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Hi! I wanted to use my Rusty Asylum Cell Door for my Neohome, since it has the house and star symbol on it, but when I tried to put it in my Storage Shed that option wasn't available. Is this a glitch, or is it not for Neohome use? Thank you so much. ~dark_faerie_1313
We took a look into the matter to see why it was not set to be used in the new Neohomes, and it seems the artist got confused over the whole blood vs. rust issue that plagued the boards during the plot, hahaha! We're, um... doing some renovation to make it a bit more rusty and a little less gruesome.

Okay, so I'm a huge Kougra fan. *waves around Kougra merchandise* I doubt you have the time, but could you please, PLEASE, PLEASEEEEEEEEE make a Kougra Neoboard icon? Please, please, please! Every time I go *kougra* there's no cute Kougra kitty face. :( You made one for Techos and they're ugly! Why are you neglecting the Kougras?!? P.S.: *kougra*~rythiel
While we don't think Techos are likely to agree with your sentiment, you are quite right that we do need some more Neoboard icons. That's something we often forget while scheduling new content. We'll see if we can schedule some new ones in the upcoming months.

Um, TNT? I created a Cybunny and his Petpage is an EYRIE'S!!! I AM CONFUSED!!! ~anhong_12
Haha, that's a weird glitch that seems to happen when players create anew a Neopet that was lost to the ages by an account purge. If you update the page it should turn into a Cybunny page. :)

Hello, TNT! Anyway... *noms on cookie* I restocked my shop the other day and had to leave suddenly. When I got back, I forgot to check my shop to see if anyone had bought anything. So then, I went to the Soup Faerie to check my NP total... and I had more than I thought I had! It was then that I remembered about my shop. My question is: would you ever consider making some sort of alert that comes up in the sidebar if someone has made a purchase from your shop? Thanks! xx ~nicole_131295
This does get requested from time to time, so we have been thinking about offering alerts to keep players more updated about such things. We would want to make it an optional thing though.

'Ello, TNT! *bows and kisses the floor three times for luck* See, I'm in a sticky dilemma. I want to join another Guild, but the current Guild I'm in (which has been going on for years) has my post count of 20,000. That's the main reason I don't want to leave. Is there a way that you could maybe have recorded guild posts if you decide to join back? Let's say that I leave, come back, and still have my 20k. Perhaps it could be a loyal perk? *wink* Oh... *cough* not limited to those with more than seven years, if so... *cough* gah, that throat of mine! ;) ~username removed
There's a bit of irony in wanting a loyalty perk for leaving a Guild you've been a longtime member of, but we won't tease you. ;D While it would be unfortunate to lose a post count you are obviously proud of, it's a decision you'll have to make. Another solution would be to join this Guild on a side account to see if it's worth leaving your old Guild for. We'll just go ahead and remove your username so your guildmates don't get their feelings hurt. D:

Just how is Talinia able to pierce a cloud of fleas for any damage whatsoever? She's awesome, but I didn't think she was that epic. O.O ~niddyz
How do fleas make a cloud anyway? Do they all jump at the same time? o_O As far as Talinia goes, she covers her arrow's feathers with bug spray, ignites it, and sends it streaming into the jumping fleas. Well, we imagine it that way, at least.

Erm, don't try this at home.

Alright, this has been a debatable topic for quite some time now. First and foremost, I shall hand you the traditional plate of cookies. *hands plate of cookies* Now, on to the question: are you allowed to COVER UP stats on your User Lookup? I know it is not allowed to CHANGE the stats (such as the amount of trophies, Neopet levels, etc.), but are you allowed to simply not have them on your lookup at all? An example would be my User Lookup (where I was given a hard time because only my user stats were showing), along with countless other users' lookups, where they have done the same thing. Thanks so much for answering, and you rawk! 8D ~pwned_by_da_lab
All stats must be visible. This includes trophies, Neopets, shop / gallery, etc. We delete these types of User Lookups when we find them, but unfortunately there are a lot out there, which just leads to confusion like yours as to whether it's okay or not.

