Faerie Tales: Kino's Two Wishes

by 98eevee

Kino was a little Zafara who lived down Appletree lane. Now, Kino was a friendly little creature, and always tried to help people whenever he could.

Now, one day, Kino was walking home from a very bad day at school. He had been set up to play Gormball against his best friend (Polio the Chia), and won with flying colors. Polio was a laughing stock. Polio had a very short temper, and had fallen out with Kino. Then Kino had got a detention because his Warf ate his homework (Really!).

Anyway, he was walking gloomily home, when he came across an old Uni. The old Uni was crossing the road, just as a car sped fast around the corner. Kino was quick in getting the old women off the road.

Thank you, said the woman, I am forever in your dept. Let me do you a good deed. Just yell a wish out loud, and it will be granted, but it will only work twice.

Great, thought Kino, I after this day I save a women’s life and she turns out to be a complete nut! And with that, the old women left.

When he got home, he was greeted by his Warf and owner, Alexa.

“Kino!” Alexa yelled, “What are you doing? I told you to pick up some groceries!”

Kino had completely forget, and Alexa got very mad, and sent Kino to his room.

Angry and sad, he went up to bed. He sat down and grumbled, what an awful day!

“I wish,” He yelled out loud, “that everyone was nice to me!” Then he grumbled himself to sleep.

In the morning, Kino woke... to see Alexa leaning over him. What now? He thought.

“Good morning!” said Alexa, smiling, “I made you breakfast in bed!”

Kino was speechless, as a chicken pizza sat before him. After hastily eating his lunch, he set off for school (30 minutes late!).

After walking for 10 miniutes (he missed the bus) he met up with Polio, walking away from school.

“Polio!” said Kino, shocked, “What are you doing???”

“Oh Kino!” Sobbed Polio, “I was so worried! I thought you might of been hurt!”

“Right...” said Kino, raising an eyebrow, “Let’s just get to school, shall we?”

“OK, HEY!” Polio yelled at a Roles Royce, “LET’S GO!”

And, to Kino’s amazement, he was carried to school by a friendly, rich Chomby.

Even more amazingly, he got some chocolate for being truthful about not doing his homework at school, and got given 5,000 NP for being the friendliest Zafara.

After his bizarre day, he headed home. Upon arrival though, his owner greeted him, with another chicken pizza.

In bed, Kino thought about his day. Then he remembered, his wish... This was perfect!!!!

He went on like this for some weeks. But then he was gloomy. Chicken pizza wasn’t quite such a treat when you had it every day. And Gormball wasn’t as fun when you always won, in fact... this place was worse. Perfection wasn’t quite perfect.

“I wish...” Kino said loudly loud to himself, “That everything was normal...”

So, Kino woke the next day. And, as usual, Alexa was looking over him.

“Polio called,” his owner said, “He said he was sorry for the way he acted yesterday.”

Kino looked confused.

“Now, no breakfast for you, you’ll be late for school.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll drive there again,” said Kino, laying down.

“What?” said Alexa, “You’ve had a weird dream. Now, chop chop!”

Kino welled up inside. His second wish was true!

So, after a normal day at school. Kino went gloomily to bed. There was definitely a lesson from this experience, he thought, but he sure wished he had been in the other world at tea time, and when they were playing Gormball, and when going to school, and at homework time,.....

Check back next week for the next Faerie Tale, The Skeith and the Meerca...