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Complete Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Guide

by kissamus


Hi, I’m Lia and I’m here (again) to help you with your gaming needs. This time for Mutant Graveyard of Doom II: an exciting and simple game where you can earn an avatar and hopefully with my aid, the coveted trophy. So get a candle and set off to the nearest graveyard! Virtual graveyard that is. Haha.


I recommend you play this game with the Game Size set to Large, and your monitor Light view to Bright if possible; this will just make things easier to spot in the dimness of the game. Just press Start and get ready to play by means of your keyboard. Another thing I do, which helps me, is to avoid walking up or down the labyrinth. If you’re a newbie in the game, you can’t really see if there’s an enemy there, and it’s easier to see them if you walk towards the sides.

As the game stars, you are acquainted with the first maze, the Graveyard, and Albert at the center. As you walk around, you’ll find his enemies, power-ups, power-downs and the treasured spooky foods. Next, we’ll understand how to tie all those things together with a pretty red bow.

Spooky Foods

Albert’s main objective is to get all the Spooky Foods you see at the top of the screen and, as soon as he does that, the level’s over. Every Spooky Food is worth 10 points, and the ones you’ll have to grab hold of are: Eye Candy, Ghost Marshmallows, Bloody Ghost Toast, Vanilla Ghost Cake and Deviled Steak. But, since we’re doing this for the points, and not as a speeding contest, we’ll collect the Spooky Foods when we’re done with everything else.


There are a lot of monsters/enemies in this game, and they hurt Albert by touching him and decreasing his candle light. There are about six enemies per level, so (again) defeat them all before starting to collect the Spooky Foods. Albert uses his candle light to maneuver around, so you’ll without doubt notice when the strength of the light turns really tiny and faded, so watch out because next time you can lose a live. You can check his life expectancy for the game, or lives by glancing at the size of the candle on the left of the screen.

On the majority of the mazes, to defeat the enemies, go behind a loose tombstone and hit the spacebar to whack them and get 50 points. Not every tombstone will work, though, only the smooth ones, without any markings. However, you’ll learn to spot them fast. If you’re lucky, you may even hit two close-by enemies with only one tombstone; no extra points in this sadly, but you’ve saved a tombstone.

The most dangerous enemy is the Ghostkerchief simply because it flies around the labyrinths, through any obstacle. And there’s also a kind of Sentient Tombstone that, when stopped, resembles a normal tombstone. A Chumablah and a Jowlard are also present to make things difficult; therefore, watch out for those as well.

Another important aspect is their intelligence, as the levels progress, the enemies' intelligence will amplify. For instance, on the first maze they tend to go about their lives, careless of your presence. But, further along they’ll follow you relentlessly.

Power-ups and Power-downs

In this game, as well as the Spooky Foods you must gather to continue through the levels, there’s also power-ups and power-downs which can help you or not. They’re all worth 10 points, so try to fetch as many as possible. Now, let’s analyze them shall we?

  • Pink Spooky Popcorn – This power-up makes you move faster, which can be a bad thing if you haven’t defeated all the enemies yet. For example, if you collect two, your moving speed will double, which happens with the Almost Gummy Rat as well. Only collect them all near the end of the level.
  • Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry) – This power-up makes you move slower, and progressively slower as you keep collecting more of these. Try to combine the Almost Gummy Rat with the Pink Spooky Popcorn.

(Don’t worry about getting too many moving power-ups/power-downs, Albert’s speed will always reset to regular at the begging of each level.)

  • Mummified Negg – This power-down decreases the light of your candle, so I advise you to only get this power-up if you have a Pink Apple Lantern at sight, and/or the candle light at the maximum.
  • Pink Apple Lantern – This power-up increases your candle light. If you have it at maximum light, try to get a Mummified Negg first.

In conclusion, the power-ups and power-downs are better used in combinations. In the first levels you can ‘waste’ candle light to get the Mummified Neggs, but further along this doesn’t apply, only because you should save it as much as possible for harder levels.

Mazes and strategy

In total, there are three mazes for Albert to move around, plus a final maze with the MGDII Boss. How exciting!

I’ll try to introduce both strategies for people who just want to get the avatar plain and simple, and the ones who need near the full score for the trophy. But basically, they all require the same thing: defeating all the enemies first for the juicy points.

