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Guide for Healthy Neopets

by techo345149


Do you find your neopet in good spirits for the majority of the day? If not, you may wish to look into his or her eating and sleeping patterns. Keeping your neopet is one of the most important parts of having a neopet. If your neopet isn’t healthy or even if it is, you should keep reading, for some tips on keeping him or her in good shape.

Eating is probably the most important thing in anybody’s daily routine. Your neopet should have three healthy and complete meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The most important meal could very well be breakfast, because it will give your pet its energy until lunch, and for quite a bit more of the day, too. If your neopet gets hungry during the day, why don’t you give it a few healthy snacks? A few good examples of healthy snacks would be: apples, oranges, tomatoes, grapes, whole grain snack bars, fruit juices, all fruit and all vegetables. Most of these snacks can be bought at the Heath Food store in the Neopian Bazaar, and a few of them you’ll have to buy in the Food Store, which can be found in The High Street, and some you’ll have to search for in other users’ shops using the shop wizard.

Another good idea to keep your neopet healthy would be to buy them some vitamins, and let them take them every day, so they can they can have their daily intake of certain vitamins. But when you have vitamins in your house, make sure to keep the bottle away from young neopets, or they could sick if they ate them. Also, make sure that your pets don’t take more than the maximum of vitamins than it says on the bottle, and before even opening the bottle, read all of the instructions printed on the bottle. The following examples are for healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. For breakfast: a bowl of cereal, a fruit and a glass of milk (if your pet doesn’t like milk or is allergic to it, give a glass of orange or apple juice). For lunch: a sandwich or a sub, a fruit (an apple is a good idea), a juice box and maybe a little treat, (you should only give your pet money for the cafeteria once a week, because the cafeteria food isn’t usually very healthy). And for healthy but quick dinners: one vegetable (beefy broccoli is great), a serving or two of meat, a dinner roll (or a slice of bread, and whole grain bread is better), a milkshake, and for a surprise dinner, make Neotacos.

For babies, you should give them GaGa Grub baby food for every meal of the day. But different flavors, or they will get bored of the same kind and they won’t want to eat it. Another extremely important thing is, if your pet has allergies, make sure you watch out for things, like nuts and dairy if that’s what they’re allergic to, in all of the food you buy. These tips should help you keep your pet in good shape on the eating side, but there is still another section, which everyone needs, sleep. Sleep is another important thing, which every healthy neopet needs. Your neopet will need different amounts of sleep as it grows, so have a look at the chart below:

Age Sleep needed

0-300 days 10 hours

301-600 days 9 hours

601-999 days 8 hours

1000+ days 6 or 7 hours

You can find out how old your pet is if you look at the quickref page, and then you can determine how much sleep it needs. But never forget! The more sleep your pet gets, the better. In the chart above, it only gives an approximate value, so if you give it more, that’s even better! Another important thing about sleeping: if your pet usually has soda, Neocola, or any kind of coffee before bed, you must stop that habit as soon as possible. This could be the reason your pet is not sleeping. Instead, you should give them tea, hot chocolate or a smoothie, or anything else without caffeine. Make sure you have a bed that is comfortable - everyone might not like the same thing - a pillow and in the winter, make sure you have blankets that will keep you warm. The last section for a healthy pet is exercise. Your pet should exercise for around a half-an-hour every day, and more than an hour of slumping around on the sofa every day is definitely not helping you. A few examples of good daily exercise are: running (and a good time to run is in the morning before school), swimming, playing sports (soccer, basketball, hockey, lacrosse etc.). And after their exercise, make sure that they drink at least three glasses or more glasses of water. If they don’t they might get dehydrated, and that means that you will have to see a doctor. If you do have to go see a doctor, try and follow this guide after, and it will help you get your pet back to 100% healthy.

Here are a couple of extra tips that don’t fit into other sections but are also very important to maintain a healthy neopet:

1. Visit the Grooming Parlour and buy things like a hairbrush, a toothbrush, shampoo, soap and clips if you have a girl for a pet, and use them often so that your pet has silky soft fur.

2. Always remember that a healthy neopet is a happy neopet!

3. Don’t let your pet get too lazy, or they will get fat and won’t do anything active.

4. Remember that active activities can be made fun. Take this: you and your oldest neopet are going for a walk, why not ask your whole family to go to the park and have a big family game!

5. Don’t forget to go to the Neopian Hospital at least once a year to make sure that your neopet is in good health.

Try and follow this guide as closely as possible and your neopet will stay healthy. If your neopet isn’t in good health, this will hopefully help you.

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