Cartoon Network Theatre

by Laura Stagg

This week I'm reviewing the game "Cartoon Network Theatre." This is a very fun and easy game. And there is a pretty big prize if you know your cartoon characters. There are four different "puzzle-type" games where you have five chances to guess what cartoon character is pictured. After each round the picture begins to get clearer, slightly revealing the character.


Here's what you do: You take a guess on which cartoon NeoPet character it could be. In every round you make your guess. If your guess is right, without changing, from round 1 you win 250 NPs. Do this correctly and you'll get an easy 1000 NPs. For every wrong round you lose NPs. The worst you can do on the game is 200 NPs--that's not too shabby. The game is really fun and easy (but I am not going to tell you the answers). And, lately, a lot of people have been complaining about how hard it is to get some Neopoints. Well, here it is and how easy it is. Did I mention that it's so easy and it's fun, too?

My favourite part of the Cartoon Network Theatre is how the NeoPets' artists mixed the Cartoon Network characters with the NeoPet characters. It is totally creative. I believe they should have more games like this. I have only one problem with the game. You can only win NPs the first time you play it. But I guess that wouldn't be fair if you knew all the puzzles and kept playing and getting more NPs. Talk about greedy. It wouldn't be fair, but it would be an easy way to become very rich. Either way, this new game is fun and you get a lot of NPs for playing it the first time. So check it out! It's an easy way to get NPs.