Shoygunn’s Shoy-Fire Fun Ways To Earn Neopoints

by littlelysshu

Hi! My name’s Shoygunn. I’m a Shoyru, and even though I’m only a few days old my owner, LittleLysshu has already taken me all OVER the place with my friends Wibba27, and Grundy_Bear. Wibba’s too busy looking for Wellington Boots for the Fire Faerie…and well…Grundy just isn’t that smart yet…and LittleLysshu’s busy getting her settled in. (Grundos are a lot of work you know.) So, since I’m bored…I thought I’d share my Shoy-Fire ways to make Neopoints! They’re ranked in order of which ones a) make you the most NP consistently, b) I think are the MOST fun, and c) cost the least to play.

Best Earners:

Techo Says: If you’ve got a good pair of eyes and quick hands, this can make you a LOT of points very quickly. Unfortunately, LittleLysshu’s eyesight is pretty bad…so she can’t make more than about 1000 NP at a time. I’m sure that YOU could make a lot more though! There seems to be a limit on how many times you can play for NP, but I’m not sure what it is.

Kiko Match: This is another game that you can make a lot of points at, but you can only do it 3 times every day. That’s all right though; all it takes is a good memory and a little luck! I’m REALLY good at this game…Grundy’s still learning though.

Poke Match: It’s pretty much the same as Kiko Match…but the Pokemon cards don’t make the cute little “ki-ko!” noise when you hit them, they just click. And, like Kiko Match, you can only play for NP 3 times a day.

Kacheek Seek: Wow! This game might not seem like it can make you very much, but 23-28 NP per round in the Library can really add up! Here’s a trick: if you and your pets have the patience, or really REALLY need the points, play with one pet until it gets bored, then switch pets and do it again. Of course, if you only have one pet this doesn’t work.

Most Fun:

Gormball: OK this doesn’t make you points very fast…but it’s SO neat! I just love watching the looks on everybody’s faces as the ball blows up on them and they get all wet and squishy! Heeheehee! Especially Thyassa…he really seems to get a kick out of being blasted!

Poogle Solitaire: You can only play this game for NP once a day…but that’s the ONLY time it costs you anything to play! Even though the Poogles don’t make noise, and it’s a really HARD game (it made Grundy cry one time! Poor baby!) it’s a ton of fun! All you have to do is get only one Poogle left on the board. OK…I admit it…I’ve only gotten 2, but I’m trying!

Techo Says: Yep I know, this game got top nods in the consistent NP earnings category, but I HAD to mention it again! Whenever the little pets pop up, they make a noise! The Quiggle goes “Quiggle”, the “Kacheek” goes “Kacheek”, and so on. Hey, I wonder why I’ve never heard Wibba make that noise? She’s a Kacheek too…hmm. And it’s just neat trying to keep up with that silly Techo as he tries to confuse you and your owner! Like I said…LittleLysshu isn’t very good at this game because she can’t see too well…but we still love it! Even Grundy…but I think she just likes trying to catch the little pets while we play the game.

Dice-A-Roo: Now I have to admit, this isn’t a very surefire way to make NP In fact if you don’t go in there with the right attitude it can be pretty frustrating. For a while, LittleLysshu wouldn’t even go IN the Dice-A-Roo parlor. Then one day I asked her why. “Because I don’t ever make any money…and I hate wasting money when I could buy food, toys, books and stuff for you!” I nuzzled her, and tickled her with my wing. She looked so sad. I thought for a second. “But the last time you played you got a Pink Negg, an Apple Juice and some Cheesy Neos!” Wibba looked up from “Interview with a Korbat” (I wonder if she’ll let me borrow it when she’s done?) and said “Yeah! And Nachos! Wow those were good!” LittleLysshu smiled. Now she goes to Dice-A-Roo at least a few times a day, to play for Neggs and food. I can hear her whispering “please just not a “Lose”…take the points, just let’s get to the Green Dice-A-Roo…” But now I’m not sure how many times she’ll play a day…last time she went Grundy tried to eat the die.

Least Expensive:

Kiko Match: It’s FREE! And like I said…the Kikos make the CUTEST noises!

Poke Match: It’s free too…and the Pokemon cards are pretty cool…but they just don’t make the cute neat noises.

Techo Says: Absolutely FREE! And yep another one with adorable noises!

Kacheek Seek: Another freebie! And it doesn’t matter HOW many times you play, it’s still free!

Dice-A-Roo: Only 5 NP…and you can roll for 5 minutes or more…if you’re lucky!

Gormball: 10 NP…but if you are lucky or have good instincts, you can end up as the last one standing…which can take quite a while!

Poogle Solitaire: It costs 15 NP…but only ONCE a day! After that you can practice as much as you want! So there they are; all my favorite ways to earn a few quick Neopoints Of course, you can sign up with the Sponsors and refer your friends…but I don’t have any fun with those ways. They’re only fun for the OWNERS…and I’m a pet. Ooo…speaking of pets…I wonder if LittleLysshu has enough Neopoints to buy US a pet yet? I’ll go ask her! “LittleLysshuuuuuu…..”