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Neopian Battlefield Legends - Getting 125,266 points

by miniman366


Neopian Battlefield Legends is a great new game, and while TNT may have only made a few Real Time Strategy Games, this is definitely one – if not the best – of them. It’s different to most games in that it has a max score and many thousands of people have gotten it. This makes getting a trophy a real challenge, but this guide is to help anyone who can’t quite get 125,266 points.

If you’re reading this, I’ll assume you already know how to play the game and know almost everything about it. And I’ll assume you want to know why you’re having trouble getting the max score. Personally, I worked out a fool-proof strategy the first time I played it, and I’ve never gotten less. In fact this strategy is so perfect I can leave the game running for a few minutes, read a book, eat a meal, come back and keep going with the game going the whole time and still make the max score. How do I do it, you ask? Well, there are three rules to stick to:

1. Abuse the power of the Catapult Towers. They are the strongest and most efficient by a long shot and it’s quite possible to get the max score using them and only them.

2. Focus on the middle rather than sides. The middle is where the flying enemies come from, and ultimately, they will cause you the most strife. Keep lost of towers close to the middle row and well upgraded in order to survive the flying enemies.

3. Upgrading old towers is better than making new ones. Once you have a few towers around, don’t make a whole army of weaklings; upgrade and max out the ones you already have. It’s far more effective and you get more for your money.

Seriously, once I worked those three things out, I never struggled with this game again! So without further ado, a wave by wave guide on getting 125,266 points.

First things first: You will obviously need to play the game on hard. This strategy is for the map ‘Meridell’s Counterattack’. I always play as Meridell but it makes no difference. Pick any towers you want as long as it includes the Catapult Tower, Rapid-Fire Tower and Snowball Tower, since they are the only towers we’ll be using.

Wave 1: Enter the battle. If you’ve never done this map before, the entrance is on the left and the exit on the right. Before you start the battle, take a Catapult Tower and put it on square north-east of the starting square. The path should shift so the enemy goes over the top and down behind it. Start the game and watch the Catapult Tower wipe out each enemy in one shot each. (I like to have it in fast forward. Normal is just too slow for me.) After that you should have exactly 50 coins.

Wave 2: Keep going, but watch your coins carefully! The moment the coins hit 80, pause the game. Take a Rapid-Fire Tower and place it two squares east and one square north to the Catapult Tower. It should be just under that rock, and the enemy’s path should come between the two towers. Start again and the two towers will finish off that wave, leaving you with 95 coins.

Wave 3: This is the hardest wave of all, I find. The enemies move very fast, so I recommend taking off Fast Forward. Watch those coins carefully and keep your mouse hovered over the pause button. The moment your coins reach 155, pause it again and put another Catapult Tower one square south of the first one. The enemies will come out and be pummelled by the two now. After that wave, you should have 45 coins left.

Wave 4-5: Once your coins hit 75, upgrade that first Catapult Tower, the north-most one. Do it again and again. After the end of Wave 5 that Tower will be maxed and you won’t have any spare coins. You shouldn’t have any trouble if you move fast enough. If not, just pause the game when your coins hit 75.

Wave 6-7: Wave 6 goes by in a flash and you should have 100 coins at the end. But at the start of Wave 7 is something different, the attacking enemy. It shouldn’t bother you, a few hits from your strong Catapult Tower and it’ll be gone. Best part is, it gives you 100 coins just for killing it! You should have at least 200 coins, you can pause here if you want, either way, take another Catapult Tower and place it one square south-west of the second Catapult Tower. It should be one square south of the starting square, blocking off the escape route for the enemies. Throughout the rest of this wave, upgrade that second Catapult Tower twice. It doesn’t matter if you are upgrading a different Catapult Tower; by the end of wave 7, though, one should be maxed, one should be one upgrade off maxed, and one should be at level 1 and you’ll have 35 coins left over.

Wave 8: This is possibly the easiest wave if you follow this guide. Each enemy goes before it’s even there, and once the wave is over you’ll have 235 coins. Upgrade what you can with the Catapult Towers so that two are maxed and one is at level 3. If you haven’t already noticed, we’re neglecting the Rapid-Fire Tower. It was only useful in wave 2. It’s no longer even needed, but don’t demolish it. It’s a good back up.

Wave 9-13: Going into wave 9, you’ll have 10 coins. By the end you’ll have 70. During wave 10 the enemies give 30 coins, so after the first one upgrade your last Catapult Tower. Now all three will be maxed. At the end of wave 10, you’ll have 145 coins. After one enemy in wave 11, you’ll have 150 coins. Place another catapult tower two squares north of the first, so that’s on the same row as the spiky rock. The enemy’s path should go between the first and fourth Catapult Towers, behind the first and under the Rapid-Fire Tower. Finish up wave 11, 12 and 13. No drama there. In fact, this is where I often take a break and just relax. Nothing can possibly happen for a few waves.

Wave 14: Pause before wave 14 starts. Wave 13 may have been a breeze, but wave 14 has much faster enemies. By now you should have 445 coins, so I think it’s time to use them. Place another Catapult Tower two squares north of the Rapid Fire Tower, just above the spiky rock. And then another Catapult Tower just above that one. Catapult Towers 5 and 6 block off the escape route above the action and you’ll now have 145 coins. Start wave 14 cautiously. There’s another attacking enemy, killing it will leave you with 255 coins. Pause the game as fast as you can after that. While you may be able to do the wave without actually placing another tower, it’s pretty close here. You need to place another Catapult Tower in between Catapult Towers 1 and 4. (Two squares west of the Rapid-Fire Tower.) Often when you pause it there’ll be an enemy stuck in there and you can’t place your tower. Quickly unpause and pause until the space is clear and place the tower. If everything’s right, the enemies will go all the way over Catapult Tower 4, back down and under the Rapid-Fire Tower. Continue the game and finish the wave.

