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A Meal Fit For A King

by neogirl858


“To the gates of the Castle!” bellowed the voice of the daring and cunning leader of the strongest group to ever run on four hooves, the Red Knights of Meridell.

     The group is composed of six royal boy Unis, who named the group after their long red capes given to them by the great King Skarl of Meridell. Congregating together after they fought for many tiring years in the notorious battles of the magnificent Meridell vs. the dreadful Darigan war, their pride and dedication to their founding Neopian land has only grown stronger over time.

      “Hurry, everyone! To King Skarl! He needs our help!” yelled the leader, named Merid, after his hometown of course. They galloped wildly up the grass, freshly cut by the gracious farmers of Meri Acres, to the courtyard surrounded by Draik guards in front of the Castle. The pungent smell of Sludge Pie and Gruel filled the air as they approached.

     “Greetings to you, guards! I am Merid, the leader of the Red Knights. Five of my best knights and I have been called upon by the great King Skarl to help him with a task. May we go through?”

     The Draiks appeared wide eyed, and exhausted. They were barely able to open the gates to the Castle... What could possibly be the problem? It must be more serious than we had anticipated! Could Darigan have re-declared war on Meridell? It can’t be true.


     “Where are the knights!? I need someone here NOW!” exclaimed the lax King Skarl from his chamber. He could be heard all the way to the very top of Terror Mountain! I could have sworn to see the huge snow worm, the greedy Snowager waking up a few hours early in anger of the Kings fit.

     All five Red Knights and Merid galloped in haste, narrowly avoiding slipping and falling down from the newly polished stone floors. Turning the corner, the red and gold velvet carpet of Skarl's chamber became visible. Finally for what seemed to be forever, they approached the King sitting nobly upon his throne.

     “Ah, you have arrived! I’ve grown tired of waiting!” he proclaimed to the Knights, scolding them for being late.

     “Great King Skarl, we apologize for arriving in a time unsuitable of your liking. What may we do for you on this fine day? Please don’t say Darigan has declared war upon us! We will not...”

     “QUIET!” Skarl interrupted Merid swiftly. “I do not have time for your nonsense. There is work to be done! Now please listen, Knights... I need your help. I’ve run out of something very important to the survival of this Castle! We have depleted our supply of Aubergine Surprise! Oh, such a tragedy! Whatever shall we do?” The king held his big scaly head in his little bony blue hands sobbing hysterically.

     “You have to be kidding me!” grunted Merid in frustration. “You brought us here all the way from the grassy plains of Illusen's Glade to deliver you more food? I’m sick of your silly requests! I’m finished.” Merid jerked around, turning tail to the king, and walked to the entryway of the chamber. “We are the Red Knights! We have fought years for Meridell, and this is how you repay us? I will no longer do such work for you; I have more important things to do than scrounge for food. Let’s leave.”

     Skarl stared, dumfounded, as his great Knights walked out of the chamber. He covered his face in embarrassment of what he had just asked of his trusty friends. “Maybe I have been too harsh?” he said quietly to himself.

     As he became lost in the thoughts in his head, and the grumbling noises of his stomach, he heard a voice. “Do not worry, King Skarl, for I will find you your Aubergine Surprise, and deliver it to you by sundown. Do not be upset or worried; it will be done.”

     “What is this?” the King uttered to himself as he tilted his head and peered out from behind his hands. “Why, a Knight...? A Knight is still here?” He removed his head from hands to take a better look. “Great Red Knight! I’m sorry for my behavior. I sometimes let my famished stomach cloud my mind, and get the best of me! Please forgive me! What may be your name?” he asked the knight, hoping that he would respond... not knowing if he was playing a trick to further insult him.

     “Do not worry, great King Skarl, it is my duty. I am a Knight for the noble Neopian land of Meridell, and I will do what I need to do, no matter how silly it may be. If the King needs a new crown, you better believe I will be there helping to make it! My name is Rohanu and I am a very proud knight.”

     The King was thoroughly relieved. He was happy to see that amidst his terrible treatment of his dear friends, one still stood by him in his time of need. In his heart he was truly grateful for the support of his new, yet dear friend Rohanu. Maybe now he could finally get the food he has been wanting... so he took a moment to think to himself.

     “Red Knight, Rohanu, please hear my plea. Everything in the Castle is neat and tidy, no work needs to be done, no plans need to be made, but one thing is missing. That there is no meal fit for a king! This is where I need your help. Over the bridge of the crystal clear blue river, around the Kiss the Mortog stand, and past the Symol Hole lies a food Shoppe, known to the locals as Merifoods. If you wait there long enough, a new shipment of Aubergine Surprise should arrive. Please gather that shipment and bring it back here in due time.”

     Rohanu nodded in acceptance of the task and walked out of the chamber entranceway. He did just as the King told him, made it to Merifoods, waited eight minutes or so, and gathered his supply of freshly grilled Aubergine Surprise. He hoisted the basket full of food onto his back and made his way to the Castle, following the same long route he took before.

     By now the sun had begun to set and he grew tired. His years fighting endlessly in the war unfortunately were not being kind to him. The smell of the freshly grilled aubergines battered his senses more viciously than a hoard of rabid Drackonacks! But thankfully, he entered the Castle unknowing that he had already passed the Draik guards standing in the entrance.

     He entered the chamber of King Skarl, exhausted from his long walk. He dropped the basket of aubergines in front of the chef, and began to turn and head for the door. “Stop! Rohanu! Please come back!” cried the King. “I have one more favor to ask of you!”

     Despite his lack of energy, Rohanu re-entered the chamber. “To the Great Red Knight of Meridell, on behalf of everyone in the Castle, we propose a toast! A feast fit for a King... Thank you, Rohanu!”

     Everyone who had gathered around Skarl's round dinner table cheered for the Knight. He showed bravery, dedication, and commitment to his great Neopian land and was now being rewarded as if he were a King himself. He took a seat at the round table and ate until he was replenished with energy and feeling better again.

     “Stick by your friends! If you make a mistake, right your wrongs. In the end your friends will appreciate it and stick by you until the end. There is nothing greater to have in Neopia than a neofriend who will be there with you every step of the way. And Rohanu, you have set a great example! The other members of the Red Knights have gathered here today for a feast... and most of all an apology from me for my silly behavior. I guarantee that I will treat my new friends with only the highest of respect! To Meridell!” said the King with the utmost sincerity.

     The King sat down at his table, with the Red Knights gathered around on all sides. Now they could all enjoy a meal truly fit for a king, and friendships to last for a lifetime. But I still don’t think the Snowager will be too happy about all the noise...

The End

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