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Surprised: Is that OBSESSION with Banana Cream?

by thornfoot2


“Hey, Cynthia, will you go to Jhudora’s cloud and do a Faerie Quest for me?”

      I rolled my eyes. “Can you do it yourself, Lori?”

      “I need it for my homework! Please?”

      Mom put me at Lori the fire faerie’s house so I could help her. She always asked things of me since I got here. She can do it herself.

      “Oh, fine, but you better give me a reward!” I’m not a slave. I think Lori thinks I am.

      “It’s a deal.” I heard a scratching of a pen and I figured that I should go.

      When I stepped outside, crisp morning air came in. I thought that when I came back, the house would be in chaos. She’s a fire faerie!

      I stepped onto the Faerieland cloud. I jumped and I bounced. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun! Suddenly a Techo grabbed my fur and threw me backward. “Are you playing on Faerieland?” he asked. “This is a cloud, not a bounce house!”

      I wondered what had gotten into him. I turned away and marched toward Jhudora’s cloud. Oh yes, Lori, you’ll regret that I came here. I could hear Jhudora’s unhappy mood from inside.


      Then I heard a meek voice. “Yes, yes, Miss Jhudy, yes, yes.”


      I plugged my ears. Talk about yelling. My Xweetok fur ruffled in the crisp morning air. I wonder if it ever snows on Faerieland?

      A baby Gelert ran into me. “Oh, sorry!” she squeaked. “I’ve got to go get a Starlight Potion... yes, a Starlight Potion.”

      Suddenly I saw Fyora. Fyora was heading toward the cloud. Fyora the Queen of Faeries was at Jhudora’s cloud. I wonder if something is wrong with Neopia?

      I quickly galloped up next to her. “Hello, Fyora!” I said. I felt very proud to meet and see Fyora.

      Fyora looked at me. She stopped. “You’re Lori’s helper, aren’t you?” she asked. “Lori is very famous around Faerieland, yes. Alright, I’m here for a quest. Jhudora won’t be very happy to hear what I have to say.” When she looked at my confused face, she said, “Oh, yes, a faerie asking a faerie for a quest, huh? But this is urgent!”

      Is Faerieland in trouble? I wanted to say, but nothing popped out of my throat. I just followed Fyora to Jhudora. The dark slender faerie with thin fingernails and snot-green hair stepped forward to me. “Fyora, obviously you haven’t asked THIS Neopet to come with you? I have no business with a stupid Xweetok like her!”

      Stupid? Jhudora thinks I’m stupid? Before I could retort, Fyora said, “She just happened to ask a quest, too, Jhudora. Do you have banana cream back in the storage room?”

      “Loads,” Jhudora muttered.

      I noticed that Fyora nearly skipped with joy. “What is my quest?”

      “Give me a SUN HAT!” Jhudora thundered. “IF YOU GET FIVE SUN HATS, YOU GET FIVE BANANA CREAM BOWLS!!!”

      With a flash, Fyora was gone. Jhudora turned to me. “GIVE ME A SLIMESICLE! You hear me? SLIMESICLE!”

      “Yes, Jhudora!” I said loudly and clearly. “I will give you a Slimesicle!” My voice was sturdy, unlike the baby Gelert.

      “NOW MOVE!” Jhudora said loudly.

      I bowed my head. “Of course, Jhudora. Whatever you say, Jhudora.”


     When I returned with a melting Slimesicle in my hand, Fyora had returned with fifty-two sun hats. Jhudora stared at Fyora.

      “Sweet Fyora,” she breathed. “Fyora, this is too much! I have... exactly fifty-two banana cream bowls!”

      “Yes!” Fyora said. “Thank you, Jhudora.”

      My reward was one thousand five hundred Neopoints. How is that going to help Lori? I had no idea, but I marched my way to Lori’s house. When I opened the door, the fire faerie was eating lunch at the table. She stared at me. “What took you so long?”

