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Keeping Your Neopet Happy... On a Budget!

by wednesday190


So you’ve just started out on Neopets and only have 1050 NP and a starter pack to your name? Or maybe you prefer hanging out on the boards or chatting with your neofriends to making Neopoints? Inevitably, you will soon be running low on NP, and will be finding it hard to feed, entertain, and keep your pet healthy. Not to fear – this guide is sure to get you all the items you will ever need, without spending more than you can afford.

Getting freebies:

TNT are not mean. They do make sure there are easy ways for Neopians to receive free items. To start you off, it would be a good idea to visit the Giant Omelette, Giant Jelly, Tombola, Fruit Machine, Coltzan’s Shrine, and Healing Springs once every day.

A free omelette can feed your pet three times, which could keep it full up for two days! A jelly can be fed to your pet twice, and is fantastic for a pet with a sweet tooth. The Tombola, Fruit Machine, and Coltzan’s Shrine can give out any type of items from food to toys to codestones. The Healing Springs can be used every thirty minutes, meaning your pet will never feel ill! If, for some reason, your Neopet does get ill, make sure you don’t buy treatments: instead, take a journey to the Healing Springs and your pet will be better in no time. Simple.

Making easy NP:

The easiest way to make NP quickly is to play high payout games. Also, try playing lots of different games and finding some you enjoy playing. Doing this will keep you entertained, and will get you Neopoints at the same time.

By simply spinning the Wheel of Slime once, watching Adver-video 5 times, and dressing up a pet in Fashion Fever 3 times, you can make yourself more than enough Neopoints to buy a month's supply of food and toys that will last your pet forever.

Playing games which you have to pay for, for example Scratchcards or the Wheel of Excitement, is not recommended, as often you will end up losing your Neopoints and not winning them back.

Try getting into a routine with the games you play; that will help you calculate how long it will take you to earn your desired amount of Neopoints.

Buying food for your Neopet:

Not all food is free on Neopets, and much of it can cost quite a lot of Neopoints. However, I have done some research, and found a lot of tasty treats for your pet on a budget. All of the following foods cost less than 20 NP, so searching them on the Shop Wizard and stocking up will definitely keep your pet full up for longer than you would think:

Brown Sauce, Dried Apricots, Tin of Olives, Can of Prune Juice, Dried Prunes, Homemade Gooseberry Jam, Homemade Marmalade, Musho Mushy Peas, Baked Beans, Box of Trifle Mix, Box of Wheat Flakes, Neo Crackers, Semolina, Lupe Snack Pack, Neoflakes Cake, Scotch Egg, Tin of Sardines, Chocolate Faerie Cake, Plain Faerie Cake. Also, if your Neopet has been good and you feel like treating it, you could buy some Orange Chicken (around 25 NP), Dandelion and Burdock Drink (around 35 NP), or an Illusens Cream Cookie (around 50 NP).

It is a good idea to remember the foods your Neopet really loves. This way you will never go wrong, and you can work out how much NP you will need, and when you will need it for. It is always good to plan ahead! Your pets are guaranteed to love all of the mentioned food and drink... and I am sure you won’t find the prices too shabby either.

Buying toys and plushies for your Neopet:

Many Neopians think that your pet's happiness is a hard thing to achieve, and will cost you a lot. This is not true! Keeping your pet happy and entertained is not hard and will not cost a lot of NP at all.

Simply buy a Geraptiku Snowglobe, a Kiko Match II Card Game, and a Yooyu Yoyo for around 20 NP altogether, and your Neopet will be forever grateful. If your pet prefers plushies to toys, a Yellow Kougra Plushie for only 15 NP, or a Plushie Clam for only 20 NP would go down a treat!

Tips for a happy Neopet... on the cheap!:

Going on holiday and not sure what to do with your pet? Simple! Put it in the Neolodge! The cheapest you can accommodate your pet for is 5 NP per night, and they will always come out full up and happy!

To ensure your pet is forever delighted, make time to play with them once a day – your cheap toys will come in handy! Grooming your pet will also boost up their happiness: a Golden Moon Comb for only 1 NP can keep them happy for days on end.

A trip to the Roo Island Merry Go Round will boost your Neopet's spirits at only 50 NP a time if none of the above take your fancy.

Another great tip is to find a cheap member’s shop with large quantities of stock. For example, if you discover a shop which sells 20 Homemade Marmalade cans at 10 NP each, and lots of 5 NP plushies, it is well worth bookmarking, as they are very likely to be a keen restocker of cheap items.

Joining a guild which specialises in helping members in such matters can also be very helpful, as you can get great tips, make friends, and get support at the same time! Remember, planning ahead will always help you figure out which games you need to play, how many Neopoints you will need, and for when. Jotting down your regular daily visits, and how much you usually earn will help you do this.

Now you know how to keep your Neopet happy on a budget... easy, isn’t it? If you still require help on keeping your Neopet happy and fed, or earning Neopoints, feel free to ask Wednesday190 – I am always happy to help.

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