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Raider of the Sky: Part Two

by shimmer765


In the early hours of dawn, a shadow creeps past the guards of Kurn's castle unnoticed. The shadow has a certain destination, and is making the way there quite easily…

      I looked up from my work as I heard a sound from without my cell. I had given up trying to open the lock, and was now working the hinges on the door. I had already opened one, but the other two refused to budge. I lay down and hid my lock pick and waited to see who (or what) the noise was.

      And who should appear but that fire Gelert. How annoying! I was trying to escape, and here he comes! I scowled at him angrily and forced myself to stay still. He stared at me momentarily, and I glared back. Then he spoke.

      "Who are you?" he asked. I sneered.

     "I'm not telling you, but if you really have to know, go ask your precious king." I was in no mood to be civil with the creatures who were going to kill me on the dawn of the morrow. I wasn't usually civil with them, anyway.

      "No really, what is your name!" he persisted, and this time I growled. "My name is my business! But if you really want to know, I'm Weatree!" I got up and spun around, then lay back down, my back to the door. I was sure the Gelert cringed behind me. He should be.

      "Weatree? Is that really…you?" the irritating thing asked again. I sighed.

      "Sure. I have no clue who you are, so would you please leave me alone?!" My patience was slipping.

      "No…I mean, er, sure, unless, that is, you want to stay in that cell," he said. Hmm. Crafty. Now it was my turn to ask questions. I stood up, shook out my green fur, and turned to him. I surveyed him in the half-light of the dungeons, and slowly I realized I did, indeed, recognize this Gelert. Green eyes, dark fur, sleek, short, silky hair…it all fit in. Not only this, but his annoying, persistent tone, and tall, lean features, too.

      "Who are you?" I couldn't help asking. I had to be sure…

     He grinned. "I'm Shadow Dragon, don't you remember me?

     I did remember. "I knew a Shadow Dragon once. He was a knight in Kurn's army. You are Shadow, indeed. Nice to see you one last time. Now if you'll excuse me," I brandished the lock pick, "I'm trying to escape."

      "There are easier ways out, you know," my old friend said, and from under his slate-colored armor, he produced the keys to the cells. "Now just hang on a moment…"

      I noticed a stirring in the darkness behind Shadow, and golden-green eyes appeared in the dark. I grinned- she was right on time, as usual.

     "Croshar, don't he was just about to release me," I said as she padded up softly to stand beside Shadow Dragon, who jumped maybe two feet off the ground and made a strange sound only a severely startled Gelert would make. "Yarrr!… er, who are you?" he asked, looking sheepish and frightened. She shrugged in a nonchalant way. "Weatree's partner. And you are…?" she waited for an answer.

      "Shadow Dragon. I'm a knight in the army." He held out a paw, which she shook rather unsurely.

      "Hey, are you just going to leave me here?" I asked impatiently. Croshar looked up.

      "Okay. I think you look better in the cage though," she joked, and held up the keys Shadow had just had. He looked surprised. "Thieves, Gelert," Croshar reminded him, and twirled the keychain before releasing me with ease.

      Croshar and I dashed through the main courtyard, into the castle keep, and found our way to the castle vault. The vault was just a very large room with an iron door and a strong iron lock. Nothing we couldn't handle.

      I pressed my ear to the door and took a specially made lock pick to the strong, iron padlock. Croshar had retrieved my daggers and the bag of picks when she had come in. The door opened, and we trotted inside.

      Dawn found us at the gates to the huge castle, the Cloud Amulet in hand, where Shadow Dragon met us. When we reached the woods, she stopped me, panting slightly. "Why is he here?" she asked sourly. I shrugged. "I'll ask him."

      "Hey Shadow, why aren't you at the castle? I mean, you are a knight," I asked him.

      He grinned. "I can't go back. Hear the horns? They know you have been released; they know I did it by now. I am going to have to hide." He looked to me. "Know any good places?"

      I most certainly did, but I wasn't about to tell him where they were. Well, maybe one…

      "Croshar come here a minute," I said, and moved off into the bushes with her trailing me.

      "We ought to take him to Lananroam," I suggested. She gasped and growled at me.

      "No! We already have to go to the Lakelands! No more stops! I already had to save you, and you're enough trouble as it is."

      "Oh, come on. It's only a day's flight to Lananroam…"

     "No! You know the rules! It's death to bring a stranger into the City of Thieves!"

      I smiled disarmingly. "Not for me or you."

      "But what if the Gelert sees the way we go? Then it is!"

      I shook my head no. "Look at the low cloud cover. We can fly above, or even better in, those. It'll be fine."

      Croshar growled. "If you wish. It's your funeral. But if we do get in trouble,"-she shook one paw good naturedly in my direction-"I'm going to kill you. But as it is," she grinned, "you carry that Gelert." And with that, she turned and walked back toward Shadow Dragon.

      I was sure Shadow turned grey when I told him we were dropping him off at Lananroam, which was pretty funny. "You don't mean to say," he almost trembled-him, a brave knight!-before continuing. "You're talking about the Lost City? That cannot be found by anyone but those who already knew where it was? That those who have gone looking for it have never returned from!" he gulped. I could have laughed-I believe Croshar and I were responsible for a few of 'those who had never returned.' If you've been to the City, you're responsible for the safety of it.

      "Sure," I said, "Now get on. I have less than a day to get you there."

     So it was that we were on our way to the City of Thieves. Well, not just thieves. It was full of all sorts of 'disagreeable' folk. The plan was to drop Shadow off at a tavern or inn, spend the night, and continue to the Lakelands. I just hoped the runaway knight would be fine. He wasn't trained for the hard life like Croshar and I were…


     We arrived in Lananroam near noon, but it was almost night now. We were all in the tavern area of the Green Moon Inn, one of my personal favorites. Shadow sat beside me, and all was as calm as it can be in a tavern filled with thieves. Then the door flew open of its own accord.

      The double door held its pose as an electric colored Gelert came forward. A greenish Wadjet slithered along side her. There was a gold ring on each ear. All perfectly normal-except for the fact that most of the pets were leaving out the back door or going to their rooms. I looked down into my drink. The witch. Talequa.

      Talequa had a different effect on Shadow Dragon, though. He seemed captivated as her stunning green eyes met his. I had no idea she had actually put a spell over my old friend, as I noticed no change.


      Sometime after dark, Shadow Dragon the fire Gelert was compelled to get out of his soft, warm bed and went out into the cold night. Weatree and his partner had already left; they had decided to go early. He was alone in the Lost City.

      As he rounded a corner, he was met by the electric-blue Gelert he had seen earlier in the Green Moon Inn. She smiled. "So you have come. Very good," she said in her lulling, quiet voice. "Now, come with me…I have something to show you…"

      Shadow followed Talequa to a brightly colored wagon, with two white Unis tethered outside. The Gypsy moved aside a blue curtain. "Come in," she offered Shadow Dragon.

      The fire Gelert was amazed at the items within. Potions, bottles, jars, all containing rare things and objects. As Talequa, who Shadow recognized as one of the traveling gypsies, allowed him to look into a crystalline globe, he knew he would stay. How could he ever leave? This was amazing! And Talequa had offered to teach him magic. She was also a sorceress. He would never leave. He couldn't.

To be continued…

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