The Editorial:

The Editorial section has changed. To make its more useful to everybody we have decided to take the most frequently asked questions we recieve each week here so you can get a thorough answer straight away from one of the creators of NeoPets. Here are the most frequently asked questions NeoPets support recieved this week:

1 - When will we be able to dress our pets?
At the moment you can dress some of your pets using the NeoWardrobe game. More pets and costumes will be added to this shortly, including special Halloween costumes. The game where you will actually be able to dress your pets in the clothes you purchase in the stores is about 2 months away. We have a lot of new games and features we want to complete first including the training school, battledome and trading card game.

2 - When can our pets meet and get married?
Your pets will be able to bond in some way, either by becoming best buddies, blood brothers or create a special group of friends like a pack or a gang that you have to be invited into. This is one of the things we want to get done as soon as we have finished the battledome.

3 - How do you delete a NeoCircle? Or get out of one?
Yes, to opt out of a NeoCircle you need to go back to the NeoCircles page, there is an option to do both of these things. To find out more about NeoCircles check out the NeoCircles page.

4 - Where are all the guilds?
The guilds are currently being rewritten so they have been taken off the site temporarily. Don't worry they will be back and better than ever very soon. To keep updated on this and other cool things keeep checking the New Features page!

5 - Can I change my pet back to its original color? Yes, but you need to use another paint brush that is your pets original color to do this.

6 - How do we (can we) block users from sending us neomail?
Yes, if someone is sending you unwanted messages you can now block them so they can no longer send anything to you. To do this go back to NeoMail .

7 - When are the battledome and trading post going to be open?
The Trading Post is due to be launched today. It is currently being tested and fingers crossed will be open for business this afternoon. The Battledome is going to be the next big project, along with the Training School. This should completed in six weeks time!

8 - How do we get NeoPoints?
There are loads of ways to get NeoPoints including playing games, entering competitions, selling items, auctioning items and randomly surfing the site. For more information check out the NeoPoints page.

9 - When are you going to update your "neocam" pictures page?
Ooops, we forgot about that.... We will update them today!