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Neopedia : Neovia

Location: Deep within the Haunted Woods
Government: Democracy (with an elected mayor)
Society: Mostly upper middle class
Typical Weather: Foggy
Areas of Interest: Chesterdrawers' Antiques, The Crumpetmonger, Neovian Printing Press, Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors
Forbidden areas: Meepit Oaks Sanatorium. Please note that this area is now closed to the public.

Once an oddly peaceful town nestled in the Haunted Woods, Neovia was struck down by a terrible curse one fateful day when a mysterious Krawk began selling potions to its citizens. Though, at first, the potions did as the Krawk had promised (granting drinkers what they desired most), these fulfilled wishes came with dreadful prices. The townspeople soon started morphing into hideous creatures and turning upon their own. Only two of the locals managed to escape - a brother and sister named Bruno and Sophie. Unlike Sophie, Bruno had fallen under the curse, so he fled to a dark cave and remained there for ten years before chance reunited him with his sister.

Unbeknownst to both of them, shortly after they left, the Spirit of Slumber was summoned by the town's mayor. This spirit brought an end to the damage that the town's monstrous citizens had caused by placing them under another spell that only allowed them to wander as spirits once a year (on Halloween).

Though Sophie tried for a decade to counter the spells with her potions, she was only successful when an Usul named Gilly (who'd accidentally caused Sophie's reunion with her brother) wandered into her life. After many harrowing adventures and setbacks, they finally managed to convince the Spirit of Slumber to undo his magic, plus they also used a potion that undid the curse that had been placed on the citizens.

Despite its decade of ruin, Neovia has been rebuilt and is once again a thriving community. The townsfolk still need to elect a new mayor, though, since Sophie turned the previous mayor, Thumburt, into a Moquot when he attacked her while under the curse. Oops.