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The Faerie Dilemma: Part One

by shadow_sabre_


This series is the sequel to 'Amaida's Wings' in Issue 248 and 'A Good Home' in Issue 300.

Long ago, there were massive wars fought over the possession of one powerful item that contained a lot of magic. Many kingdoms were devastated where new ones live today, and many humans and pets lost their lives. It has been so long since these things have happened that nobody alive today remembers except a few important beings.

      The war eventually ended with a young human girl in possession of this item. She activated it while it was still in her arms, and a magical transformation occurred. Smoke billowed up around her, and her hair, eyes, and even skin began to take on different colors. Wings sprouted from her back, and the clothing she now wore was purple with a brilliant green stripe down the front.

      The girl had turned into a dark faerie.

      Later on, another such item was found, and before another war was started, Queen Fyora took it and hid it inside a hidden vault. Sure, the item had the ability to turn humans into faeries, but it also had another power to it. The humans were turned into the faeries their hearts most resembled, and if the person had a major fault to their spirits, it was magnified a hundred times over.

      Nobody knows where this item has gone, and the few that have tried to find it have found themselves facing dire consequences. Now it’s as if it never existed...


      Naellie stood at the edge of the Rainbow Pool, peering in nervously as Booville, her owner, dipped a pink paint brush in the water near the edge. She shook as she waited, afraid that maybe the paint brush would change her, like it seemed to do with grey pets. They’d been saving up for the brush for forever, and now they’d finally been able to purchase one through the Trading Post.

      The pink spread from the paint brush and through the previously crystal clear water. The Kyrii standing on the edge took a deep gasp of air and her eyes grew as large as a Fyora doll’s. Her dream was about to come true. She was about to become pink!

      “Go Naellie!” cheered a voice from behind her. It belonged to her adopted brother, Nolion. He’d come here a month earlier from the pound after Booville had spontaneously decided she wanted to get her a sibling. He was a starry Eyrie, and he actually wasn’t so bad because he wasn’t snooty about his paint job. He was really pretty nice about everything.

      Naellie held in her breath, plugged her nose, and leapt into the pool. Colors swirled around her small, petite form, and as she lifted up her head, most of it was still blue. However, the pink colors crept up her fur, and over her eyes. Now her mane was a darker shade of pink than the rest of her fur, like any normal pink Kyrii’s, and she was now staring down at her paws, her whole body now one color.

      “Yay!” Naellie asked, throwing her paws up in the air, and throwing some now clear pool water back and into Booville’s face. She climbed out of the pool while her owner quickly went to wipe it off of her face and Nolion snickered. “I’m pink now!”

      “Congratulations!” said Nolion, grinning widely.

      Booville coughed and said, “Well, shall we go out to celebrate?”

      Naellie grinned, and the three of them went off to go and get a bite to eat at Pizzaroo.


      “Oooh,” said Booville, as she leaned back in her seat and let out a contented sigh. “I think we spent too much.”

      Naellie was still busy trying to shove a whole meat feast pizza block into her mouth, and Nolion was wiping some purple goo off of his beak from a weird, bubbling pizza that had surprisingly turned out to be very good, reminding him of elderberry achyfi. He hadn’t had any in quite a while, but that was all good, because most of their neopoints had headed towards a slightly expensive paint brush.

      He leaned back and stretched his starred wings out behind him, as if that would somehow wash away all of the extra food that he’d pushed down his throat. Life here was good. He was amazed at how lucky he’d been that Booville had adopted him instead of some other person, like a newbie. There were too many tales running around about pets who’d been adopted only because of their glorious coat only to have their new owners leave Neopia forever only a few days later.

      Nolion shivered at his close call.

      He wondered where his first owner was now. Was she in the Lost Desert, digging up precious artifacts? Or was she struggling through the snow of Terror Mountain, determined to make her way to the top to retrieve a priceless jewel? Either way, he couldn’t tell how either of those things would cause her to abandon him. He could’ve gone with her for both, never mind the climates! Nolion knew how to find his own food.

      Yet now she was gone from his life, and probably forever. Nolion swallowed a lump that had found its way into his throat, and kept his face still. Except for the first few days, he’d been determined to keep a smile on his face, to make them believe he was truly happy here. And he was happy, except that things never would be perfect without his past owner here.

      He’d at least like to know what she was up to.

      “Hey, Nolion?”

      The Eyrie looked up to see his new owner Booville staring at him. “What?”

      “Are you okay?”

      “Yeah, I’m fine.”

     Two weeks later

      “I’m hoooome!”

      Naellie looked up from over where she had been sitting behind the house, plucking the petals off from the star of paradise flowers in the garden. A gentle wind was blowing from the direction of Faerieland, and carrying the cool breezes and clouds in from the ocean, making the sky look as if it’d been painted grey. The small Kyrii wore a large purple scarf around her neck, and at the sound of Booville’s voice, she leapt up and rushed towards the front.

      Nolion was just preparing to go and hitch a ride on a ferry to Mystery Island for some more training. Before he’d been to the pound, he’d really not had much use for strength because he’d basically lived a life of luxury, his owner having had been a wizard at the stock market. That’d been how he’d gotten his luxurious coat, and he’d had several action figures to his name. He didn’t complain at his life now, and despite what people believed of rich pets, he’d taken to this home like a Blumaroo on Roo Island.

      He quickly grabbed enough neopoints to buy a codestone off of the counter, and rushed to the door. Booville was standing outside on the sidewalk, and standing next to her was a Shoyru a little bit shorter than Naellie was, and her scales were a pure, glistening white. She looked a little shy and awkward, and she looked around with a cautious attitude, her bag of overnight things shaking in her hands.

      “Guys,” she said, resting her hand on the Shoyru’s head. “This is Shirin, and she’s spending a few days with us. Her owner’s gone off for a few days, and she asked me to baby-sit.”

      “Hi,” said the Shoyru softly.

      “Shirin, this is Nolion and Naellie.”

      “Ooh! Ooh!” shrieked Naellie. “Is she gonna bunk with me? Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?”

      Booville smiled and Shirin looked taken aback. Nolion snickered, his eyes bright.

      “If Shirin doesn’t mind,” said Booville, looking down at the little Shoyru. She hesitated a moment before speaking, as if she thought that every word she spoke would make them dislike her.

      “I... I don’t,” she whispered.

      “Are you sure? Or are you just going along with the crowd?” asked Booville.

      “I’m... sure,” said Shirin, more firmly at the last word.

      “Yes!” said Naellie. She zoomed forward and grasped her hand, yanking her towards the door. “I’ll show you all of my usukis, and then we can play house!”

      Shirin blinked a little, and then a soft smile began to creep across her face as she was dragged away. Nolion shouldered the pack on his shoulders with all of his items, and crouched, ready to fly to Mystery Island. Only, before he could, something caught his eye.

      Next to a tree was a huge billowing cloud of dark, evil seeming mist, like the stuff that floated around Jhudora’s cloud. Nolion backed up, and when he found his owner’s hand on his back, he knew she could see it as well. Inside the cloud were several different shades of black and green, and the Eyrie knew that if he touched it, something bad would happen.

      “What is it?” asked Naellie, standing in the doorway with her paw still gripping Shirin’s who was staring at the unfolding scene in unhidden fear. “What’s going on?”

      Just then a figure stepped towards them, and it was one Nolion thought he would never see again...

To be continued...

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