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How to Hydrate a Meepit

by iamskot


GAMES ROOM - Well, it's the national 'World Domination' meeting, and countless evil creatures have gathered to discuss various methods of destruction and complete chaos. I rubbed shoulders with Doctor Sloth, I discussed the reasons why out of key singing should be used as torture in great length with Razul and I had a hearty debate with Meuka on new types of flu viruses.

However, there was one member, nay, one species that refused to comment, and merely sat listening or communicating telepathically. Neopians worldwide have whispered their names and shuddered in fear. Their large blinking eyes and small stature of caused panic and chaos. I am talking about meepits. Towards the end of the meeting, various plots were planned, and objectives reassigned. Meuka agreed on a small partnership with the Shadow Usul, and the Tax Beast was happy to work for Vira. Count Von Roo revealed his plans to rig all the gambling games across Neopia. But still, the meepits said nothing, revealed nothing or showed any inclination of their plans.

It was only when I was about to leave, that they changed their attitude. There was suddenly a loud chorus of squeaks, and I was rushed from the chamber. (I admit I was screaming. Who wouldn't?) They took me to the large garden, and threw me on the ground. I was sure I'd be set upon and swiftly ripped apart, and I whimpered softly as a meepit tottered towards me wielding a strange bent metal object.

It was then, after a rigorous explanation which involved many squeaks, I was introduced to the world of Meepit Juice Break. These meepits were evil. They were dangerous. More importantly, they were THIRSTY...

I cannot reveal what happened afterwards, but I was soon seen on the neoboards with a flashy avatar that as well as being rare, was also colourful and demanded respect. I'd been blessed by these meepits, but in this quick guide, you will be too.

First of all, I'd recommend playing this game on the normal size. This way, the pipes aren't too big, you can move around easily and still see quite a big picture of the level. Now, to get this avatar, do not use Zen Mode. It's annoying and doesn't give out many points. Right, click on 'Play Game'. Many people find that the hardest bit. You will then get a sign saying 'Feed five meepits to get to level 2'. At the bottom of the window, there is an icon saying 'Music Off'. Click this, as many people find the music annoying and distracts them.


Now, you're ready to play. You will see a huge tangle of pipes and a meepit that is yellow, red or blue. You must rotate the pipes (by clicking on them), and you will see the pipes change colours, depending on what main pipe they are connected to. The main pipes are the red, yellow and blue pipes on the far left of the window. You have a certain time limit to connect the pipes full of juice to the meepit. If you connect blue juice to a blue meepit, you will get 2 points for each pipe section. If you connect a different colour pipe to a blue meepit, you will only get one point for each pipe section. When you feed the required amount of meepits (shown on the right part of the window, under the tree branch indicating how many lives you have) you will reach the next level. Easy as pie. Or chips. Or baked beans. Or anything easy to cook.


I'm talking about level 3/4 and above. You will have a shorter time limit, more meepits to feed and they will be different colours. So many people slip up and lose lives around these stages they have no chance of getting a high score, an avatar or many neopoints. There's a final sting in these stages: the meepits are sometimes not the three basic colours. You will have to combine different colour pipes to make more advanced colours. Here is a list of all the colour combinations:

Orange= Red + Yellow

Purple= Red+ Blue

Green= Blue+Yellow

Pink= Red+ Blue+ Yellow

If you're dedicated enough for the avatar, still match the right colour to the right meepit, as this can get you crucial points.


Here you may lose a life, or more. You will definitely be feeding three meepits at a time, most of them advanced colours and with short time limits. By no means try to match the colour with the meepit, as this wastes crucial time and loses lives. Don't try and use lots of pipes, just make a quick line to the meepit so you can move onto the next one. If you're good enough, then you should survive these levels with 2 lives at least.


The meepits will only have a time limit of ten seconds each, and you have to get down to some serious mouse-clicking. I fed five or six meepits on one of these levels, which got me quite a few points. The advantage to these levels is that it is relatively easy to feed a meepit and you won't have to puzzle on how to get the pipes to the meepit in question.

TIPS: Use as many pipes as possible. You get one point for each pipe segment, and two points for each segment if the colour is the same as the meepit. In the early levels, try and use every pipe on the screen to jack up the points. In the later levels, you will lose valuable seconds in doing this.

- Collect bonus points. Every piece of fruit on the screen is worth a lot of points. Avoid the rotten apples as they take away ten points, but don't go out of your way not to use them. A minus ten points won't make too much of a difference.

- Feed the meepit with the smallest time limit. It's crucial you don't let your meepits die, and you have to give priority to the meepit with the least time.

- Multiple feeding of meepits. Avoid it. You can lose good point opportunities, and accidently feed the wrong meepit, meaning you only get a plus one point advantage, and the meepit you were intending to feed may die. Make sure your pipes will go straight to the right meepit.

Well, I hope this helps you spread your meepit worship, as you can use their avatar to show your loyalty. When they do take over Neopia, as they surely will, you will be spared if your avatar is true.

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