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Fifteen Great Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts!

by anamya


It's Easter time and you may be looking for a great gift for your pets and your neofriends, aren't you? But as everyone is looking for tasty chocolates to offer to their friends, what about choosing something more original? From low prices to little fortunes, you can find a huge amount of options in Neopia. But price is not the case: the perfect gift is always the one that will make your pet happy! Here you'll find a list of fifteen cute, nice and unforgettable items to inspire yourself and that will certainly make your Easter even more special! Take a look!

15- Usuki Easter Outfit

It's Easter, so it's time to bring your usukis to the celebration! With this outfit, the usukis will become the most enchanting Easter toys in Neopia! Probably your neopets already have lots of usuki sets, so give them one that fits with this delicious time of the year!

14 - Brightly Coloured Easter Negg

It's colorful, tasty and also decorative! This negg is good if you want to feed your pet and also if you want to give more colours to your gallery! You can also play with your pet: hide it on the day before Easter somewhere in your neohome and observe how happy your pets will be looking for it!

13- Vinyl Darigan Cybunny Toy

Do you think your pets are more inclined to the dark side? Do they love to play into the Darigan Citadel? Their neohome is purple from the floor to the ceiling? So, this toy is the best choice for you! Darigan and cute, this stylish Cybunny will entertain your pets for hours!

12 - Iced Easter Chick Cookie

Unusual in shape and in taste, this cookie is a sweet option for those who doesn't want to buy chocolate this year. It's not known where Neopian bakers inspired themselves to create this cookie, but who cares?

11- Glamour Negg Earrings

Does your pet like do look fancy? So this is your gift! An negg themed earring will make your pet charming at any Easter party. And it doesn't matter if your pets are not Unis (although they usually get more enthusiastic about grooming items than other pets)! But be careful: tell them these neggs are not for eating!

10 - Easter Bunny Usuki

An update of the 'Usuki Easter Outfit' choice. The complete set includes, besides the outfit, a cute Usuki doll. C'mon, every pet loves usukis, despite how many they already have. On Easter, this one will be special (and after Easter, you can always buy new clothing at Usukiland)!

9- Negg Kacheekers

If your pets are more the smart type, maybe giving them a great game will be a nice way to entertain them and also make them become even more intelligent! This version of Kacheekers is also a great gift for those who love negg collecting, because it comes with a beautiful collection of mini-neggs that are used as game pieces.

8- Baby Cybunny Sticker

The same way some people collect stamps, there are people that collect stickers, and this one is the best choice in Easter holiday. If your pets do not collect stickers, why not start now, with this dazzling item? And if collecting doesn't entertain them, it can be put in notebooks to make their neoschool homework cuter!

7- Where Neggs Grow

A book is always a good gift, because culture is one of the biggest treasures of the world. But besides making your pets smarter, this book can also be used in a good negg-hide-and-seek game! After studying where neggs usually grow, they can use the book hints to find where you hid the Easter neggs you'll share in a great Easter party!

6- Cheeky Cybunny Gnome

No garden is complete without a gnome! And why not take Easter to your neogarden, if that's what everyone is talking about? Look at this gnome: don't you want to pull its cheeks? Every garden lover will adore it, and when Easter is gone this cute smiling item will be out there to make your days funnier!

5- Pink Snowbunny Easter Negg

A Snowbunny themed Easter Negg is probably the most classical choice you could make this time of the year. It doesn't mean, though, that it isn't a good idea! This beautifully decorated negg will make all negg-lovers happy!

4- Purple Cybunny Pyjamas

While waiting for the Easter Bunny, why not make your pets LOOK like him? With these incredible pyjamas, any pet becomes a furry and cute Cybunny, and they can spend a great day playing with their friends without worrying about the cold outside! (If you live in a hot part of Neopia, we suggest using it just for sleeping, when the sun is already down and Kreludor is visible in the sky).

3- Easter Bunny Quiguki

Isn't this doll the most incredible doll of all? Look at the astonishing pink ears and the smart face it has! In its incomparable smile, this Quiguki gathers all the peaceful and caring meaning of Easter. Don't you see? Ah, don't you? Well... Maybe... Maybe you have not understood completely how amazing quigukis are, but anyway, it's still a great choice!

2- Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg

Nothing can taste better than strawberries and cream, and both of them condensed in a negg create a delicacy that makes even Queen Fyora sigh. So, if you are looking to the best of the best in food, don't let the plain shape of this negg put you in doubt. Choose it, and make your neopets extremely happy!

1- A Snowbunny

There's nothing like a true friend. So why not give your pets the cutest company of all, and make them remind the good feelings of Easter every day of the year? Give them a Snowbunny - a petpet that will not just be a great friend, but that will also show that you don't mind searching among retired items to find the best gift for your beloved pets!

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