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About a Pet Boulder #3


by tambourine_chimp
A Day of Poogle Races

Place your bets here!

by shadih_temporary
Past The Point

Ahh. the smell of paint brush...

by cannonsmbt
The Chronicles of Rohane: Part 2

What you didn't see...

by ledsrevenge2
Through the Door

You'll wish you were still on vacation...

by lfochic2002
A Tale of Two Korbats!


by rach84150
Why Faerie Dust Should Come With A Warning

If I'm not mistaken, Queen Fyora is supposed to be gorgeous, right?

by purple_puppy123

Don't leave Weewoos unattended...

by meowth4
Every Day's a Little Crazy

Good luck!

by yullie_
Random Events

Some kind of ... mutant yo-yo...

by notobella
Tell Me... #2

Open already!

by _shakky_
Christmas Lupe

Please sharpen your pencils.

by i_love_the_animals
My Life With A Teenage Noobie

Hold still!

by rainbowface94
About 4 Babies: Winter Edition

Snowmen are smart... Just not all the time!

by baby_faerie104
The Egg Wars Chronicles

A new fuzzle!

by moorale
What Comes From a Little COMEDY

Even the most epic battles come with cleanup time...

by omomake
Full of Freakz

The costs of rebuilding...

by fulloffur
Baby Blumaroo

Why it's good to stay in school...

by royalprancer
The Adventures of Super Doughnuts

Not your ordinary Doughnuts...

by 1_i_luv_candy_1
Qnde & Szoo

Two ordinary Neopets playing rock, paper and scissors...

by shubi5
Christmas JubJub Blues

Ever wonder the real reason why JubJubs hide around Christmas time?

by aimeilee

An autograph?

by _lordofthefrogs_
A Day in the Life of a Slorg

Who says you can't be mutant?

by starlitdown
Poor Rock...

What did I do that's THAT bad?

by ratzrule611
Quantum Meep Christmas Edition

That special moment...

by naniwai_illusion

Some things should never be discussed.

by jupeboxgal
Lenny Sack - Santa's Cookies

Santa won't miss one or two...

by ickessler
Plain Out Neopian

I'm sure you understand...

by kirikano_oh_my_ano
1337 Oblivious - Christmas Edition

You get what you pay for...

by shoyrustar24
Pebble Brain

This is what happens when you don't read the News...

by lightmik3000
OMG - Around the Neopia World?

Not a very happy trip I guess?

by _jakk
Hidden Tower

What Fyora does when she's bored...

by cummi_is12
Speck the Speckled

'Twas the month of Celebrating...

by cheetah_kougra
Poor Slothy...

Is very sad...

by ariadnegirl
Ruki Shoes

I hate it when she comes to visit!

by _darkeh
Petpet Drolleries

The most beautiful snowflake in neopia...

by linnipooh
Something Has Happened!

"Who is throwing snowballs at me?!"

by _shakky_
Boo! Christmas Special

Happy Holidays!

by gloss_frozen
Shallow Neopia

Shelly's has her reasons for supporting the theives guild...

by battlesunn
Unorthodox Teaching

Practical uses for math in the "real Neopia".

by battlesunn
Ironies of Neopia: Christmas Special

What's going on down there?

by blubblub317
A Snorkle and a Bacon Omelette

Trust me, you don't want to know...

by hottamale0774
Life with Sparkalar

This calls for drastic measures...

by nestly2552chi
A Ditzy Christmas


by belldandy213
The Christmas Lenny

O Christmas Lenny...

by immortalmina
The Punitentiary

This year's hot new toy!

by aurigryphon
Complicated Simplicity - Christmas Special

"White Christmas"

by neo_star_queen
One Of the Few Annoying Points of Christmas

...but the rest of Christmas is good ^__^

by soggy_cardboard
Kanrik's Quest

With his standing as a Thief challenged, Kanrik must embark upon a most challenging task – to steal from the dreaded Snowager...

by iriswind
Totodum and Turtumdee Christmas Special

Not-so-smart shopping...

by huggsy_666
Snow Grapes

What's the diffrence?

by 13blackdragons
Yama and Ourra: A Christmas Tree... Or Something.

I NEED his help again this year!

by harper_1618
A Spooky Christmas

Yahpp Slidohay!

by ghostkomorichu
Room for Two

Just a bit of Christmas cheer. Usually at three am around here.

by child_dragon
Nonsensical Verbiage

I can think of something...

by laurensama
Brain Tree - Christmas Edition

I wish you a merry Christmas!

by chriszjah
Dear Santa...

One snowy day in December...

by missperfect44
Insanely Nuts - Christmas Special

Muti is a little clueless sometimes...

by horserider149
The Comic Of D00M

The bike of doom!

by _dratini01_
The Meerca Siblings


by comedian872001
Christmas Virtues

How our Christmas is really celebrated...

by kittygirl5170
Stuck in the Neopet House

"Hitora got run over by some Raindorfs..."

by spotthechelsey
All Ears- Christmas Edition

We're sleeping!

by tdyans
Fond Memories: Christmas Special!

Yet another Sloth comic...

by prettyprincesslady54
Neopian Times Christmas Promotion

Some things are free for a reason...

by valerina_chan
Neopian Wackiness: Xmas Xtravaganza

Now with extra santa hats!

by cherv1
Trophy Troubles: Christmas Special

Don't try this at home; metal melts!

Also by precious_katuch14

by cherv1

Almost Normal

A holiday crossover with Yama and Ourra!

by _leraje_
Random Insanity Christmas Special

What a hideous doll!

by lunagirl52
Deviled Delight - Giving Day Special

"Tales from the Pound"

by silverqueengalaxia
Weird Things

That's not what it's for...

by emuu2
A Little Grey - Snowy

I know way out!

by starrkitty03
And the Meepits Outgrabe

Did you get all you asked for?

by kittylin
Bucky The Babaa Christmas Special

Some Neopets have certain advantages...

by simsman24000
The Pet Patrol Revolution

Four isn't such a big number ;-)

by neo_tomi
Nyah~! #1

Santa's watching...

by ae0nsoul
'Tis the Season

Some pets may not be feeling the Christmas spirit.

by dogma621
Buzz and Bark

'Tis the season for revenge...

by sharakh
Deck the Kau

... with lights and holly, fa la la la la, la la la la!

by purplepadfoot
If You Only Knew...

Oohies! It's a Weewoo!

by mindela_me
Green's Days

Sometimes you just can't trust your friend's gifts...

by megawolf77
The Neochaos

Time for sledding!

by leana_24
Usuki Frenzy!

Maybe the Pant Devil isn't too bad after all...

by reika_miyako
Dear Santa...

"A letter to Santa"

by funandgames999
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"Set for Santa" by charmedhorses
"Exactly two days, sixteen hours, fourteen minutes, and thirty-two seconds," Indi said, glaring at their enemy, a timer set to count down the days until Christmas.

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Codename: Secret Conversation
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