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Week - 571

A Matter of Perspective
by liouchan
Description: The WORST!

Week - 574

Right back at you
by liouchan
Description: Hey, you!

Week - 593

The Meeting
by liouchan
Description: Just another day at the office.

Week - 594

Unexpected Abilities
by liouchan
Description: While the battle for the Obelisk is raging...

Week - 604

The Old Switcheroo: Part One
by liouchan
Description: Night was falling and the archaeologists were packing up. Now that the Obelisk was sitting in its neatly dug crater, all that was left to do was to clean, sort and pack all the ancient findings which would then be sent to various museums...

Week - 605

The Old Switcheroo: Part Two
by liouchan
Description: "Yo, what's up, my Guildies?" Kanrik called out, giving everyone a peace sign.

His greeting was met with a heavy silence and puzzled stares.

Week - 606

The Old Switcheroo: Part Three
by liouchan
Description: He took a little too long to reply. "I had some errands I wanted to run."

Brynn was getting worried. Hanso wasn't smiling or chattering, and she was starting to think that something bad had happened to put him in such a mood.

Week - 607

The Old Switcheroo: Part Four
by liouchan
Description: "It was going all right, at first! It was fun," Hanso explained, sounding as though he still couldn't quite believe what had happened. "Until... until I... I took off the hood."

Week - 608

The Old Switcheroo: Part Five
by liouchan
Description: Dawn was barely rising, yet Professor Lambert was already awake and fully dressed. Even though all the factions knew that it was in their interest to start the day as early as possible, the Seekers were usually the earliest risers.

Week - 609

The Old Switcheroo: Part Six
by liouchan
Description: Dear Counterpart,

I trust that by now you have understood the nature of our unfortunate condition. I assure you that I have not damaged your body or used it to mar your reputation in any way...

Week - 610

The Old Switcheroo: Part Seven
by liouchan
Description: Dear Diary,

(Hi by the way, I see that I've never called you Dear Diary before and I apologise, I should really be nicer to you and to people in general instead of scowling all the time.)

Week - 611

The Old Switcheroo: Part Eight
by liouchan
Description: Hanso managed to sneak out of the Tournament Hall through a side door. He stretched happily, breathing in the fresh air. Even for someone with so much charisma, it felt good to get out of the spotlight.

Week - 612

The Old Switcheroo: Part Nine
by liouchan
Description: "How dare you treat your king so rudely!" said Hanso in his most regal tone. "Have all of you become unable to recognise my face?"

Week - 613

Snowball Rivalry
by liouchan
Description: "You're going down, Taelia!" 

The Snow Faerie whirled round and squinted into the blizzard, trying to make out the owner of the voice.

Week - 623

Second Chance: Part One
by liouchan
Description: Brynn set the letters down on Fyora's desk. The anonymous notes were composed of newspaper clippings.

"Winged tyrants again."

Week - 624

Second Chance: Part Two
by liouchan
Description: Xandra grasped Hanso's wrists and pulled him closer. Brynn saw him flinch. "I want you to bring it to me," the sorceress hissed.

Week - 625

Second Chance: Part Three
by liouchan
Description: Rasala sighed. "Where to begin? All ancient Faerie lore is in Xandra's possession. She keeps it under tight watch to stop traitor Neopians from using it to become 'tyrants' themselves."

Week - 626

Second Chance: Part Four
by liouchan
Description: "Where do you think you're going?" she hissed before pulling Brynn into an empty corridor. "You can't be seen out there! You've been missing for years in this world, remember?"

Week - 627

Second Chance: Part Five
by liouchan
Description: "Crazy?" He laughed a wheezy, broken laugh. "The whole world is crazy, Brynn. And it's all thanks to me!"

Week - 628

Second Chance: Part Six
by liouchan
Description: "They must not recognise you," he said firmly. "It's bad enough with that Faerie aura sparkling around you. Don't speak a word."

Week - 629

Second Chance: Part Seven
by liouchan
Description: She could feel the void rising up like water around the narrow bridge of solid ground they walked on; cold, intangible things crept out of it, making her fur bristle. She couldn't see them, but she knew they were all around her...

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