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Handy Halloween Bash Hints

by nagara_and_samarae


As the days grow shorter, the nights grow longer, and your happy memories of last summer are filed away to daydream about during math class, you get to realize that something very important is coming soon. That’s right. Halloween.

It’s time to break out those Caramel Apples and Jack-o-Lanterns, because our scariest holiday- besides Usukicon, of course- is just around the corner. Neopets are beginning to rake up those falling leaves, bundle up a little warmer, and pick out the biggest, orangest pumpkin they can haul to their neohome.

And of course, who can forget your traditional, annual, super-awesome, anyone-who-doesn’t-come-is-a-loser, Halloween costume party? Yes, chances are you’re already making a list of guests as you read this (which I think would be quite complicated, really).

I’m here to give you some tips on how to have that traditional, annual, super-awesome, anyone-who-doesn’t-come-is-a-loser, Halloween costume party. If you continue reading, then your bash will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Caution: Invite at Own Risk

There are just some Neopians who weren’t meant to party. Here’s the list of those whose social skills are… lacking.

Dr. Frank Sloth

If you wish for your party to go even remotely well, avoid sending an invite to Dr. Sloth at all costs. Unless he threatens to sludgify your expensive paint brush collection, stay away from Virtupets so you won’t have the displeasure of having him at your totally cool party. He will try to take over the party. Plus, he’s a terrible dancer. Horrible. I mean it. Awful.


This slime ball is really a bad choice for two reasons. One, he will probably try to eat your other guests. Two, he will get slime all over the food, making your remaining guests gag and sputter.

Pant Devil

He will steal your snacks, pick the pockets of your guests, and he has bad fashion sense for parties. He likes to wear a green polka-dot tie. Need I say more?


Inviting this guy will only be trouble. Not only are his clothes about a century out of date, but also he will probably slip something into the refreshments that will make your friends turn into horrifying mutants. That really puts a damper on Bobbing for Apples.

Chef Bonju

It’s simple, really. His food tastes like cardboard. And he seems to get upset about that, for some reason. Plus, his avatar’s waaaaaay overrated.

Eliv Thade

Now, you can invite this crazy old coot, if you want to. It’s worth the glares and threats to hear him mix up his words. Especially when he’s frantically trying to ask you something, but it comes out as: “I sadi, hre’swe teh tahromob?” But I tell you; the maniac can’t take a joke.

The Turmaculus

He would probably sleep the whole while and eat some stray petpets as well. It’s probably very awkward to mingle when a two-ton turmac is swallowing- or choking, rather- on your very expensive Christmas Rock. Or worse- your guest’s very expensive Christmas Rock, when your guest is demanding that you pay him or her back right at that instant.

Not-So-Successful Foods

There are some foods you may not want to get, due to the welfare of your guests. You should take care to stay away from the foods on this next list.

Spooky Raspberry Pie

No food that looks like a miniature Esophagor is going to go well at a party, and this pie is no exception. If anyone is too hesitant to eat a slice of this -as well they should- the food would start to snarl and growl and try to uproot itself from the pie plate. Not good for first impressions at your bash.

Peanut Butter Spiders

Though this may be a hit if your guests were Pteris, Eyries, or other bug-eating Neopets, it would be best to avoid these. Many are unaccustomed to the feeling of them trying to crawl back up your throat. Most unpleasant.


This food has a tendency to bite anyone who wants to eat them. Don’t buy any of these, lest your guests’ hands or paws get removed.

Pumpkin Cookies

Unless you are planning an awful revenge on one of your guests for making fun of your Pretty Pink Uni Gallery, I would not suggest getting any of these. Though fun for a practical joke, the frog interior of these cookies will make your guests gag and complain. You definitely will want no bad things said about your awesome Halloween Party.

Anything with Eyeballs

Though I am surprised to say, your guests do not appreciate their food staring at them. *le gasp* But it is true. This general part covers a rather lengthy list that includes Glaring Eye Wrap, Chilled Eyeball Custard, Mashed Eye Potato, and many more. Bottom line: if you see an eyeball anywhere in the dish, your party would do better without it.

Petpet Dishes

Though some pets -such as Skeiths- may argue that petpet foods are considered “gourmet”, most think it’s cruel and totally disgusting. Though not many foods are in this section, it includes Baked Intesteen, Roast Tentacle, Spooky Gooplecream, and Octornapie. To stay on the safe side, also avoid stuff made from actual pets, such as Skeith Juice Cocktail, Blumaroo Steak, and Grundo Stix. Unless all of your guests are freakish, Neopet-eating Monsters. Then, by all means, go ahead!


Because you have been planning your super-awesome party for weeks in advance, you should have no excuse to buy a pile of beige, tasteless goop that is a poor excuse for edible food. Trust me, you can get dung tastier than that stuff!

Delightful Décor

Out of the hundreds of things around Neopia, just what are the best things to get to spruce up your partying space? Worry not! This section will guide both those with or without good taste to getting a spooky, yet cool layout for the perfect party.

Jack-o-Lantern Decisions

Your most obvious decoration will set the mood for your party. If it your party is located at the Darigan Citadel, no one can go wrong with a special Lord Kass Pumpkin, especially if your love to get together with fellow Kass minions. If you would like your party to be villain themed, get the said pumpkin along with a Dr. Sloth, Pant Devil, and Meuka Pumpkin. Just remember not to invite them! If you would like your party to be laid-back and more enjoyable, what better than a Silly Pumpkin to cheer up your friends? Your pumpkins pick the motif.

Banner Time!

To welcome your guests and make them feel that their VIP invitation was totally worth it- even though you lied about the VIP part –a Halloween Decorative Banner in front of your door totally will get them in the spooky mood.

Team Merchandise

Whether or not you’re a Haunted Woods Team fan, it won’t hurt to get some stuff- especially since it matches color-wise. Especially if you live in the Haunted Woods, the stuff will be a good conversation piece. If you live in Darigan Citadel, then you could rip and tear it just for fun!

If you follow these friendly tips, then your traditional, annual, super-awesome, anyone-who-doesn’t-come-is-a-loser, Halloween costume party will surely be a hit. Have a Happy Halloween and avoid Meepits hyped-up on sugar. Not a good combination at a party. *cough*

Wh00t! First time in the NT! Comments? Neomail me!

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