Vol 1 Issue 48 | Neopia's Finest News Source | 16th day of Running, Yr 3

Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked NeoPet questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of NeoPets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Two more women murdered!

The victims this week were Pop Tart and Sweets! Some are starting to look for a guest that has a grudge against women... Can you figure out who the murderer is? Click here to Play.

The Neo-Market Report

With the recent arrival of NeoHomes, a number of new companies will be competing for the right to build and furnish your house...
Get the gossip here!

Furnish your new home...
Look at all of the great furniture you can put in your new home! Get some now!

Guild Spotlight
Want to join up with a bunch of friendly people? Well, the S T A R L I G H T*D R E A M Z Guild wants YOU! That's if you're friendly. They plan to try and help everyone in Neopia with contests, jobs, giveaways and even more. Way to go.

You are stranded on TikuTaku Island, and you don't know what to do. Hello! And welcome to The NeoPets Survivor Guild. Once you join you will be sorted into the 4 groups and will be entered in contests, trivia, and more to get points for your teams. It is a game of survival. Are you up to it?

Free Stuff 4 the Poor Guild helps the poor. Duh, right? Well, that's what they do. They give out Care Packages which feature a Toy, Makeup, a Book and, of course, FOOD!!! The guild also gives out lots of tips on how to get rich because they can't support you forever.

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