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First Impressions: Are They Always Best?

by kate6296


While loading Kou-Jong the other day, I realised I had been mesmerised by hoards of clockwork Grundos marching across my game screen. At first I dismissed it as 'just another world domination plot' but then I thought about it more carefully. I made a snap judgement. Maybe these toys are just misunderstood. Maybe there are many more Neopian citizens or places that have been labouring under a cloud of misapprehension. Even more disturbing than that - things that HAVE evil intentions that are well masqueraded by a veil of sweetness and light.

With these thoughts in my mind, I decided it may be best for me to re-evaluate the judgements I have made and offer up some alternatives in order to give these beings of Neopia a fair go.

Wheel of Excitement Faeries

Now I've always assumed these two faeries are happily spinning the wheel because that's just what they do. There could be a whole background that goes with that - maybe it's a family business, there are several faeries that have rostered spinning days and they all take turns. Maybe all the light faeries in Faerieland have to have a turn at spinning as a right of passage. However, there may be sinister ways behind it. Those faeries could have committed crimes and their punishment is an eternity of wheel spinning. They could be slaves of Fyora or the Tooth Faerie (see below for more information) and held against their will, spinning wheels and doing errands while wearing a forced happy expression.

Clockwork Grundos

Back to those marching clockwork Grundos. As I've said, I've always dismissed them as a plot of world domination. I could be very wrong. Maybe the Grundos are heading to the Chocolate Factory for the Annual Chocolate Ball because they are candy addicts. The Grundos might be playing a huge game of Simon Says - "Simon Says march around all evil like". It's a possibility that they are headed to Faerieland to free the wheel-spinning light faeries, who knows?

The Tooth Faerie

It's been known for a while now that I believe the Tooth Faerie is evil. Heck, I have that written in my font on the boards (it's my 'top siggy'). I think she has an evil plot to become the ruler of the Neopian globe, a megalomaniac to rival Sloth any day of the week and twice on Sundays. She gives avatars to those who behold her as a picture of loveliness and holds the avatar ransom from those who question her motives.

Maybe she is just a homely, sweet Tooth Faerie. Maybe she travels the world, collecting teeth from young Neopets who have them fall out, and leaves small Neopoint or avatar rewards for them, just to make them happy. I suppose it could happen. Not likely, but it could happen.

Taelia Snow Faerie

She most often has an expression on her face that is a cross between smug deceit and one of smelling Kau dung. I perceive her as very abrupt, demanding, rude and a tad egotistical. If I consider the possibilities, maybe her expression is that way because she's stuck on that icy mountain day in day out. The only 'holiday' she's had was when she was frozen in a block of ice. Maybe she is only doing the job so she can raise a bit of money for her family by selling the items we give her, or keeping them for her kids, if she has any. This could be the case, especially since she never leaves to go to any other shops in Neopia.

Fyora Faerie Queen

Oh yes, Queen of all Faeries and everything in Faerieland. Beautiful and clever, generous and wise. I think not. I think she's in league with the Tooth Faerie and is her second-in-line minion. Fyora is the face of Faerieland while the Tooth Faerie is the real Queen and leader of all. It's all an elaborate charade. One day the protective wall of lies will tumble and it will be on for young and old. It could be tomorrow or in 10 years. I shall wait and see.


At first glance and impression, the hospital is where you go when your pet is sick to find a cure, pure and simple; everyone is happy. Hang on, aren't hospitals suppose to provide that cure? Our Neopian hospital just tells what is wrong with your pet and then sends YOU out to find a cure. So people traipse across to the Pharmacy and oh no, not a cure in sight! So much for that! Then it's off to the Super Wiz to find a cure - 20k for a herbal drink - I think not!! So then the poor, sick, quivering Neopet is dragged to the Healing Springs, desperate for relief. Chuck the poor thing in and drag it out - oh no, a poison snowball is given to it. It'll have to wait for 40 minutes for another dunk and shred of hope. *40 minutes later* Dragged out spluttering and gasping for breath, the Neopet is healed. This Neopet was lucky - this bizarre ritual can go on four, six, eight times or even for days on end. What an ordeal created by a place supposed to help Neopians.

As you can see, first impressions may not always give us the correct idea about places, citizens and events in Neopia. Maybe this is a timely reminder to think about the judgements you've made and question your own beliefs about Neopia. If we dig under the surface and think a little outside the box, we may discover much more about this unusual planet of Neopia than we ever hoped to find.

*Disclaimer: This article in no way represents the true likenesses of any of the Neopian citizens or places contained within. It is merely the crazed ramblings of a person who is lacking sleep and clutching at straws. Or possibly clutching at a Purple Juppie Java as the need arises. Now please excuse me while I try to outrun this Lawyerbot...

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