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New Research Reveals Hidden Dangers of Split Colour

by wildwindtornado


What were you doing at the time of the AAA challenges last November? Were you one of the many of millions of people to be given a Split Lenny Morphing Potion? The question is, did you use it or not? If you think I’m about to have a rant about the deflation of the price of the potion, you are mistaken.

After the AAA challenges, The Neopian Scientific Research Board (NSRB) launched their brand new project, Project Colour. The project involved analysing different molecules from different types of paint. In the NSRB report, it appears everything went fine until the scientists analysed the split paint molecules. The molecules showed the scientists what they should have been seeing, which are the two colours, orange and purple, gelled together. Except the colours were not gelled together. The scientists wrote in the report that the colours were vibrating and trying to separate from each other as though the two colours were enemies. Obviously, the scientists were baffled by this strange phenomenon.

Several conclusions can be made from this but there is one main theory. I assume you are familiar with the following story. A well-respected Lenny drank a strange potion, which forced out his bad side to do battle against his good side and resulted in the bad side winning and claiming the life of the good doctor. After the project and the discovery of the split paint molecules phenomenon, more research was carried out under the supervision of Dr Tom Blazek, which brought more evidence forward to support this theory.

It is said that every Neopet has two sides to them: good and bad. Think of it like the two faeries, Illusen and Jhudora. One strives for the golden light of goodness where the other strives for the sinister darkness of evil. The two of them can live in harmony if parted away from each other but if the two are joined together, the consequences are catastrophic and the two battle it out for supreme rule. Eventually one will fall and the other takes over. Due to the evidence found in the split paint molecules, the scientists believe that this theory is indeed correct and that the molecules are based on good and bad (orange representing the good side and purple representing the bad side). A few days ago, I met up with Dr. Tom Blazek at a secret location to discuss the board findings. With my notebook ready, I started ask questions about the theory.

Me: “Thanks for coming, Doctor. I know it’s dangerous for you due to your knowledge of sensitive information...”

Dr: “It’s no problem at all, so start firing your questions at me,” the doctor replied.

Me: “Firstly, are split-coloured pets in danger or the pets around them?”

Dr: “At this current moment in time, no. All split-coloured pets are safe for now as well as those around them. The split-molecules are stable for now...”

Me: “So is this report just causing worry over nothing?”

Dr: “I wish that were so, but I’m afraid not. As I’ve said before the molecules are perfectly safe, but we believe, and we have got evidence to back this up, that for the molecules to become dangerous and react, they need some sort of chemical to start the chain-reaction. Think of it as a catalyst. The problem is we haven’t got a clue what the catalyst is. It could be anything. We reckon it is some sort of potion or liquid, so we have currently enlisted the help of great potion makers like Kauvara and Kayla to help us in our research. If a split-coloured pet drinks or even touches the catalyst, the chain-reaction starts and good and bad do battle.”

Me: “Which side wins?”

Dr: “I can’t answer that. It’s 50-50. Sometimes the good side wins and sometimes the bad side wins, but we fear if the bad sides win, they would be the perfect fighters around. The perfect army. Due to this fact, we believe that certain villains amongst the Neopia society would try to enslave these fighters as their own. We are currently keep a watchful eye on these villains, especially Dr. Frank Sloth due to his latest actions up at the Space Station and his knowledge of potion making.”

Me: “Scary stuff! What do you suggest pets do in the meantime?”

Dr: “Firstly, don’t panic. Split pets are perfectly fine for now; just stay away from any liquids or potions you are not familiar with. Splits repainting themselves another colour will do them no good either; once a split, always a split. The molecules don’t fade. Currently, we have temporarily closed the Rainbow Pool. This is due to possible contamination of the pool water. We have taken samples from the pool and it is currently being drained. Don’t worry, though; it will be back up in no time.”

Me: “What about pets who dream about becoming split? What is your advice for them?”

Dr: “Our advice is for the meantime, stay away from any split products. This includes items such as the Split Paint Brush and Split Morphing Potions. The entire list of items can be found at the Neopia Central Pharmacy and the Neopia Plaza Hospital.”

Me: “What happens if you find the catalyst?”

Dr: “Simple. We destroy every last trace of the catalyst of the face of the world and burn all known documents and ways of making it. If there is no catalyst, there is no problem.”

Me: “Good point, but what happens if a split-coloured pet finds the catalyst first?”

Dr: “I don’t really want to think about what would happen if that happened, but I supposed we would inform all Neopia armies, warn all Neopians of the events and track down the individual before he or she could do any real damage.”

Me: “Okay, one last question: Please, may I have your autograph? I’m a big fan of yours!”

Dr: “That’s the last thing I would have expected after such an dramatic conversation but if you must have it...”

The doctor signed my autograph book and I said goodbye to him. After thinking about what was said during that conversation, I fear that danger is heading this way and every Neopet must soon choose which side they are fighting for...

Dr. Boomy Tornado

Head of Mystery Island Research

File report number: #52364978

Note: This article is completely fictional. Split pets are COMPLETELY safe and nothing is going to happen to them! The Rainbow Pool is open as usual (it’s the pound that’s down). All characters and storyline in this article are fictional.

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