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9 ½ Fun Activities for the Absolutely Broke Neopian

by chibi_zoo


ON THE COUCH, BORED - All right. Admit it. You blew your entire savings buying that cloud paint brush for your Lupe. So now, you have dust and cobwebs collecting in your bank and your Neopets are fighting over the last omelette. And oh, you’re bored out of your mind because really, without Neopoints, there’s not much you can buy or do for that matter.

Well, I’m here to prove you wrong. There are many, many fun things to do in Neopia when you’re Neopoint-less. And no, they do not involve running over to the chat board to scream out “PLZ! I’m POOR! GIVE ME NPS!!!”. In fact, these activities are fun, innovative, and of course free. And remember, I am not responsible for any brain tissue damage you may acquire from trying all ten of these activities at once.

1) Fix up your pet’s pet page. You’ve seen the random events with your pet ranting about it. Now its time to show that painted pet you blew your Neopoints on exactly how much you love him/her. Some fun things for your pet page include making little adoptables (aka, miniature pictures of your favourite Neopets species and then giving links for others to use them) and everyone’s favourite: the screenshot.

What are screenshots? They are basically pictures you take of something eventful that has happened in your Neopian life that you post on your petpages. Some popular ones include Jacko giving you a paint brush as a random event or finally getting that pesky hard-to-find avatar. A note on avatar screenshots – I have seen pet pages where people thought it would be super amusing to post screenshots of EVERY single avatar they’ve gotten. Unless you want to get back at your friend who tricked you into trading your Gallion for their Angelpuss, having more than 100 avatar screenshots loaded onto one poor petpage is never a good idea.

2) Is your neopet jobless? Well, fear no more! Take a trip to Faerieland and stop by the Employment Agency. Who knows? Maybe you’ll earn a bit of money this way too.

The trick of this one is simple – go to get a basic job and then wait. Start refreshing the page slowly, and more as time progresses. Then, you’ll see it. There! The job openings have reloaded! Quickly scroll down as fast as possible and grab the most obscure job you see. This relies on your speed skill so be fast. Click – and YAY! You’ve gotten the job opening! Now that you’ve gotten your neopet a job and all you have to do is… collect 10 apples? Darn. Not enough Neopoints Well, there goes that bright idea.

3) Run down to the Kadoatery. Oogle at the rich people who would actually waste 2 million Neopoints feeding some Blue Draik Egg to a Kadoatie instead of donating it to the Money Tree. Other than that, there's always the amusing names the Kadoatie have. I could have sworn I saw a pink one the other day called Lestat…

4) Remember those Bottles of Sand rotting in your inventory because you believe one day they'll retire and soar to 10 000 Neopoints each? Now is a good time to invest in this project.

Take all your bottles of sand and run down to the Cooking Pot on Mystery Island. Now try combining two different basic sand colours together (e.g.: red and black). Be super amazed now at what you have created. Yes, you have now made a non-junk item from two junk items! Continue doing this until Jhuidah gets upset at you for overusing the cooking pot and kicks you out.

5) Now, take all those NEW AND IMPROVED non-junk bottles of sand and head down to the Trading Post. Promptly try and trade them for people’s Darigan and Royal paint brush lots. I know, you’re telling me there’s no way you can get them, but its fun to annoy those super rich people anyway.

6) Go to the Chat Boards and post a board telling everyone how you are the fifth removed half-cousin of Illusen who was kidnapped by Sloth and then rescued by the fire faeries to spend you life training with the Island Mystic. If anyone points at you and laughs, promptly tell them that they will be eaten by a herd of angry Kyrii.

7) Visit the healing faerie. Even if your pet has 1000/10 HP, its still worth it because it’s absolutely free. And sometimes she might even give you a nice healing potion for your effort. They make your safety deposit box look pretty :)

8) Try to talk to your petpet. Enter random phrases and watch what does. If it starts jumping up and down, it’s a good time, like in that Petpetsitter game, to bring it for a little trip to the washroom. Oh wait – you’re too poor to afford a Neohome with a washroom. Have no fear, Neopia has lots of open forests…

9) Go to the shop wizard and type in “moltenore”. Now click on someone’s shop and stare in awe at its prettiness. Come of the realization that this will be as closest you will ever get to owning that petpet. Just kidding! I’m sure you’ll one day make so many Neopoints that you can afford anything you want.

… It IS depressing looking at that moltenore for too long isn’t it?

10) Read the Neopian Times. I mean, weekly. Wait, if you’re reading this, it must mean you read it weekly right? The Neopian Times IS fun, innovative, and amusing. And there’s always the Editorial, where you can get an idea what will be happening in Neopia the next week. The best part is that the Neopian Times is not just for ‘those’ rich people.

Well, after a long, fun-filled day of activities, its time to take a well-needed break. Head down to the games area and treat yourself to any of the hundreds of games Neopia provides. Personally, I like Turmac Roll :)

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