      “I’m sorry,” I said. “I had to fly to the Haunted Woods.” I put the Neopoints in Lori’s hand.

      Lori sighed. “That’s not enough for my homework. Tomorrow can you go back? I’ll be happy if we get just a thousand more.”

      Am I going to Jhudora’s thundering cloud again? I can’t go to Jhudora’s cloud! I can hear her thundering voice right now: “THE STUPID NEOPET IS BACK!!!”

      “I can’t go to Jhudora’s cloud!” I said. “Can I go to Illusen?”

      Lori snapped, “I think Jhudora is generous enough to give us Neopoints, thank you very much!” Her hair was on fire. I hate it when it does that. I think it’s going to explode and the house is going to blow up. I have a great imagination, not?

      “Mail.” The Techo who delivers mail knocked on the door.

      Before I could say anything, Lori opened the door and took the mail. She gave a postcard to me.

      “Here,” she said angrily.

      I read:

      Dear young friend Cynthia,

      I would like you to come to my house for a banana cream feast! I liked how you accompanied me the other day. Jhudora will be coming too. Tomorrow, come at 1:00 p.m.

      Please do not bring Lori. I’m sure she has work to do.

      Queen Fyora

     “She... she can’t have!” I gasped.

      “What did Fyora do?” Lori asked.

      “I’m going to a banana cream feast,” I said. “But you’re not coming. How in Neopia did she know my name? I wonder if she used faerie magic.”

      Lori growled, “Of course she did, Cynthia!” Her hair caught on fire again. I hate fire faeries. Her eyes were alive with fire burning in her eyes. Who ever knew that Lori could be so hot-headed? I never knew fire faeries could be this angry.

      Well, it’s my lucky day. I guess I have to go to the banana cream feast. How could I refuse Queen Fyora?

      Will I?


       The next morning I got ready for the banana cream feast. I wondered, is Fyora OBSESSED with banana cream? Why? Lori said I had to do a quest before I went, but there was no time.

      When I arrived at Fyora’s palace, floating candles lit the glass roof and beautiful marble columns and a floor of pearl. Some Neopets thought it didn’t match, but I thought it was flat beautiful. Some Neopets I recognized, like the grumpy Techo, Jhudora, Illusen, and the baby Gelert. I didn’t recognize, like a Faerie Acara. Who knew Acaras could be such show-off?

      The fifty-two banana cream bowls were on the glass table. I sat right next to Fyora. I sat very straight and tall. My wings were straight and not bent, like the Faerie Acara. Finally Fyora clapped her hands.

      “I would like to say some things before we eat,” she said proudly. “I would like to say that my loyal servant, Gevanie, is here. Gevanie, will you please stand up?”

      The baby Gelert stood up.

      Everyone clapped for Gevanie.

      Fyora continued, “Gevanie tried to get banana cream for a reward but Jhudora said that I must get it myself.” Lowering her voice, she added, “Jhudora, will you stand up?”

      Jhudora stood up. No one clapped. “Okay, I’m a dark faerie, so what?” she asked.

      Fyora didn’t seem to notice. “Thank you, Jhudora. You both may sit down.” They both sat down. “Please meet Cynthia, the young Faerie Xweetok you accompanied me on the way to Jhudora’s cloud. Stand up, Cynthia.”

      I stood up. Everyone clapped, even Jhudora. Illusen whistled loudly.

      “What do you say, Cynthia?” asked Fyora.

      I said, “I’m speechless.”

      Fyora smiled. “Sit down, Cynthia.” With a flick of her wand, the banana cream bowls flicked to everyone. There were two bowls with each person. There was probably enough for thirds!

      “Let’s eat!” Fyora said. She ate it quickly. She licked her lips when she was finished with both banana cream bowls.

      “That,” she said, “was yummy. I guess I’m obsessed with banana cream!”

      Everyone laughed, including Jhudora.

The End

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