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The Top Ten Spooky Pets

by alt1981black


So, are you considering painting a pet for Halloween, but aren't quite certain what sort of colour and species to choose? This guide is for you! First of all, a great spooky pet needn't be painted Halloween. That always seems to be the first thing on people's minds whenever they think about having a spooky pet. I'll give you a list of what I consider to be the best of the best for Neopia's spookiest pets. Maybe your lists are different, but this is mine. I hope you will enjoy this list of pets!

1: Halloween Wocky

This is a rather spooky pet, and the first on this list, which is in no particular order, by the way. Anyway, the Halloween Wocky has a slightly eerie grin, swamp-coloured fur, a strangely humped back, and tattered clothing, making him look very suspicious, indeed, and quite spooky, too. Definitely not a Wocky to be trusted, particularly if electric machinery is involved.

2: Mutant Pteri

Being a mutant pet fan, I find this guy perhaps one of the most interesting mutant pets that has ever been released, although there might be a couple more later on in this list of spooky pets. The strange segmented body is a very strange shade of blue, the wings are sparse, and what in Fyora's name are those red flaps over his eyes? Altogether, one strange creature! What a bizarre fellow! Need I say more?

3: Transparent Skeith

Now this one was another very obvious choice, and certainly one of the most clever choices that are out there. Behold, the underappreciated, ugly Skeith. Notice the fine, huge bones that create his frame. The thick, strong bones of arms and legs, the daintier bones of wings and ears, and the columns of bones in the tail and the spine. He has huge lungs, a big stomach, and even a heart! But what's this? This is actually the Skeith himself, not a diagram of a Skeith from a science book! Needless to say, this choice is not for the weak of stomach!

4: Darigan Hissi

I chose this guy cos he looks creepy, due to the tendrils on his upper lip, dark green tongue, and the horns over his eyes. Most of the Hissis look pretty scary, but the Darigan Hissi is definitely frightening in his own unique way. However, Layton Vickles seems to have found a way to be an exception. Even so, be careful around these fellows!

5: Mutant Kau

My first thought when I saw the Mutant Kau for the first time was, what is THIS? If you've never yet seen a Mutant Kau, unless you want to have nightmares every night, I'd recommend you never take a look at one! The only familiar features that prove she's even a Kau are her front hooves and her horns, but even that is giving too much credit! The extra eyes, long snake-like body, shaggy multi-coloured fur, and this is one Kau I wouldn't want to run into by accident!

6: Halloween Moehog

This is the obvious choice for a pet to avoid if you happen to love Grundos. The Halloween Moehog is dressed up as dear old Dr. Frank Sloth, complete with the signature black suit and cape and the same green-tinted skin with those familiar tufts of hair on his head. So Slothy! He sure don't seem very friendly, either, due to his facial expression! All Grundos beware this Dr. Sloth wannabe!

7: Halloween Lupe

I chose the Halloween Lupe, the Werelupe, cos he is a classical sort of spooky pet who will definitely keep the Chias at bay. Everything about the Werelupe says classic Halloween pet, from the shaggy brown fur to the ripped blue trousers. I certainly wouldn't want to pet a Werelupe, but I definitely admire them as a species. Just be certain that you know where your Chias are at all times whilst you're out trick-or-treating!

8: Mutant Koi

Koi are mostly a very unscary, friendly, and gentle sort of species, until you run into the Mutant Koi. This poor fellow looks like one of Dr. Sloth's cruellest experiments, but at the same time, this is perhaps one of the most interesting of the mutants. The Mutant Koi has a dehydrated sort of body, composed of dry bones, and three huge eyes, making him very creepy, indeed. Just what the doctor ordered. Now let's get this poor guy back into the pool!

9: Darigan Chia

Most people seem to think Chias are all cute and cheerful creatures, but the Darigan Chia is just plain out creepy! Everything about this guy strikes me as very un-Chialike. First you have a pebbly sort of skin that reminds me of a rotten blue-green avocado. Then there are the claws on the hands and feet, and the horns on his head. Add the small leathery wings and tiny red eyes and this is one very scary Chia! I don't think a Werelupe would bother with a Darigan Chia. Come to think of it, neither would I!

10: Mutant Ogrin

This is also one of the most amazing mutant pets that have ever been released of late, and perhaps my favourite as well. I couldn't think of a finer example than the Mutant Ogrin for my list of spooky pets. Everything about this guy strikes me as eerily perfect. The odd front feet with their suction-cup pads, the clawed back feet, the multiple eyes, the long tentacle-like horns on his head, the Venus flytrap on the end of his tail. The Mutant Ogrin is a creature of spooky beauty, truly the best of the best, I think! As an old saying goes, it was beauty that created the beast.

Well, these are my picks for the best scariest pets in Neopia. I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I think of as scary pets. Perhaps you own one of these pets. If so, be proud! If not, I recommend further research; it might be helpful to you if you are looking for a scary pet to call your own. That said, I hope you have a spookily fun and enjoyable Halloween!

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