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Neopedia : The Negg Faerie

The Negg Faerie Name : Kari, The Negg Faerie
Pronunciation : kar-ee
Species : Faerie
Gender : Female
Age : Ageless
Hobbies : Collecting Neggs
Best Known For : Looking after the Neggery, trading Neggs
Darkest Deed : Raising the cost of her Neggs
Greatest Moment : Bringing new Neggs into Neopia that aid in training Neopets, along with a variety of other uses
Quote : "Just bring me your ordinary, boring Neggs, and I will trade them in for powerful, magical ones!!!"
Also see : The Soup Faerie, The Tooth Faerie

Preferring the cool caverns of the Ice Caves to the lofty clouds of Faerieland, the Negg Faerie is an extremely unique character. Primarily unconcerned with the events that effect Neopia, Kari spends her days collecting, trading, and looking over one of Neopia's most curious items - Neggs.

No one is quite sure why she collects ordinary Neggs, except for the occasional thesis that she's just a huge omelette lover... perhaps that explains the giant omelette in Tyrannia! Or, perhaps not... actually, most likely not. Neopians, however, continue to debate as to the reasons why the Neggery truly exists. The one denizen of Neopia who may actually know the truth isn't telling, though. If you ask her, the only reply you will receive is a smile and the four simple words, "It's what I do."