Wave 15-20: After wave 14, you should have 195 coins to throw away. Start wave 15, and after that first enemy is killed, you’ll have 210. With those coins, place a Snowball Tower one square south of Catapult Tower 2 and one square east of Catapult Tower 3. (One square south-east of the starting square.) You’ll have noticed by now that those first three Catapult Towers are doing all the work, so you can relax until after wave 20.

Wave 21-29: After wave 20 is over, pause. Yeah... 745 coins and you haven’t done anything in five waves! Grab another Snowball Tower and put it one square north of Catapult Tower 4. If you forgot which one that is, it’s the one on the same row as the spiky rock. There should be only one square between Snowball Tower 2 and the top of the screen. With the remaining coins, simply max upgrade Snowball towers 4 and 7. (They are the two in between the first one and Snowball Tower 2.) So from top to bottom in the second column from the left there should be Snowball Tower 2 (Level 1), Catapult Towers 4, 7, 1 and 2. (All maxed.) And Snowball Tower 1 at the bottom. (Still level 1.) Continue the game and relax again for a bit. You’re halfway done and the hard part is over!

Wave 30-40: Pause before wave 30. Wow, what a wait that was, eh? I usually get a drink or something in that time. Maybe check my e-mails, go on a cruise, y’know? By the time wave 30 rolls around, nothing should even be worrying you, and you’ll have 1790 coins at your disposal. With flying enemies in this level, there is a precaution you need to take. Three more Catapult Towers at maxed levels need to be placed. Catapult Tower 8 should be four squares east of Catapult Tower 1, Catapult Tower 9 should be four squares east of Catapult Tower 2, and Catapult Tower 10 should be four squares east of Snowball Tower 1. So 8 is two squares east and one south of the Rapid-Fire Tower and the other two are directly below that. Upgrade them all. Then with the remaining 665 coins, max both Snowball Towers. It’s starting to look impressive. You’ll have 65 coins to go; unpause the game and continue.

Wave 41: Pause now before wave 41 starts and place the 11th Catapult Tower two squares east of Catapult Tower 10. It should make a corridor between the two for enemies, although now will go down there anyway right now. Also just to be totally sure nothing can go wrong (because wave 41 is where things can go bad with those strong flying enemies). Upgrade your Rapid-Fire Tower to the max. It shouldn’t make a difference, but with that much money, why not? Speaking of coins – after that, 1725 are still waiting to be used. So upgrade those two Catapult Towers you haven’t done yet. (5 and 6 if it matters.) Now with the remaining coins make Snowball Tower 3 two squares east of the Rapid-Fire Tower. (One square north of Catapult Tower 8.) And then two more Catapult Towers directly above that. Catapult Tower 12 is two squares east of the spiky rock and #13 is two squares east of #5. Place Catapult Tower 14 two squares east of #13, and then #14 one square north of that. Now the enemy’s path goes up over Snowball Tower 2, below the Rapid-Fire Tower, past Snowball Tower 3 and over Catapult Tower 13 and then down down down past Catapult Tower 11. The path should resemble an ‘M’. Now upgrade Snowball Tower 3 to the max. You should have 175 coins left. Unpause and continue from here.

Wave 42-47: You really don’t need to do anything from here on. No enemy should even get to the Rapid-Fire Tower, let alone get near the end of the maze. But a good idea to protect against the flying enemies is to make a Catapult Towers one square south of Catapult Towers 10 and 11 so nothing goes wrong in wave 48. That’s the last challenge. But DON’T use up the coins upgrading the other four Catapult Towers still on level 1. The coins might be desperately needed in wave 48.

Wave 48: Wave 48 can be very surprising, especially since the last 30 or so waves were very easy and simple. The flying enemies can be annoying enough, but the real pain here is the attacking enemy. He always goes after Catapult Tower 3. (One square south of the starting square.) In this wave he often succeeds in demolishing it. BE VERY CAREFUL! Watch the health of that tower and once it’s at ¼ full, just pause the game, sell the tower and remake it. The last thing you need is to have enemies escape out the bottom on the second last wave! It’s not a huge deal if you remake the tower, the coins weren’t going anywhere anyway.

Wave 49-50: Nothing more is needed after you survive wave 48. There are a few more smaller enemies, and finally the boss. (Who by the way is extremely weak for a boss!) Provided you made no mistakes, your score at the end should be 125,266. Remember that you need to not lose any health to get the perfect score. If even one enemy gets through you’ll miss out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and it helps you get that score you’ve been trying so hard to get. Obviously the guide was very strict and exact. Feel free to change things around as you wish. Sometimes I don’t use any Snowball Towers, sometimes I stack other Rapid-Fire Towers near the middle to keep flying enemies under control and sometimes I have more Snowball towers. But I ALWAYS have that formation and make the towers in that order. Remember the three rules!

1. Abuse the power of the Catapult Towers. They are the strongest and most efficient by a long shot and it’s quite possible to get the max score using them and only them.

2. Focus on the middle rather than sides. The middle is where the flying enemies come from, and ultimately, they will cause you the most strife. Keep lost of towers close to the middle row and well upgraded in order to survive the flying enemies.

3. Upgrading old towers is better than making new ones. Once you have a few towers around, don’t make a whole army of weaklings; upgrade and max out the ones you already have. It’s far more effective and you get more for your money.

Stick to those and you can’t go wrong. Thank you for reading, and once again I hope this helped. –miniman366

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