Hi, TNT! I have written on my User Lookup that I share my account with my sister. Someone sent me a Neomail telling me this was against the rules and that I would get my account frozen! D: Is this true?! My sister almost never comes on Neopets, so it's always me. The only thing she ever does is feed the Neopets when I'm really busy. We both know better than to give out the password, but I never had any idea that sharing the account was against the rules! *gives cookies as peace offering* Please, PLEASE don't freeze my account! ~username removed
Hehe, it's okay... calm down. The Editorial is here to help answer questions, not punish. The person who Neomailed you was correct; you are not allowed to share accounts. This rule is in place to help keep your account secure. We've seen far too many instances of friends and upset siblings stealing from (and doing awful things to) accounts they've shared with someone else. We're not saying your sister would do this, but it's a blanket rule to prevent bad things from happening. You can fix things by removing that notice on your User Lookup (so other people don't think it's okay) and selecting a new password for the site that your sister doesn't know.

Whassup, TNT? *tosses invisible nail clippers* While wandering around a certain hidden tower in Faerieland, I noticed that the prices had changed! Did you just feel like it was time to spice things up, or was it because of some financial reason? ~katrab285
*catches invisible nail clippers* o_O Eh... wha? Er, thanks... we guess. Anyway, considering the age of your account, you probably just meandered in there during discount day for Loyal Users. As someone else comments upon a few questions below, the Hidden Tower has a 3% discount one day a month for accounts over a certain age.

Hello, dear Neopian team. *hands out homemade candy* Today I read about "charity laboratory mapping," something I had never heard of before. It means using a Secret Laboratory Map to zap Neopets you get from the Pound until they change to a beautiful colour, then giving these Neopets out to people who can't afford to paint a Neopet. This sounded like a lot of fun and I would love to do it, but before spending $$$ NP I would like to know... is this kind of charity allowed? Also, would it be allowed on side accounts? ~mallrat_drusilladark
Yes, this is allowed, and on side accounts as well. Standard rules about Neopet adoption apply, and please remember that you may NOT charge someone in any way for adopting a Neopet. This means no requesting adoption fees or "caretaking" fees. Aside from all that, have fun, and take good care of those Neopets. ^_^

Hello, TNT! I was curious to know the location of TNT Headquarters! Do you guys have an underground lair, or do you float on some mountains like Shenkuu? I've always wondered this, and I'm sure others have too! ^_^ ~pixieboos
While we wish we had a floating office in Shenkuu, our lair is actually located in the heart of a Californian city where we are surrounded by countless fancy cars of a certain make that do not like to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. D: Locals will know exactly what we mean. ;D

It's lunchtime! Time to play "dodge the fancy cars." T_T

Can we pull the Lever of Doom on our side accounts? What if we have nothing better to do with our Neopoints that, of course, come from our main? ~ruonfire
Well, we can't think of any good reason why you shouldn't be able to. If you're masochistic enough to desire clicking relentlessly on a mechanical hand that steals Neopoints from you, we're not going to complain!

Heya, TNT! *tosses cookies, Mystery Capsules, chocolate, and Lupe items* Listen, the 3% discount that members 60 months+ can get at the Hidden Tower... well, as appreciated as it is, it's not a very big discount at all. There wouldn't be any chance you could have a chat with Fyora and ask her if she could make it, maybe, 40-50%? Pretty, pretty, pretty please? Thankies! :D ~krilon____
HAHAHAHHAHAHAH. No. It's set at 3% so people who have been eying an item can enjoy a nice discount (which gets nicer the more expensive the item is), but not so huge a discount that it's really not all that profitable to "Tower" an item simply to resell.

Hi, TNT. I have no cookies to give you, but I'll pretend I do *gives you cookie.* Anyway, I was shopping at Tarla's Shop of Mystery and received a Rainbow Gun, which is supposed to be retired. Is Tarla's Shop an exception to the retired item rule, or is this just a mistake? I was also wondering if there is a certain item list that Tarla's shop goes by, because the types of items I've been getting seem rather limited. Is it truly just random? ~nocturnal_ned
Tarla's shop is a bit different from other shops. We guess she just had a lot of Rainbow Gun stock on hand from before they were retired. Truth be told, she doesn't have all that much variety to her items, though if you're lucky you can find some of considerable worth in those mystery bags!

"13 people guessed the correct answer and 1662 people copied it, earning them 1195 NP each!" How do you guys know that it was 13 people who knew originally, and what does mr.coconut have to say on this matter? ~sogochilli
We were just being silly. We have no clue how many people copied each other. We just chose a number arbitrarily for laughs. What do you have to say about this, mr.coconut?


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