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Decision by the Sea

by aldavis822


The wind was blowing over the rock cliffs overlooking the sea and the waves were crashing on the rocks below. The sea was raging, blasting the rocks with such force the spray could be felt for miles. It was as if the sea was as conflicted as Aubrey’s mind. She was conflicted about what she should do about her parents.

     They always told Aubrey that she could be anything she wanted to be when she grew up, but ever since she told them she wanted to become an artist, they had been reluctant to support her.

     “Have you ever heard the term ‘starving artist’? Well, there is a reason it is so popular; they are all bums,” her mother told her.

     Aubrey believed in her talent and believed she could make a life for herself doing something that she loved. However, every time she felt that she was making the right choice, her mother's words would replay in her mind and she would start to doubt herself.

     So now here she was standing on the rock cliffs overlooking the sea thinking about what she should do with her life. Should she pursue her dream or choose a career that would make her parents happy? She was so confused. She looked out over the sea and tasted her tears mingling with the sea spray on her lips.

     All of a sudden, Aubrey felt a subtle wind start at her toes and move its way up her body until finally it reached her head. When she felt the wind move past her ear, she could swear she heard a something in it. She held her breath, straining to hear what was in the wind. After a few seconds she released her breath and looked around, expecting someone to be talking to her, but she saw no one.

     From under the waves, Whysperinthewind watched the girl standing on the cliffs and crying. Whysper’s heart ached for the girl and she did something she swore she would never do again; she sent the wind to guide her.

     Growing up royal always meant that she was special, but when Whysper was young, she discovered she was a unique Peophin. She found out that she could feel what was in another creature’s heart. When she was young, she used to help her friends by telling them what they needed to hear to get them to follow their heart.

     However, when she was older, she tried to help a friend by telling him that he should go against his parents’ wishes and become a guard for their city. She felt in his heart that this is what he wanted to do with his life. Shortly after becoming a guard, he was hurt, and she swore she would never use her gift to influence someone’s decision ever again.

     Aubrey again felt the touch of the subtle wind and waited to hear the sound again. This time when the wind passed by her ear, she could make out what it was; it was an invitation.

     “Come to the water's edge,” said the wind. Aubrey was reluctant to go, not knowing what to expect, but she found herself heading down to the water. When she reached it she found the most beautiful Royal Peophin she had ever seen.

     “Are you the one who was talking to me?” she asked.

     “I am,” said Whysper. “I wanted to talk to you in person. My name is Whysperinthewind, but you can call me Whysper.”

     “My name is Aubrey. What did you want to talk to me about?”

     “Your future,” said Whysper. “You need to follow your heart and become an artist.”

     “How did you know I wanted to be an artist?” asked Aubrey.

     “I have a gift. I can see what is in someone’s heart. I see an artist in your heart and I don’t believe you will be happy in your life unless you pursue your dream.”

     “But my parents believe that all artists are bums and I will never make anything out of myself if I continue to create my art. I really love my art, but I love my parents too and I don’t want to disappoint them,” confessed Aubrey with a tear in her eye.

     Whysper smiled and said, “Do you really think your parents would not love you if you were to become an artist? No. They would continue to love you and eventually they would learn to accept your decision.”

     Shaking her head, Aubrey said, “But what if I fail? What if I never make it as an artist?”

     “But if you never try, you will always wonder if you could have become the most famous artist ever. If you fail, you can always start fresh with a new career while still creating art in your spare time. As I said, I can see into your heart and I know for sure that if you do not try, you will always regret it.”

     Aubrey smiled and said, “You are right! I have to try. My parents won’t like it, but they will have to learn to live with my decision. It is my life, after all.”

     “I am really glad you decided to talk to me today, Whysper. I am especially glad for your gift.”

     Whysper looked down and said, “Sometimes it is helpful, but not always. I haven’t used it in a while.”

     “Why not?” asked Aubrey.

     “A long time ago, I gave some advice to a friend and he was hurt, so I have been reluctant to use it.”

     Aubrey smiled and said, “Well, I am glad you used it today.”

     Whysper smiled and said, “Me too.”

     From that day forward, Whysper and Aubrey would meet every day and talk. Aubrey would give Whysper updates on her art and her parents and Whysper would talk about creatures she had helped in her life. They became such good friends that they were practically inseparable and people found it difficult to talk about one without mentioning the other.

     One day, Aubrey ran down to the water to tell Whysper all about her latest news. She reached the water and waited as she always did.

     Whysper knew Aubrey’s heart and knew when she was near. Today, Whysper went to meet Aubrey with great speed because she could feel the extra excitement in Aubrey today.

     Whysper broke the surface of the water and shouted, “What happened?”

     Aubrey hugged Whysper and said, “I have the greatest news! I have been hired to create pages for an exclusive art magazine.”

     “That is wonderful!” exclaimed Whysper.

     “And the best part is that I will be able to make this my career and my parents are thrilled. I have managed to get a job I love and make my parents happy. And I owe it all to you for encouraging me to follow my dream.”

     Whysper smiled and shook her head and said, “I only told you what was in your heart. You had to make the decision to follow your heart. You owe all of your success to yourself. It is your talent and determination that has made all your dreams come true.”

     “I am so glad that we became friends,” said Aubrey.

     “And I am so glad that we became best friends,” said Whysper.

The End

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