First maze – The Graveyard

Level 1 – 5

In the first maze, the Graveyard, your difficulty is at minimum. So, as I said prior take your time, hit the enemies, walk around carefully to see if none is left, then collect the power-ups/power-downs (remember to make combinations), then the Spooky Foods to finish. If you follow this to the word, you’ll have about ~2,350 points for the end of this maze, at level 5. If you’re just there for the avatar, hopefully you’ll reached that amount already. Woohoo!

Second maze – The Crypt

Level 6 – 10

In the second maze, the action is on some kind of Crypt, where the difficulty is at medium. Here the enemies are a bit smarter, so try your best to dodge them fast. My advice is to when you start these levels, run for a near knock-able tombstone or set of knock-able tombstones, so you can be ready for the enemies. After they’re all gone, same thing; combine the power-ups and power-downs, collect the Spooky Foods and finish the levels. One important thing is that in this maze, you’ll see a lot more Mummified Neggs lying around, so be careful to only catch them intentionally. After completing this maze at level 10, you should have about ~4,600 points. So, if you have approximately that amount and all three lives, give yourself a pat on the shoulder.

Third maze – The Cavern

Level 11 - 15

On the third maze, the scenario changes, and you’re left in an underground Cavern, without tombstones to defend yourself. But don’t panic! See the spikes that make this new maze? Several have their tip broken, and those are the ones you’ll use as new tombstones. In this maze you must keep moving, to only stop near these broken spikes. The enemies have now become incredibly intelligent, and they’ll surround you, so remember to keep moving, especially in levels 13-14. After getting all the existing power-ups, power-downs and Spooky Foods, let’s move on.

Level 15 deserves its own paragraph, since it’s the hardest level of this game. The previous rules don’t apply because you don’t have the broken spikes as available as before and, the Ghostkerchief enemies are at full intelligence and speed towards you. In this particular level, you should start moving right, then down, then left to catch the first Spooky Food then all the way up and right as fast as you can. There, in the top of the screen, you’ll find your first broken spikes, so try to hit a couple of enemies. If you don’t succeed, keep moving! Find your way to the center of the maze, where all the Spooky Foods and Power-ups/Power-downs are; as well as a handy Pink Apple Lantern. You’ll have some trouble finding your way out, so I urge you to keep moving and avoiding the enemies.

A nice tip I have is since the enemies will follow you, and seeing as you’re faster than them, draw them to one corner, then run to wherever you need to go. It’s a really hard level so don’t feel bad if you don’t finish it on your first try, nor if you can’t defeat all the enemies. If you do finish it, know that the worst has passed! The average score for finishing this level should tip you over the ~7,400 points which will more than likely give you the trophy. Wh00t!

Final maze – The Boss

Level 16

If you’ve finished level 15, then the final level is a smooth walk in the park compared to that.

In the last maze and 16th level, you’ll find the Graveyard Boss. This scenario resembles the first maze, but with a Crypt/Cavern mix, but don’t worry, he’s scary, but easy to deal with. In case you need light, you’ll find a Pink Apple Lantern at the bottom left of the screen, which will also give you another 10 points, so it’s worth getting. After that, just hit the Boss with three of the many available tombstones. Additionally, you’ll get an extra 150 points for defeating him and finishing the game! Ah, that new trophy smell...

I’ve made a level / maximum score possible table that you can use as a guideline:

Level 1 - 540 points

Level 2 – 1040 points

Level 3 – 1460 points

Level 4 - 1950 points

Level 5 – 2420 points

Level 6 – 2990 points

Level 7 – 3520 points

Level 8 - 4100 points

Level 9 – 4670 points

Level 10 – 5290 points

Level 11 – 5750 points

Level 12 - 6330 points

Level 13 – 6820 points

Level 14 – 7410 points

Level 15 – 7790 points

Level 16 - 7950 points

Game tips

With the intention to summarize this guide, here are a few details you should memorize, as well as nice tips:

  • When starting a level, always defeat the enemies first.
  • Collect as many Power-ups/Power-downs as possible.
  • Combine the Mummified Negg with the Pink Apple Lantern, and the Almost Gummy Rat with the Pink Spooky Popcorn.
  • Write down your scores for each level, or use my guideline table. This way you’ll have an idea if an enemy hasn’t been hit or something is left to gather.
  • Try to remember the best place to position yourself at the beginning of each level.
  • In some levels, there are a lot of Mummified Neggs you’d most likely leave behind. My suggestion is to get all of them, even if it costs you a life, to get those extra points.


Well, I hope this walkthrough has helped you better your MGDII score, and maybe even adding the avatar or trophy to your collection. You may neomail me for questions, or to show your gained success. Thanks for reading and watch out for those tombstones!

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