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Meepits vs Feepits... Vs Dr. Sloth: Part Five

by orlando_bloom_bigfan


Also by shirahli

“’Ere!” yelled Ralph, his voice so high pitched with anger and fright that the frequency was almost beyond the feepits’ hearing. “I demand you release me at once! You has no right to keep me here; I am the personal agent of Dr. Sloth ‘imself!”

     “That is exactly why we are keeping you here,” said Leader George coldly. Leader Helga sat nearby, choking with laughter. Ralph had been stripped of his gadgets to prove that he was in fact wearing a black shirt and trousers underneath. He was currently tied firmly to a chair with almost no chance of escaping. “You will be released unharmed,” continued Leader George, “as soon as Dr. Sloth gives us that stupid meepit leader King Sloth, and his domination plans.”

     Ralph sighed. “Me master Dr. Sloth wouldn’t give up his plans that easily – you will have to try harder than that!”

     “We have also threatened to blow up his favourite canteen in the Space Station; the one that sells those hotdogs he likes,” added Leader Helga, smirking.

     “Well, in that case, you might stand a chance. Might. But if you tried threatening to blow up his secret garden of geraniums you would stand an even better – oh shoot! I should not have said that. Nobody even knows me master has a secret garden of geraniums - nobody besides me and Donna anyway. I really should not have said that! Master Lord Dr. Sloth will not be pleased with me now – not at all! You didn’t hear it from me, okay? OKAY?!”

     Unfortunately, Leader George and Leader Helga had stopped listening – they were too busy writing another threatening letter to Dr. Sloth. They had been fuming with rage ever since reading Dr. Sloth’s reply to their first letter but now, with Ralph’s extra piece of information, they might stand a chance in getting what they wanted.

     ‘Oh noes,’ thought Ralph. ‘That garden means the world to me master. I MUST escape somehow and warn him!’


     “Hey guys! We have a reply from the letter we sent to Dr. Sloth!” said Alex excitedly, waving an envelope in the air. “Gather round and I will read it to you!”

     Charles, Roger, Daisy and Lily sat down next to Alex excitedly. They were in the attic of an old mansion deep in the middle of the Haunted Woods. The mansion, of course, was considered haunted by the general public and so made a perfect new headquarters for the High Council.

     “Go on then,” said Roger impatiently. “Read it out!”

     Alex cleared his throat and pushed his glasses up his nose, so that they magnified his eyes to three times their normal size.


     Nothing, absolutely nothing will convince me to give up my domination plans to midgets like you! I repeat what I said in the last letter; GET STUFFED!!! Make sure there is a minimum of three exclamation marks after that, Donna. If you continue to annoy me, I will send my army after you, and I can tell you now we have very advanced technology and you will not like it! You really won’t!

     Yours sincerely, Dr. Sloth – Neopia’s very soon to be leader.”

     Alex finished reading the letter and looked up. “Well, that’s settled. We will have to send a more threatening letter.”

     “You know, I am starting to think just threatening Dr. Sloth won’t get us very far. Nothing is more important than his domination plans. Why don’t we just go to the Space Station and steal the plans?” asked Charles.

     “Well, you are head thief; you do it,” said Daisy, not at all liking the idea of going to the Space Station, right into Dr. Sloth’s headquarters, to steal his plans.

     Charles rolled his eyes. “Very well, I will. Roger, as head spy you should probably come with me. You will need to spy on him to tell me where exactly his plans are hidden.”

     “Who are you to give me my orders?” demanded Roger. “But yes, I will come. You will need my superior spying skills to have any chance of stealing Dr. Sloth’s plans.”

     “Why don’t you take Lieutenant Matthew with you?” asked Lily, looking thoughtful. “He trained as both a spy and a thief before you both got sick of him and put him in charge of the new recruits. He would make a decent messenger and assistant for you both...”

     “Good idea! Right, that is settled. We leave for the Space Station tonight!”


