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Lucky Saint Patricks Day Shopping

by ajean10


Oh, great. You’ve forgotten the big day again, haven’t you? Wait – what big day, you ask? What do you mean ‘what big day’?! Why it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, of COURSE, one of the most overlooked holidays on the face of Neopia! In fact, even the Neopets Team didn’t include it in their National Neopian Calendar that can be viewed from Pet Central. Now the only person who ever notices the greenest holiday ever is the person who expects to receive a gift. This guide will help you find that gift. Hopefully, the perfect gift. I assume you’re only reading this guide because you forgot all about today, right? Well, *sigh* I guess I could let you look at my shopping list, out of the goodness of my heart. But only a peek, got it? Queelas, the things I do for you people...

1. Green Fuzzle

Yes, it’s a green Fuzzle, that’s right. Why green, you may ask, why not any other of those charming colors? It’s a theme, people, come on! Green, clovers, leprechauns, Chias, you know... it just goes with the holiday, all right? Just don’t get this confused with an Evil Fuzzle, because while a regular Fuzzle may charm someone, an Evil Fuzzle certainly will not. It may even may bite their head off. So, no Evil Fuzzles, got that?

2. Lime Snow Puff

Another green thing to add to the collection – and this one’s edible! I always thought Snow Puffs were mysterious and pretty. Imagine the person or pet’s surprise when you swiftly pull one of these from behind your back. Believe me – if you’re looking for an edible St. Patrick’s Day treat, DO NOT GO WITH THE CUP OF SLIME. IT DOESN’T GO WELL! AT ALL!!

3. Angel Chia Plushie

Okay, it may not be green, but it IS awfully cute, right? It’s sure to charm; it isn’t like regular plushies. Considering you can’t even paint a Chia angel, that’s pretty special, is it not? It is limited edition, so you may have to hunt for a while to find one, IF you find one. Good luck. Happy Hunting!

4. Four Leaf Clovers – Fact or Fiction?

As I’m sure King Hagan would say: “Nothing is more priceless than the gift of wisdom,” so why not give just that to a loved one this March? This book is especially suited to the season, and it looks really interesting. So shop around at the Book Store and in the market place for this one, for sure!

5. Green!

Yes, I know, ‘it’s another book. Who wants more than one book on a holiday?’ Well I do, so there! It must be very informative; my own pet loved it and proclaimed it a ‘classic’. Well, she did that with her Cybunny Coloring Book too, but that doesn’t change anything, does it? Nevertheless, it’s... should I even say it... green.

6. The Luckiest Babaa

Wow! I’d give a Neopie to this book if I could! It goes completely with my theme here, in case you aren’t seeing it: Irish-style, practical, and GREEN! And do know what the best part is? It’s usually found at the Money Tree, so it’s free! But of course the person getting it doesn’t need to know that, so shhh!

7. White Lulu

The white Lulu is a pretty cheap flower (about 300 if you haggle) and makes a pretty gift. St. Patrick’s Day isn’t ALL about clovers, just so you know. Just most people overlook that fact. The only clover released in Neopia so far is the Five-Leaved clover, and it isn’t so attractive. And besides, this pretty Lulu makes such a great gift that the receiver won’t even know how little you spent on her. Oops.

8. Skipping Harris Painting

You can tell what a great gift it makes just by its description – This cheerful painting will brighten up even the plainest of walls. Everyone loves it, no lie. And you can even find a good spot for it in your Neohome. Stop by and get one today!

9. Meridell Gardens Stamp

What’s any holiday without an addition to your stamp collection? Whoever you give this charming stamp to will no doubt be proud to display it in their album. Also, it reminds the person/pet that warmer times are coming at last. Hurrah!

10. Woodland Elf Usuki

Spice up any St. Patrick’s Day with a Woodland Elf Usuki. They’re the closest you’ll ever get to a leprechaun, and I assure you this one will last way into the year. It’s not completely seasonal, and it's leprechaun-ish. Talk about perfect! It may not seem perfect to you, but it’s my shopping list after all!

11. Green Eye Shadow

This is just the thing for any of your rather girly pets. It comes in four different shades, too! So let’s list the pros to this gift: 1. It’s cheap. 2. It’s green. 3. It totally fits my theme.

That should be enough for any buyer! And this is just a consumer tip: After the receiver puts on the makeup, please do not tell her she looks like a leprechaun. It won’t be taken as well as you may think.

12. Lime Jelly

C'mon! It's... Green! If you haven't figured out that this whole thing is themed, just give up now. However, back to the gift. This one is cheap, GREEN, and tasty! Wow, that sure fits all my requirements! And It's the perfect gift for a food-lover like me. Yes, that's why not many foods made it onto my shopping list, because I eat them all! Yum!

And that’s my shopping list *snatches away*. I hope it helped you to get out of the hot water you’re in. And hopefully you’ll remember St. Patrick’s Day next year, because this won’t be in the Neopian Times. You aren’t allowed to publish the same thing twice, you know. And way, may luck help you find that gold pot of Neopoints – it’ll help you with your shopping. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Neopia!

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