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The Haunt Of Howl Hall, Part 20

The end. :)

by buizelmaniac
Defenders of a Feather 6/6

The conclusion of this escapade.

by charybdis7
The Off Season: Autograph

Despite their huge heads, Mutant Kacheeks aren't really that intelligent.

by desert_gp_dragon2oo5
All in a Day's Work

It's either astounding desperation or Halloween creativity, or both.

by _razcalz_
One Fish, Two Fish

For some, tricking is the treat.

by fish_puddle
Deep Sea Adventures - Halloween!

Why are we getting all these raisins?

Also by honnetete

by kougra__master

Blayne's Bane

Lupe Treat costumes were all the rave on Halloween, you see.

by dragonstorm_75
Oh to be Scary! Part 5

Time is running out - will Snugglepluffs achieve his goal and become scary? Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween! :)

Story by starluff

by yampuff

Trick or Treat Troubles

*excited growl*

Also by zodiaxia

by mellen48

Heartless - Part Two

What a coincidence, eh?

by __bhu__
A Spooky Halloween, Part 4

Pumpkin pity

by ghostkomorichu
The World of Neopia


by seahorsepond
The Paint Won't Fade 'til Spring, Anyway…

Guest appearance by Mystrela!

by bittersweet52
That's the way the Cookie Crumbles: Halloween Issue

Some fans are really dedicated.

by pikemaster1
Ednas Quest

Do your 10 Edna quests today!

by purplebee2000
Comic of Misfortune- Old Friends

If I had legs, I would totally leave!

by mutantte
The Floating Islanders- Halloween pt 2

Tot finds a loophole in the phrase "trick-or-treat".

by yankeesrule244444456
POTTY -Halloween Edition-

Erm... Nice costume?

Also by dogsndragons

by highwind20

How to save a spot on the party guest list part 4/4

Happy Halloween!

by agentwerehog
Team Mayhem

Trick or Treat, well... Maybe just some tricks.

by dark_moon_blossom
In the Name of Science

Look on the bright side! At least you won't need a costume next year!

by lombre
Furs Place - Mummy Tree

What's our next target?

by pichu_pikachu_raichu
Halloween Costumes

Because if I were Hubrid Nox, I would totally hunt down my doubles.

by thunderlight314
Costume Confusion

What's taking you so long?

Idea by ravemuch

by chikolina

Twas the Night before Hallow's...

...And scary things were loose, and everything was bought, except that excuse...

by saro_the_legendaerie
Monsters In The Dark

Lucky's such a jerk D:

by strawberry_honey
The Halloween Issue


by littlebluewalrus
Neopian Neophyte - Costly Costumes

Expensive doesn't always mean better.

by leedom111
Eat Me - Halloween

We better get some candy...

by imuki
The Semblance of Normality: Cute Costume...?

Flowers are totally hip, man.

by smallwillow
Welcome To My Life

Why does JB like Halloween so much, Sailo?

by jambammer
Random Oddness: Halloween

Give us some candy first!

by mistyqee
Thanks a lot, Edna

What? You don't like eyeballs?

by experiment622


Also by chibino

by _pokemon12_63

Halloween Blues

Unlike other spooky petpets, Candy Vampires really don't appreciate Halloween!

by kitteh_love_forever
A Paraphernalic Halloween

Think they'll get those Wockies?

by hidden_sapphire
Wrong Kind of 'Scary'

Don't you think you're taking Halloween a little too seriously?

by fleurdust
Just Cake #4 Halloween Special

All the better to hear you with...

by flameshard
Happy Un-Halloween!

True Von Roo!

Also by vampirebunny18

by sarcasticdeath

Cave Painting

Paint brushes are bad.

by snackbox
Fruity Halloween

Happy Halloween, Apple!

by reckless4romance
Celebrating Solo

On the night vampires and Halloween pets come out to play.

Art by lilyed

by winters_footsteps


We're not too old to go Trick or Treating!

by bluecloud300
Spots, Dots and Carrots

How to handle the tough ones.

by lovisa966
Or Something Like It: Committed to Carving

No matter what.

Written by sarika_ambrielle

by kittie_orion

Have You Ever Wondered...?


by endoparasite
How To Have a Low-Cost Halloween

Don't you usually decorate?

by krychek2001
Babysitting Problems: Halloween Special

Happy Halloween, everybody!

by pepper_kitten44

Make sure you always check your treats before you eat them!

by umbreon133
In The Pumpkin Patch


by _owlsong_
Neopups Comics Halloween

If you see a person who smiles wide a lot, it's really scary.

by coshi_dragonite
No Sugar

It was the night of All Hallows Eve...

by pawz11
Tricks and Treats

Halloween brings joy to many for lots of different reasons...

by akwardartist

A very freaky Halloween!

Also by kr_ena1337

by invalid_character

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"Shadows" by tj_wagner
You think I'm mad. You don't say it outright, but I see the truth flickering in your eyes like a candle. Behind your nervous smile, you roll around the bitter word on the tongue and wince at the taste. Still, you refuse to say you think I'm crazy. Sweet Fyora! I wish that I was. If only this was some sort of delusion manufactured in my own mind, because then I would be safe. Unfortunately, I fear I am entirely sane. This is why I've chosen to write these words. If something happens to me, at least...

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