     “How dare they? How dare they? HOW DARE THEY?!?!?!” Dr. Sloth’s yells could be heard throughout almost half of the Space Station, despite the fact that he was not using the loud speaker. Donna was backed against a wall, cowering, with her hands over her ears while Dr. Sloth jumped around the room in rage. “That is going too far!” he roared, tearing up a letter in his hands, throwing the pieces on the ground and then proceeding to jump on them. Being as heavy as he is, Dr. Sloth jumping on pieces of paper in rage caused most pieces of furniture in the room to wobble, and some of the lighter ones fell over. A lamp smashed next to Donna, causing her to scream and run to the other side of the room. Dr. Sloth ignored her, still busy jumping up and down with rage.

     Eventually, when most of the furniture was lying broken on the floor, he grew tired. He sat down on his bed which was one of the only undamaged items in the room. “What do I do?” he moaned, appearing to be on the brink of tears. Donna stared at him in surprise.

     “What’s wrong?” she asked softly, starting to move slowly around the room picking things up and tossing the broken things to one side.

     “What’s wrong? WHAT’S WRONG?” demanded Dr. Sloth, and would have got up if he did not feel so weak. The jumping had been more exercise then he normally had in a month. “The feepits have threatened to blow up my geranium garden if I don’t give them that idiot meepit Sloth and MY Neopian Domination plans!”

     “But how did they find out about it?” asked Donna, struggling to lift up a heavy bookshelf by herself. “I mean, nobody besides me, you and Ralph knew you had one! And some of the other workers in the Space Station I suppose...”

     Suddenly the thought struck Dr. Sloth, like most thoughts generally do. “Ralph!” he exclaimed. “He is being held captive by the feepits! He must have told them!” Dr. Sloth was about to get up and stomp around angrily again, but at the last second he flopped back on the bed and sighed. “No, it can’t have been him. He doesn’t have the intelligence or the guts to be a coward and betray me.”


     “Are you ready now?” asked Daisy impatiently.

     Roger, Charles and Lieutenant Matthew were preparing many last minute things for their journey to the Space Station. Alex had produced a vast amount of useful gadgets for them and they were currently checking and testing the gadgets one by one. In the end, Charles chose only a few simple things he thought he might need to help him break into Dr. Sloth’s quarters and steal his plans. Roger was in a full disguise and had chosen only the fanciest looking gadgets to take, whether they would be useful or not. Lieutenant Matthew was loaded with any leftover gadgets that might come in handy but neither Charles nor Roger wanted to carry.

     “Wow, you guys take longer than Daisy to get ready!” exclaimed Lily when they were at last finished. Daisy pulled a face.

     “Well, we have to make sure everything is perfect so that nothing can possibly go wrong when we get there,” said Roger importantly.

     “With my skill nothing could go wrong anyway,” said Charles, rolling his eyes at Roger. “Now come on, let’s go. We are wasting time!”

     Charles, Roger and Lieutenant Matthew each pulled a little one way teleport device out of their pocket. They looked at each other nervously and then at the same time, pressed the only button on the teleportation devices. As one, they vanished into thin air.

     “You know...” said Daisy thoughtfully when they were sure Charles, Roger and Lieutenant Matthew were gone. “I don’t really trust them to get Dr. Sloth’s Domination Plans without getting caught. Charles is a skilled thief, but not that skilled.”

     “And Roger and Lieutenant Matthew are just plain idiots,” added Lily.

     Alex sighed. “If only we had Lord King Sloth with us now...”

     Daisy and Lily looked at him in surprise. “Why?” they both asked.

     “Well, despite the fact that he is the biggest idiot out of all of us, he still somehow had a way of getting lucky and pulling things through. Besides, we need a proper leader to save all this arguing...”

     “Hmm, you do seem to have a point. Well, perhaps the best thing to do is follow Charles and Alex to the Space Station, and then rescue King Sloth?” suggested Lily.

     “I suppose so,” said Daisy. “Although I had wanted to avoid going to the Space Station if I could help it... oh well.”

     After some searching, Alex managed to produce another three teleportation devices. He handed them out. “Are we ready? Then let’s go!” They all pushed the big red button on their teleportation device and vanished.

To be continued...

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