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Enjoying KeyQuest

by chicwithawrench


The Boards are full of people complaining about "quitters" in KeyQuest.... and yes, it does make one grumpy when an opponent leaves the game you've spent the last fifteen minutes playing. And especially if it happens just as you've played a Fountain Water power up to swap one of your three green keys for a blue to give you a full set of keys and the door is just two steps away....

Was it quitting on behalf of your opponent, or an accident with their internet connection, or just plain old fate that caused this game to end so devastatingly abruptly? Perhaps you will never know....

But here are some tips for enjoying your KeyQuest experience more fully, with fewer real quitters and better feelings among accidental leavers. After all, the name of the game (Well, besides KeyQuest, that is) is having fun.


Say hello, wave, or some other sort of greeting when you start the game. This will remind your opponent(s) that you are a real, feeling user who just wants to play. (No studies have been done, but a gut feeling tells me that slapping anyone with a fish has never done anything to make anyone happy.) Continue the bonding process through the game.... Give encouragement and express your admiration when your opponent rolls a 12 on a roo dice while using super boots of flight! (Groan on the inside!)


Instead of playing 2 player games, try your luck with 3 or 4 player games. This will increase the odds of finishing the game, as your game will continue even if one player quits or is disconnected.

This option has added benefits, as a 3 or 4 player game adds more interest and diversity to the game than a head on head 2 player game. It may not be as quick, but the game becomes far more intellectually challenging when all available players are involved.


Play with your neofriends, or use the KeyQuest board to find opponents who are serious about playing a full game, no matter who wins.

This option also has added benefits. Playing with your friends/ classmates allows you the personalized experience of competing with your peers. Another bonus, when playing with friends, is that you may have the opportunity to boast in person or discuss strategy at recess!

When finding opponents on the boards, you may be able to agree to mutual terms before beginning the game, such as no mini games, if you both have a dislike for them, or a new challenge, such as a certain number of points required before winning. This is a good chance to add a new challenge to the game!


Check the KeyQuest board before you start playing. If there is a problem with the game itself on any given day, someone is bound to have posted a note about it already.


Some users are unable to fairly compete in the minigames due to the speed of their servers. If you see that your opponent has scored a 0 score consistently for the last four minigames, while you yourself have earned three keys and a power up from winning all the games, perhaps you might consider sitting out a game or two just to give your opponent a fair chance, and decrease the likelihood of him/her quitting out of frustration.

Note: It is a shame that scripted chat does not allow you to express this option. However, the old maxim still rings true: Actions may speak louder than words.

WARNING You may find that using this option backfires! It is possible that in sitting out a game you hand an important key to your opponent. Use this option at your own risk!


One sure way to tell a quitter is to check his/ her KeyQuest stats... Some players have a goal of having all gold keys... This is rare and unfortunate, and only the most evil users will use this tactic. However, if you do find a player with 100 gold keys and no other colors, you should avoid him/her like the Pant Devil!

DISCLAIMER Or maybe he/she was just really really good! Do you dare test your wits against the ultimate champion!?!


If you see that your opponent is three keys behind you, and you are within a couple rolls of winning, try not to rub it in by playing a Giant Lint Ball or some other crippling card on your opponent. This only adds insult to injury, and there's no point in rubbing it in that you're about to win. Try an encouragement instead, like, "Don't Give Up!"

Note: Use EXTREME CAUTION when using this tactic! Make sure you are not giving up your lead! Check your opponent's stats and power ups carefully!


Not everyone, especially not you, is a quitter! If for some reason you are disconnected mid game, or something comes up in your personal life that prevents you from finishing your game, be sure to drop a neomail to your opponent(s), or post an apology on the boards. You need not be explicit or share any personal details- a simple "Sorry I was unable to finish the game" will do. This will take away any bad feelings your opponent(s) were feeling towards you.


Don't get all red under the collar when an opponent quits. Try to understand that server problems do occur, and issues do arise in a user's physical life that may prevent a successful completion of a game... We've all been there! (Refer back to #6.) Try to give your disconnected opponent the benefit of the doubt... If the same player disconnects one too many times for you to believe this is true, simply don't play with them. Remember- We're all just here to have fun.


If you were unable to finish a game and are unable to trace the problem back to your own server, try reporting it to the Neopets staff. KeyQuest is a relatively new game. It is possible that if you are having difficulties completing a game they will be able to make changes to help users like you better enjoy your Neopets and KeyQuest experience more satisfying.

And finally, but perhaps most importantly...


Remember to be the kind of opponent you wish your opponents were. That means not quitting mid game yourself. Make sure that before you begin a game you have adequate time to finish it. And don't be a poor sport- remember: In KeyQuest everyone is a winner! Neopoints and prizes and fun are awarded to everyone! Just like at a birthday party, everyone gets a treat bag!

Good Gaming to All

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