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How To Become A Neoboards Professional

by 13snip3r7


There are many common issues that we have in modern Neoboard forums and topics. I think we should all strive to take a little bit of time or effort to attempt to fix some of these issues! Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a well-known, respected Neoboard chatter? Ever wanted to know the best way to act while using the Neoboards? If so, then you may want to read this basic guide on how to be a professional Neoboard user, or as close as you can to being one anyhow.

If you’ve gotten this far in the guide, then you most likely know how to read words. Well, everybody else enjoys being able to read words as well. If you’re designing a font for yourself on the “boards”, as we’ll call them, then you may want to consider a few things. Is this font going to be too bright to read? Is the font type difficult to interpret? The most important thing in communicating with others through the boards is being able to get your message across. If you have a bright yellow font that is in small cursive letters, nobody will be able to read it! Before posting, look at the preview of how your post will look on the Neoboards under your Neoboard Preferences. If the font is clear and your eyes aren’t burning up at the color of your font, then you’re all set.

The next topic of discussion is something that most of us have come across, whether it was used in a joking way or a serious manner. In one simple, confusing, yet useful term, this problem overcoming many Neopian chatters is simply: ch4tsp34k. Yes, chatspeak. If you want to be taken seriously, then you should use the best grammar that you possibly can while posting on the message boards. Sure, maybe typing out that extra period at the end of your sentence may take up some more time. Or typing out “like” is harder than typing out “lyk.” But in the end, this small amount of time pays off, since your post now looks professional, and you’re just a bit closer to becoming a professional Neoboard user. When you use chatspeak, many people, regardless of your account age, may consider you to be immature, a “noob”, or just plain irritating. I’m not sure about you, but I know I sure wouldn’t want to be considered that. To sum this section up, try to avoid using numbers in place of letters, letters in place of words, and removing vowels from words to make them shorter.

Another topic I feel we should go over here is spam. Spam, similar to chatspeak, is another common but not quite AS common problem in the Neoboards. Now, there are different forum topics for a reason! You can’t just run into the Help Chat and start screaming, “GUYS BUY MY TRADES PLZ!!” If you do that, then you are completely ignoring my previous paragraph about chatspeak by writing the word “plz” and should go to time-out to think about what you’ve done. Secondly, selling your trades does not belong in any way, shape, or form on the Help Chat. When creating a topic, be sure to post this on the correct forum. Just because you may hang out at the Trading/Auctions Chat a lot does not give you the right to post about how you just sat on your chips as a topic. This topic would be completely OFF-topic. The moral in this paragraph? Think before posting. If you’re going to post a topic, be sure to check other forums and see if it may fit better under there. If not, then go on and post away!

Continuing with the topic of spam, do not barge in to somebody else’s topic and begin to post something random to them. Nobody appreciates when somebody hijacks their topic by yelling “HEY GUYZ WAZZUP YO” while they’re trying to sell their items. If you want to do something like that, you could at least take it to Neomail to keep the forum looking nice and neat! And again, with the chatspeak? We’ve gone over this so many times by now, I’d think you could at least leave out the Z’s. Spamming doesn’t only occur on others’ boards, though. Many of you probably know what “Bumping your board” is. This is a simple procedure in which you post something, usually a smilie, to bring your topic up on the forums so that it has a higher chance of being seen by others. Well, if you’re bumping, then don’t just go and post many random symbols. This, though done on your board, is still very annoying to anyone who may have been at one time urged to post on your board.

Our last topic of the evening on how to prevent being a Neoboard Noob is kindness. If you want to communicate with somebody else, you will find that it is much easier to accomplish if you just use simple respect for whoever it is that you are talking to. Nobody likes being yelled at, criticized or mocked. If you do this to somebody on a Neoboard, you are just starting a fight, which never helps any situation; it only worsens it for anybody involved. If you are on the Neoboards and you discover a topic that you don’t think is correct, for example somebody is charging a certain amount of Neopoints for an item that you think is too high, there’s really no need to storm over there and begin attacking them. If you want to get your message across, people will always understand you better if you use reasoning. Instead of saying “LOLZ UR PRICES R RIDONCULOUS” to the person, maybe you can just inform them that they may want to consider charging a bit less for their item. Because, I mean, again with the grammar? That phrase didn’t even make any sense, and I don’t believe that some of those words were real words. If you still have to use chatspeak like that, then I just don’t know what to tell you. Also, if the person is not offended by you, then they won’t be focused on creating some sly comeback and will actually listen to what you say. Plus, once again, this could start an argument, which could lead to both users becoming silenced. Contemplate this: Would you rather let out a little bit of your anger on somebody, or be able to use the Neoboards in the future?

To conclude this short and simple guide to using the Neoboards correctly, you need to remember just a few key concepts. Make sure your font is readable by others, because everybody wants to keep their vision as good as possible. Try and use proper grammar as much as possible so that you can actually be understood by anybody who reads your message. If you want to say something or create a forum, just try to think if it is on topic or if it will offend anyone. If it is on topic and won’t offend anybody, then go for it! With all this new knowledge, you are now a novice Neoboard professional!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and I hope that you enjoyed it!

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