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Neopedia : The Tooth Faerie

Name: The Tooth Faerie
Faerie Type: Unique
Age: Youngest of the unique faeries, but still quite old.
Occupation: Handing out Neopoints for lost teeth.
Hobby: Encouraging Neopians to brush for at least three minutes before going to bed.
Quote: "Be sure to brush and floss!"
Dislikes: Cavities

The Tooth Faerie is one of nine unique faeries who inhabit Neopia. She is well loved by younger Neopians, especially when they have a baby tooth that falls out and she gives them a handful of Neopoints in exchange for it. Older Neopians (who don't often lose their teeth) have a slightly less-special place in their hearts for her and often become grumpy when she cheerfully reminds them to floss.

Truly oblivious to any negativity that she receives as a result of her helpful comments, the Tooth Faerie spends all her time fluttering this way and that, picking up teeth and offering helpful reminders about dental appointments. The other faeries are impressed by her dedication, though some were a bit aghast when she confronted Queen Fyora about her brushing habits. Nonetheless, the Tooth Faerie is a well-respected Neopian who is known for her perky, upbeat personality. In truth, the only things she ever seems to get upset about are cavities and those who don't brush their teeth at least twice daily. Even her anger is based on love, though, and in the end, the Tooth Faerie just wants everyone to have healthy, happy teeth.