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To Beat, or Not to Beat AAA? That is the Question

by fallingfaries


The fifth annual Daily Dare has officially made its way into the wonderful world of Neopia! We graciously welcome back AAA - the games master himself, Abigail - his kid sister and partner who isn't quite as good at games, and their beautiful cousin, Lulu - the keeper of the NC challenge! This year is full of double dares, team challenges, and a staff tournament. So if you haven't yet, head over to the Daily Dare page and check it out. Hurry up and buy your NC tickets, vote for your team of choice, and go play those games!

Although this exciting, fun and challenging event brings us all prizes, trophies, and new neofriends from the boards, the Daily Dare can leave even the most adventurous among us dreading to decide between AAA or Abigail. Only the elusive AAA himself can say he has never had to ponder this question. Hopefully this guide can prevent some stress and help you make smooth and correct decisions during this Daily Dare!

Here's what to do when you're not sure who to challenge:

1. Do not panic if there is a game you do not recognize.

We have all been there, that fateful moment when the one game you've neglected all this time ends up on the Daily Dare home page and the score looks high. I suggest that before you go to the boards and ask around for tips, you should simply open a new window or tab and open the game page, regardless of whether you recognize the game or not. Seeing others' frustrations with the game on the boards could cause unnecessary worry. Look at the first page of the game with the 'click to play' button and read the description located to the left of the 'game medal' very carefully. This helps you get a general idea of what you need to do. Then, set the game settings to the largest mode possible (helps eliminate distractions and I just find that it's nice if you're trying out a new game). Then always, always read the game instructions.

2. Try out the game a little bit.

Trying once is not sufficient. You will need to try a few times because I can guarantee you, not many people are great at a new game their first try. Once you get the hang of the game and still do not seem to be getting a score near AAA's, head on over to the Daily Dare boards.

3. Lurk, lurk, lurk.

My advice is to not make a board asking for tips. I find that these boards often get bad or no responses because the boards are flooded with tips – it's an understandable impulse to want to make a board, but I am positive that if you look through the posts you will find already-existing boards with the information you need! Climb up into the lurker tree and scan those boards for the best tips you can find. Write them down on a piece of paper and head back to your game.

4. Try the game again.

Do not give up right away. Try your hardest, focus only on playing the game; no restocking, no chatting, no social networking. Just play! If you're getting tired and getting nowhere near the AAA score, then you need to consider your options.

Option A: Take a break and try to beat AAA another day.

This year the day that you beat AAA does not matter towards your trophy – so you can always try again tomorrow! Make sure that you do eventually choose to challenge either AAA or Abigail before the end of the tournament, though! If you don't, your trophy quality will be lowered significantly!

Option B: Beat Abigail.

For a lot of us, this seems like the worst thing you can possibly do. Losing out on that top tier trophy and those wonderful prizes can seem like the end of the world. However, if you know that no matter what you do you won't have enough time or patience to beat AAA, it's in your best interest to choose Abigail. Chances are that if you are unable to beat AAA a few times in the beginning of the Daily Dare, you're going to have trouble with games later too. You'll be tired from pushing yourself too hard. The Abigail trophies are not bad; you still get wonderful prizes. If there is an avatar this year, you probably won't miss out on it. However, this doesn't mean just get lazy and only challenge Abigail, even if you know you can beat AAA with some hard work. Sometimes the prizes are worth quite a bit in the long run, so if you can beat him, you should!

Option C: Do nothing.

I do not recommend this option, especially because you have the entire course of the Daily Dare to complete the challenges this year. You should always at least beat Abigail. Sometimes Abigail can even be a bit of a challenge in some games, but with practice I am certain that you can achieve an adequate score. You'll regret it in the end if you do not even try!

In conclusion, choosing not to challenge AAA is not the end of the world. I promise it will be okay if you challenge Abigail. You are still a great Neopian and always will be, regardless of your ability to beat AAA. Do not fret or feel depressed. Try your hardest. There's a lot of fun in the Daily Dare even without beating AAA's challenges. Abigail's challenges are often very fun and entertaining. Team challenges will keep you busy. And besides, who could resist those pretty NC prizes? Success is defined differently for everyone, especially in Neopia. Always remember: it might just not be worth it to drive yourself bonkers for days over one silly challenge! Now what are you waiting for? You have the tools to decide what's best for you – now hurry over to the games room and play!

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