. I also have sent every score I have gotten and at my last check was #37 on the High Score list at 1614 points. Hence the name: Game THEORY.

Make sure you use the cheat at this point. DO NOT FORGET or all your time will be wasted and you cannot neomail me to tell me my theory is correct.

My theory is, once you begin Level 8, do not use the cannon balls anymore. Allow all three of them to be destroyed. This will make this level much slower to complete, granted, but this gives you free access to move about on the upper level of play, without any barrier in between. You will slowly but surely work your way up to 2000 points and have 1 life left. As I myself have never seen Level 9, I am not sure what they will throw at you. All I know is this: live as long as you can, to get as many points as you can. Load your cannons if you have time for 12 points, kill a villain or two for a few extra points and there you have it: Trophy Score range.

Last I checked, May 06, 2011 the Trophy Ranges were as follows:

1st Place - 2105, 2051, and 2049

2nd Place - 2036, 2031, 2021, 2012, and 2012

3rd Place - 2011, 2006, 2005,1963, 1926, 1923, 1877, 1863, and 1811

So what are you waiting for? Go try my theory!

Since blarney nare the age o' three...

I've dreamt o' nuthin' but the Sea...

To toss about from side to side...

Me mates alongside for the ride...

A-stealin' gold from all we meet...

An' Heaven knows we can't be beat...

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