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Ten Helpful Hints and Tips For the Elusive Petpetsitter

by xxmallory_xx


Oh, the elusive Petpetsitter avatar. Not many users on Neopets actually have this avatar, and those who do are considered to be a good Neopian gamer.

Anyone who is trying for this avatar knows the basics. They know the types of petpets in the game; they know how each petpet looks like and what sounds they make when they are sleepy or need to be taken to the bathroom. And they also know where to take these little critters for each of their ailments. But sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in all of the specifics of the game, and in the end you can get distracted. Distraction leads to losing and thus no avatar for you.

I have compiled a little list of some tips to help you get this avatar as quickly and painlessly as possible.

#1. Do not take your eyes off the screen!

Do not take your eyes off the screen for ANY reason! One quick glance at the computer clock or a shift in your seat can lead to chaos. One second there will be no petpets fighting for your attention then the next second the screen will be filled with whining Feepits and snoring Gruslens.

This also includes keeping your eyes on the timers underneath each petpet.

#2. Sometimes it pays off to put off!

Sometimes you have three petpets all close to one certain room in the household. You can choose to put them all in at the same time or put the one with the time that expires first in then quickly go across the room and help a little Babaa do his business then rush back to put the rest of the pets in that first room.

Something not many people will advise you of is putting off dragging a petpet to bed in order to let a couple, maybe even three petpets outside for a quick run. It’s not all about which petpet gets in whichever room first, it’s about how many you can get into various rooms. So if you are closer to the kitchen and a petpet right next to it just happens to be hungry, don’t bother to trek all the way over to the bed room first just because that specific pet has less than five seconds. You get the same amount of points for each petpet helped no matter what the timer underneath them says.


The mop is a waste of valuable time; do not use it. You could be helping petpets avoid accidents and get exercise instead of worrying about items that will no doubt be knocked over again. Once you get to over 1,500 points, there will be so many petpets roaming around it is no use to have your mind preoccupied with cleaning up items that have fallen over or even a possible oil spill or two. In the end cleaning up using the mop doesn’t get you nearly enough points to worry about it too much. Your time can be better spent.

#4. Sometimes listening can be distracting.

As we all know petpets make certain sounds when requiring different things. But some people (myself included) find their noises and the game music to be distracting. So if you find that you are having trouble scoring close to that avatar score, try muting the game. Sometimes sounds can distract you, especially if you find then increasingly annoying. And as your score rises closer to 2,500 points, you will get fidgety and become more nervous and these sounds can grate and cause you to get confused, thus losing your concentration.

#5. Do not pay attention to the number of lives you have left.

If you have lost one life, you will be thinking about that one life you lost and your mind will be preoccupied with that thought. Just keep on playing the game, not letting your eyes wander to the bottom of the screen. If you lose the game, then just promptly start over again.

#6. Once you get to 2,000 points, you can sigh a sigh of relief; the worst is over.

Once you score around 2,000 points, the game will slow down. There will be a large amount of petpets running around but the petpets that require your attention will be few and far in-between. This causes the game to run for a long period of time, so keep your eyes on the prize.

#7. Set aside at least an hour at a time when attempting the avatar.

As I mentioned before, each game of Petpetsitter does take up a considerable amount of time and chances are you will lose at least once. So set aside time for some practice rounds first or just jump right into a fully fledged game. If you have a whole hour to spare to play this game, chances are you won’t feel rushed and will be able to take some breaks in between.

#8. Remember to take breaks!

Breaks are a very important thing to remember. In between lost games and during lulls where no petpets are in need of help, flex your hands and fingers. Stretching and even bathroom or snack breaks are a good idea. Let your body and mind rest and recover in between tries. There is no use in getting overworked or annoyed because those states of mind won’t help you win anything.

#9. Keep on trying and don’t give up!

Don’t think that you will get the avatar on your first try. And don’t let that discourage you either. High scores in games take practice and require a lot of time, concentration and just a little bit of luck! So keep at it. If you don’t get it today, try again for it tomorrow. I myself took a whole month of practicing a few times a week to get the avatar. Take your time. :D

#10. Remember, it’s partly about luck.

Just like the majority of games on Neopets, winning has something to do with luck. Were you lucky to get a lot of robot petpets, since they are easiest to take care of? Were you unlucky because so many petpets gathered too closely and caused you to miss out on two critters in need? That’s alright; you are bound to get lucky and when that time comes, you just might get yourself a nifty little avatar.

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