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Treats, Not Tricks: Yay or Nay

by o_apollo_o


Halloween: n) a holiday in Neopia; either scares the dung right out of you or has you hyper and ready for candy.

For me, it’s the second one. You? I sure hope it’s the second one. I mean, who’s scared of Halloween? There are a bunch of pets running around like “Gallery of Evil” wannabes or in preppy faerie costumes. Are those scary? I think not! Actually, I don’t think much at all, but that’s beside the point.

Those pets in costumes go trick-or-treating and get tons and tons of candy. This Neopian Times writer has been through quite a few vandalistic, I mean, candyful Halloweens and can teach you about all of the candies that are handed out.

The study of Halloween candies is considered a science, or at least it is to me. Much too complicated for the average owner/pet/petpet/petpetpet, and being the generous, wonderful, and downright handsome writer that I am, I will decide to share my knowledge with everyone in the latest edition of the Neopian Times.

Sorted in this super spiffy sweet “Yay or Nay” guide, you can know which candies to toss, let rot, and shove in your mouth. Please note that this guide is not rated by taste; that is just unfair. Taste is different for everyone, so instead it is yayed or nayed by trick-or-treating convenience.


Whether it be in the shape of a pet, petpet, or just a plain circle, lollypops are delicious and come in a wide variety for everyone. Unfortunately, Neopian lollypops are known for not having a plastic covering and will often get a sticky residue on your other treats.


Pet Chocolate Treats…

Neopia is widely known for producing chocolate treats in the image of the many varieties of pets inhabiting its world. Made from either white, milk, mint, dark or even rare orange chocolate, these treats are a classic, but not made for Halloween. Melting and getting all over other sweets, similar to lollypops, they are better saved for other spots than a trick-or-treat bag.



Neotruffles are extremely rare, and are made of the best ingredients found in all of Neopia. If you are lucky enough to snag one of these from restocking, let alone trick-or-treating, you are one lucky Dog(lefox)! Don’t forget, it is also a gourmet food, so that just screams, “Jackpot!” If you don’t like it, you could sell it.


Bubble Gum…

Chew it! Chew it! Chewy bubble gum is an awesome year-round treat. With a wonderful cotton candy flavor, this gum can be used anywhere at anytime. Also, because of its cheap price, you can usually make out with more than one pack of bubble gum if it’s getting handed out.


Candy Canes…

Ack! Keep them away! Candy canes are horrible for Halloween… half the time they are left over from last Christmas. Christmas is the time for them to be eaten, not Halloween.



Wrapped in eye-catching plastic wrappers, neodrops are another very mobile treat that you can take absolutely anywhere. Similar to bubble gum, you can score more than one tasty neodrops because of their size and (somewhat) cheap price.


Grarrl Gobstoppers…

Coming in over five different flavors, Grarrl Gobstoppers are the perfect treat for Grarrls, and any other pet, as well. On the down side, however, this Tyrannian made gobstopper collection includes many ingredients that no one would ever even consider sticking in their mouths. Whether it be fish scales, blue fur, mustard, or even rotten eggs, those horrid smells will seep in and infect other candies in your trick-or-treat bag.


Gummy Quiggles…

I love Quiggles, and I love gummy things. It is only natural that I find myself accustomed to Gummy Quiggles! Coming in the colors orange, red, yellow, and green; they are unfortunately sticky: which we have learned is bad. Just look at the lollypops.


Nimmo Bites…

The opposing competitor for Gummy Quiggles, I don’t like Nimmos or bites, but I love Nimmo Bites! These aren’t as sticky as Gummy Quiggles; therefore they can be shoved in your candy bag without damaging the other candies.


Pet Jelly Treats…

Of course you’ve seen those jelly foods shaped in the figure of Neopian pets… I mean, who hasn’t? Unfortunately, these jelly-luscious treats aren’t all they’re cracked up to be; they are slimy and sticky and get all over your candy, yet another victim of the: ruin the other candy symptom.



They sure taste good! Coming in flavors named after popular Neopian fruits (Zeenana, Tigerfruit, Thornberry, and Tchea) these natural style candies taste, well, natural! As nice as they may seem, these Krawkberries are the essence of evil: healthy food on Halloween! They put you against your cause to become sugar-hyper with rotten teeth!


Toffee Apples…

These toffee covered apples are apples in the best time of their lives, until you eat them. Then, they don’t really have much of a life, if you count apples as having lives in the first place. Although a wonderful delicacy for autumn, these apples don’t make good treats on Halloween. They take up too much space in your trick-or-treating bag, and are somewhat healthy! Ew… healthy!


Ice Lollies…

This cool treat is made of artificially flavored ice, and comes in so many shapes and sizes. These treats are, unfortunately, out of season by the time of Halloween. Ice lollies are great for the summer; they will cool you off. They are also great for the winter; after all, it is better to have it while it’s cold. Autumn though… not a great treat. Besides, they will melt in your trick-or-treat bag.


Jelly Beans…

Similar to the candy canes, jelly beans are NOT Halloween candies. They are Easter candies. These can completely ruin a stomach; half the time you get these treats from sloppy/lazy people that realize it is Halloween and get candy that was left over from other holidays to hand out. Yuck.


Candy Corn…

Possibly the stickiest, smallest, nastiest treat in the world, candy corn is always handed out on Halloween. Why? It has to be. Come on, candy corn in the unofficial candy that represents Halloween. If you get these, then at least you have Halloween spirit. Forget the other cons; they aren’t important.


Whether this guide helped you or not, please be sure to have a super scary Halloween with candy and rotten teeth and all that other good stuff. I know I will! *smiles deviously and throws eggs… at YOUR house*

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